Reggie the Hedgehog's Story and Hedgehog Diary

This is the History of Reggie the Hedgehog's Rescue and winter stay with us

26th October 2016 : A guest for the day!

This morning Mummy and Daddy rescued a young hedgehog,Mummy was on her way to work when she spotted a young Hedgehog on the side of the road and by the time they stopped and turned around it was in the middle of the road where it would have gotten run over.Mummy new it was too small so they scooped it up and popped it in the boot of the car and then Mummy had to go to work.
Daddy brought it home and popped it in a box with some hay and some cat biscuits and then left it to sleep all day in the shed.I don't know if you can see it,it's against the bottom edge of the box kinda in the middle....

I decided it investigate to see if it had seen my old friend Hedgehog Lucky Hogwarts but it was already sleeping.Anyway this little fellow is now at my Uncle Colin's house he's my sitter when mummy goes on holiday but he also looks after Hedgehogs till they are ready to be released.And he said that this fellow was underweight and wouldn't have survived the winter and that it was hungry as it ate all the biscuits that daddy left in the will stay with Uncle Colin for the winter now.So Mummy and daddy did the right thing in saving this fellow.It was very exciting having it as a tempory guest.Mummy always keeps some cat bisciuts for little emergancies like this so now we are on Hedgehog alert just incase she see's more little ones that need taking in for the winter.

2nd November 2016 : Our Visitor is Back!

Hi everyone!Do you remember our Special Visitor last week?
Well he or she is back to stay.He/she wasn't doing very well down uncle Colin's,Sometimes it happens that way...sometimes they don't like being kept in small spaces and then stop eating.So mummy and Dady decided to bring him/her home and made a couple of nests un the the garden shed and stuffed him in one and left lots of food and water under the shed for it.Well the next morning he bowls were nearly empty so they the left more last night and this morning it was empty that is good news!
Now Daddy made a nest box for him/her to put in the greenhouse and mummy cleared out the greenhouse to make room for the nest box and she made a doorway in one of the panels for the hedgehog so it can go in and out as it pleases.As of now the Hedgehog is in the nest box with it next meal by the door so it can find its way outside.Mummy also left the nest under the shed in case it wants to go back there but the green house will be better if we get rain and to monitor when it goes in to hibernation.So we are feeding it up so it can hibernate as at the moment it is still a bit small.
Mummy was going to take some photo's but it had some ticks on it so mummy and daddy had to remove them,it still has 2 near its face that they couldn't get at so they left them and mum thought it was best to put it in the nest box after the manhandling and leave it alone.Our Garden is secure so it has the run of the garden to keep it safe,then come Spring if it survives the winter we will open up the garden so it can leave if it wants to.
 Our hedgehog is almost the size of the small one in this photo so you can see why it needs a little help.
Did you know that Hedgehogs in the uk are endangered and if Humans don't try to help they could be gone by 2020?

6th November 2016 : Hedgehoge UPDATE!

Hello Everyone one....Brrr its gone decidedly wintery here!We have Icey showers in the night even a bit of sleet!Even Reggie the Hedgehog is feeling the cold weather.Reggie this is what I have decided to call him/her short for Reggina if its a girl...hehehe.Anyway Reggie is eating well but it's poops have changed colour because its purging itself to get ready for hibernation.

15th November 2016 : A little Reggie the Hedgehog Up Date

Day saw a little glimpse of the little fella in the garden over the weekend as he/she slipped under the shed to one of the feeding stations mum has for him/her and today mum boiled an egg for an extra treat for him/her to snack on so she chopped up half an put it in his/her food bowls so we will see if he.she likes it.mum check to see what else could be given and boiled eggs is a tasty treat for them that they can have and apparently raisins and chopped nuts to so she is going to try some of that to this week as well as the dry cat food,cat food in jelly and mealworms.Mum has done 3 feeding stations for the little fella so he can have a good nosy about.

21st November : Reggie Update

We had our first named winter storm over the weekend we had so much wind and rain that Mummy was so worried about Reggie the Hedgehog so she end going out to the greenhouse to put some extra food down in case the little fella didn't want to go outside to the other feeding stations but Reggie did go and brave all that rain.we had a cold dry day yesterday and then in the evening more rain moved in it did get better for awhile this afternoon but that rain is back everything is sopping wet except for under the shed and under the BBQ where the other 2 feeding Stations are.I think both Reggie and Me are both fed up with the rain!And Reggie doesn't like Boiled eggs.We tried him/her on some and it was left,so next we will try some raisins.

29th November 2016 : Reggie the Hedgehog Up Date

Hello everyone!I just thought I would give you all an Update on Reggie the Hedgehog.....Would you believe Mummy and Daddy saw Reggie last night?Yup they saw him out of the back bedroom window having a nose about and then Run to the shed.Reggie scooted underneath to its food bowl to chow down.And the Reggie work mummy up about 3.30am rattling the side gate to grandma's.Reggie isn't allowed in there as grandma has a pond and we don't want Reggie to end up in there so the gate is blocked of each night.Anyway cause Reggie woke mummy up she popped her head out of the window with a torch and she saw Reggie scuttling off down to the BBQ,so she got to see Reggie twice.Mummy says Reggie looks in good condition,still a bit on the small side but then Reggie is young and it takes a long time for Hedgehogs to put on weight.
Reggie Definitely only like pate style cat and dog foods but duck seems to be the favourite so mummy mashes a tray of that up and splits it in to 2 bowls mixed with duck and turkey kibble and meal worms an she added a couple of raisins one in the greenhouse where Reggie's next box is with a bowl of water and one under the shed with a dish of water and then as an extra treat a small dish of mealworms under the BBQ.the next morning all that is left is a couple bits of the kibble in each bowl with everything else gone.
We did have a little problem with a cat coming in for a few days,it was trying to go for Reggie's food but mum put up some extra chicken wire fencing and that seems to have stopped the cat.The next project is to seen if the front garden can be Reggie proofed at night to give Reggie some extra roaming space till the spring.....we will let you know if that can be done.Sorry no photos of Reggie as it was to dark and mum forgot to grab her phone too

17th December 2016 : Now for a little Reggie the Hedgehog Update!

Well last week Reggie slept in one night but then woke up the next night and has been chowing down ever since till last night.Reggie also like raisins.Last night he slept in so we will see if he/she wakes up tonight to chow down or if he/she decides to sleep in again.Don't worry we will keep you posted on that!

18th December 2016 : Now for a Reggie update

Reggie has slept in for the last 2 nights and Mummy was a bit afriad that Reggie had wandered off as the side gate wasn't shut properly on Friday night,so Mummy checked the nest box in the green house and had a moment panic she found it she checked under the shed carefully pulling out the nesting material she left under there and she gently felt Reggie's spines so she carefully stuffed back the stuff she pulled out back around Reggie and put a bit extra as well.So panic over Reggie has Hibernated for a bit so its time for just the kibble to be left out with a bowl of water in case Reggie wakes up hungry.

19th December 2016 : Reggie Update

Anyway just so you know Reggie must have woke up for short quick snack last night as some of the food under the shed was gone today so fresh food..just the kibble he/she likes and some meal worms and a bowl of water have been put under the shed as that will keep for a few days if Reggie naps for a while!

31st December 2016 : Reggie Update

Reggie has been all week after waking up for Christmas for a couple of days to have a few snacks before bedding down again.He/she is no longer in the Greenhouse he/she has moved back under the shed where he  has a big nest to keep him/her warm and dry and dry snacks and water in case he/she wakes up again!

8th January 2017 : First Update for the New Year

Just a little update on Reggie the Hedgehog for you!Reggie has been fully asleep since Christmas Day!Reggie moved back to the nest site under the shed and mummy stuffed some extra nesting materials under the shed for extra warmth.So Reggie has now been asleep for two weeks.Mummy will continue to check the food and water bowls daily so we will know when Reggie wakes up again.

22nd March 2017 : Reggie The Hedgehog Up Date!

Reggie The Hedgehog Up Date!

Well remember the little fella that Mum and Dad rescued?Well we fed him/her and gave him/her a few nest options which Reggie decided under the shed was the perfect spot to nest under.We also fed Reggie until Christmas Day as after that Reggie decided to hibernate for the rest of the winter.
Mummy continued to leave dry cat food and meal worms and fresh water under the shed for him/her in case Reggie woke up.

Well the last couple of weeks we began hearing about Hedgehog sightings on the internet and in the local town....but no sign of Reggie....But yesterday mummy checked the food and water bowls....and guess what? Some of the cat biscuits and all the meal worms were gone and the water bowl had been disturbed too!
And when mummy brought the bowls in to clean and refill she saw little hedgehog paw prints on the side of the bowl.Mum was hoping she wasn't wrong and that Reggie had woken up.So with that hope she refilled the bowls with fresh food and water.....only this time she put wet cat food with some cat biscuits and meal worms on top and put them under the shed!

Well the good News is Reggie has definitely woken up....The bowl was practically empty when mummy checked it this the bowls have been refilled and put back under the shed.The down side is its gone like winter again.....we had a big hail storm and it turned everything white and there is snow on the moors!What a time for Reggie to wake up!Still we shall keep feeding him/her because Hedgehogs can lose almost half their body weight when they hibernate.So for the next few weeks we will fatten Reggie up before opening up the back garden so that he/she has a good start.Then Reggie can explore the front garden as well and then leave or stay if he or she wants too,But for now we will give you regular updates and mummy said she will try to get a photo if she can.But we think at the moment Reggie is just chowing down on the food we are giving and then going back to sleep as He/She must be pretty weak from watch out for more Up Dates!

24th March 2017 : Now for another Reggie the Hedgehog Up Date:

Reggie hasn't gone back to sleep which we are very thankful for because it really wouldn't be good for Reggie to do that.He has been chowing down and eating everything mummy has been putting out for him.She has been gradually increasing the amount that she has been putting in his bowl each day.Here is today offering for Reggie...
This week she decide to buy some Hedgehog kibble to use instead of the cat kibble as Reggie wasn't eating it all as she thought it might be difficult to get his / her little mouth around them.the first night she tried them with food Reggie left them behind so last night Mummy broke them up in to smaller pieces this morning Reggie's bowl was completely empty so mummy will keep breaking them up for Reggie.So tonight's dinner is Cesar classic pate doggy food in chicken and turkey with broken up hedgehog kibble and some meal worms on top with a nice drink of fresh water....hope he / she likes the menu tonight!

6th April 2017 : Reggie the Hedgehog and the Update.....

So Reggie has been chowing down now for almost 2 weeks on this...

And the weather has improved greatly.The forecast for the weekend is very good nice and warm during the day but just a little chilly in the evenings but not winter like weather so today we are opening up the back garden to the front so that Reggie can explore a bigger area and leave the garden and come back as he or she wants too....and Mummy has left Reggie's dinner under the shed and will continue to so long as Reggie wants it.We have been told that as long as we keep feeding Reggie with such a nice nest site that Reggie will most likely stay except if Reggie is a boy then he might wander off for while to mate and then come back and if Reggie is a girl well then we might get babies living here too until its time to go off .

Any way we will let you know what happens

4th June Reggie Up Date:

Well what a week to start we will have an update on Reggie the Hedgehog.....
As you know I was at uncle Colin's the sitters while mummy was away but he was also coming to our house to feed Reggie as well everyday.Well a couple of Days before mummy came home he stopped eating his food but a new hedgehog was seen coming to uncle Colin's for some chow.When Mummy came home she continued to put food down for Reggie but still it wasn't touched so she pulled out the nest from under the was empty....Reggie has gone looking for some girlfriends so we know now Reggie is a boy!Mummy has put fresh bedding under the shed in case he decides to come back but for now We wish Reggie good luck in his new adventures after his good safe start in life.

27th July We have a new Visitor to our Garden!

Remember when we had Reggie the Hedgehog staying with us over the winter and Spring?And remember while mummy was away on her holidays uncle Colin the sitter was coming up to feed Reggie and then Reggie went off to pastures new and to look for the ladies a couple of days before mummy came home?

Well for the past for days a Hedgehog has been visiting our garden ,mummy and daddy have found its poops on the patio and under our carport up the side of our house so mummy has been leaving hedgehog biscuits/Kibble and meal worms and plenty of water on the patio under our garden furniture.

We don't know if its Reggie or if its a new hedgehog or if this visitor is nesting under the shed where Reggie was staying but mum did put fresh bedding under the shed just in case Reggie came back.So we are hoping this new Visitor will decide to make its home with us!Any way we will keep you up dated on this new visitor!
This is what a wild European Hedgehog looks like,as they are nocturnal its difficult to get photos so we borrowed this one from the interwebs.

28th July: Do you want to see our Hedgehog Visitor?

Well finally Mummy was able to get a photo of a Hedgehog!Last night at around 9.30pm Mummy went down to the kitchen to do my bedtime salad and she looked out the window and thought she saw something near the bowls for the hedgehog.It was still fairly light but not light enough to get photo's with out the flash.The photos aren't great as these were done on her phone and she didn't want to disturb the little fellow who was chowing down....
she got a little closer...
We have a few more on the other camera but we want to save those for Sunday selfies.....Yes this little fellow is going to be our Guest star for Sunday selfies.

30th July:Hedgehog Cutie Sunday Selfies

This week I decided to have a guest do Sunday Selfies instead of me....Remember our visitor Hedgehog that has been coming to dine out in our garden?Well mummy managed to get some photo's so here they are

Well these were taken Thursday night some slugs decide to tag along for some chow too.But then some thing strange happened on Friday lunch time this cutie decided to come for lunch down the garden path it came and Daddy shouted for mummy to fix it some looks like it has been sleeping in the front garden and then heading down the back for some snacks

Now this is not normal for a hedgehog to be out in the day time so our visitor became a guest of our back garden just like Reggie did because mummy thought there was something wrong.So after its lunch mummy popped it under the shed so it could go back to sleep and at 9.30pm it was a wake wanting dinner so dinner it had and a little wander around the back garden before going to sleep again.Mummy also managed to get a little video at lunch time on Friday too.... click on the link if you have trouble viewing this video.

Anyway mummy kept a look out to see if the hedgehog would wake up looking for food and at 12 noon there it was looking for food so mummy fed it again and then spoke to my uncle Colin and he said it needed looking at so mummy took the hedgehog to the local wild life vet,looks like it has parasites that needs treating so it can gain weight and not starve.So it will either go to uncle Colin's for a couple of weeks before being released back in our garden if it needs further treatments or it will come back straight to us again to be released in to our care.So this little cutie needs some POTP from you all.We don't know if its a boy or a girl but it is a juvenile and it came to the right place in its hour of need!


  1. REGGIE! Welcome to Blogland little spiky friend! Goodness, you are being well taken care of by Speedy and family! I hope to see more of you when you come out of hibernation! Hugs.....ooooh, that would be difficult and picky! teehee

  2. Oh Reggie! This is so exciting that yous gots your own page! Now all yous gots to do is wakes up to sees it!
    Many Kisses
    Nellie Bellie

  3. Woo Hoo!!! Whether it iss Reggie or sumone new it iss furabuluss to have a "hedgeyhog inn thee house"...well, under thee shed, mew mew mew....
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXxXx


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