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Castles Crowns and Cottages:Simply Irresistible European Link Party

Well come to our Leg of Castle,Crowns and Cottages Simply Irresistible European Link Party we thought about the Destination and we thought Ibiza ,Mummy has been to Majorca and Menorca which are both pretty Islands but she has never been to Ibiza and before any one say oh no its all clubs and bars it not, it is a very pretty Island that mainly caters to families and older couples as well as San Antonio for the clubs and Bars.You can find great holidays to Ibiza at as well as many other Destinations. TUI gets our Recommendation for Vacation destinations and great service.
It has the most amazing beaches and coast line:

They have lots of festivals like the Saint Bartholomew Festival and Midsummer Night festival and many more.At Ibiza town they have A Medieval Fayre,a 3 day extravaganza to celebrate it being a world Heritage Site with all sorts of things going turning the town back to Medieval times with jugglers,artists,folk bands great traditional food and wine with everyone dressed in period costumes.
Then there is the Famous Hippie Market at Club Punta Di Arabi that dates back to 1973!
And there is a wonderful range of resorts to stay in to suit everyone.
Cala Longa
Es Cana
Play d'en Bossa
Port des Torrent
Santa Eulalia
To see more visit this link San Antonio Bay used with permission of Tui
Plus many more,there are too many to name.

You have a range of sporting activities from water sports to horse riding,for those that want to experience the cultural side there a castles,and churches and a range of museums to see.There are a range of Boat trips to do from the Pirate cruises to sunset cruises and fishing trips plus many more amusements to occupy your time.This is why mummy wants to visit Ibiza and yes if her favourite DJ was playing at a club then yes she might want to party and dance the night away too!

This is the club she would go to Ushuaia with Sasha playing her favourite DJ from her 20's,it not only a night club its also an exclusive hotel too!
And this is just a taste of this Club and hotel

Disclaimer:Our recommendation of TUI is our own opinion from personal experience and we have not been paid for this opinion.


  1. WOW! Now Capt'n Speedwell, you have introduced me to a totally new idea for travel! As much as I love the sea, I've never even HEARD of this place! But the waters sparkle like sapphires, and the coast, it shimmers with pears and diamonds. Lovely share today sweet friends, and I do hope you can keep up your lovely post during the week so others can enjoy it! What fun this is, to travel beyond my writing studio with YOU! Anita

  2. Ahoy matey! I'm ready to go! Loved your post!

  3. SPEEDY,I am GAME if YOU are........shall we meet up there soonest?YOu are adorable!We had a rooster named SPEEDY who use to sleep in my bed!He loved the down comforter........he would call his mate CALPERNIA(my son was studying Shakespeare)at the time.Speedy, was one smart ROOSTER and I bet you are one SMARY bunny!Adorable!Come visit me at the VIntageHENHOUSE!PLEASE!

  4. Thank you for pointing out a lovely destination. Beautiful waters and lovely scenery can captivate a person. Love visiting, so much fun and whimsical too. Coming over from Anita's CCC.

  5. Wow. Those all look like amazing destinations to visit.

  6. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wonderful photos!

  7. So nice to meet you! What a beautiful sight for the eyes! Thank you for taking me along.

  8. I cannot tell you how much I adore these fabulous images by the sea! A destination on my list for sure, and thank you so much for sharing!

    The Arts by Karena
    Europe: Simply Irresistible Party

  9. I have heard of Ibiza only on rare occasions but had no idea it was so beautiful! This is some inspiration to check out more. Thanks so much.

  10. You are making mom sick with jealousy
    Lily & Edward

  11. Oh WOW! That's such a beautiful destination!

  12. I have *always* wanted to go to Ibiza, ever since I read Rosamund Pilcher's books. What a delightful trip and appreciate so much the photos. Thank you!

  13. Beautiful and sparkling and I would love to see this! I will have to research this local.
    So nice to visit you over from Anita’s CCC.
    Great weekend.

  14. Lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for taking us away to Ibiza - the turquoise waters looks like an amazing place to relax. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.
    Happy weekend

  15. Wow, looks like an amazing place to visit! I just learned a whole lot about a place I've never heard of! Thanks for sharing your photos and story with us. I'd love to have you come visit my England-themed post!

  16. What a gorgeous place by a sparkling sea!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~ Violet

  17. I have never been here, but the color of the water has made it a destination near the top of my list now! And that hotel ~ wow, amazing, I also want to stay there :) I'm part of Anita's party, hope you will stop by!
    xo Mary Jo

  18. What beautiful views of the sea. Thank you. If only I could travel to all the wonderful places on Anita's Simply Irresistible European tour!

    Thank you for coming by and leaving such a nice comment.


  19. Ibiza is a quite common place to travel for Norwegian (I am Norwegian too),and Spain overall.I have never been there - but it looks wonderful and I would definitely not mind.However I´ve been to other places in SPain and it is such an interesting country,not only beaches and shopping with is what people from here travel for!THere are so many places to discover :) But beach living in between looks lovely !
    I hope you get to go to Ibiza sometimes!!!
    Tove :)

  20. Speedy! You hug my heart!
    I had a Himalayan bunny that looked very much like you when I was a little girl!
    My brothers and I called him Playboy. When we told our parents our choice of name, they had quite a reaction. Not until I was much older, did I realize the correlation.
    He slept in my doll cradle at night. In the daytime he napped in our window boxes where we planted edible flowers for him to nibble! He would also curl us and sleep with our German Shepard in the breezeway. Thank you for bringing me such a wonderful memory!

    You have taken me to a very beautiful and fun place! Like your mummy, I love to dance too!

  21. Speedy,
    What a marvelous Ibiza post with those incredible blue-blue-blue waters along the coastline everywhere! No wonder it is such a popular destination!

    Came to you from Anita's party and am enjoying it greatly:)

  22. Oh my...what gorgeous photos!! Ibiza looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Those dreamy blue waters make me yearn for the sea! Gorgeous destinations!

  24. Thank You for visiting Me with a comment :) Oh yes, I agree, Ibiza's beautiful shores are amazing and I would love to be there right now.

  25. Awesome! I love the pictures of the beaches and little villages. They are amazing!

  26. Dearest are adorable...I am sending you a hug right now! :))
    And your sweet Mum...well...I hope she will travel to the gorgeous Ibiza one day...what a paradise!! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful journey...
    - Irina

  27. Oh my, look at all that beautiful blue.
    Lovely stopping by this Sunday via Anita's party.
    Thank you for sharing.

  28. We are packing...Pawsome place. Pawkisses :)

  29. Lovely post welcome on Anita's party !!!......nice to met Ria...x !

  30. I have to admit that I never thought of Ibiza as more than clubs and bars. but you have totally shown me another side. Thank you. Visiting from Anita's link party.

  31. Paradise!! I am such a sucker for beaches having grown up in California... I would love to BE at this beach right now, instead of the hot days of sumer in Texas... :)

  32. Speedy I love you!! You had to sing my Bunny's name! (to the tune of money,money money money) yes you guessed it "Bunny Bunny Bunny Bo'nny...BUNNY" I loved that bunny he grew very old!
    Ibiza Spain just BEAUTIFUL!!! I really enjoyed all the pictures and the videos too!
    Thank you for a great tour!
    Many blessings, Linnie

  33. Such a beautiful island. We have to look it up on a map...can't recall exactly where it even is! Typical Yanks!

  34. Ibiza, Spain looks breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your vacation dream and images!

  35. Gorgeous photos of a place I have longed to visit. I will have to add this Spain destination to my Greek holiday. Someday . . .

    ; )

  36. Oh my I would have never guessed this was such a beautiful versatile place to visit. You have done a wonderful job taking us on this journey to Ibiza.


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