Monday 19 September 2016

Captain Speedy's Annual Pirate Party....Arrrgh Shipmates Tis Time For Thee Party!

Arrgh Me Hearty's tis time for thee Moment ye 'ave been waiting for!

So let's give these landlubbers The Greatest Show and Let's get thee Party Start!

This way me fine Seadogs ,kittehs,Bunnehs to the Grog!Drink ye Thirst away!Ye Have Grog...Rum...and More!

Hoist Ye Colours!

Arrgh Shiver Me Timbers!

Now Then Gather round ye scurvy Pirates and Feast to ye Heart Content!

 Now for more of Ye Fine Dancing Shipmates!

Ye Be 'aving a Blast!

Dance Ye Scurvy Dogs!

Tis Time for ye all to me Thee Pirates of this 'ere shindig!

Meet thee scariest pair Captain Sweet William The Scot and his Mate Kismet the Parrot!

That Salty Seadog 'imself EASY!

Now We have Thee Gentleman of thee pirates! Captain Sammy!

'ere we have Thee Prince of the High Sea's  Pirate Purrince Siddhartha Henry!

Thee Sheltie of thee high seas Captain Dakota!

Next we 'ave thee Kitty scourge of thee seas Captain Cody!

'ere we 'ave a fine pair of Scallywags pirate Jack and....
Pirate Tricky from Gentlestiches

Tis Captain Todd ready to sail the high seas! This be 'is facebook page Todd the Bunny

Tis Scowlin' Lea Scar (Ellie) of  Friends Furever Cat Blog! with....
Capt'n Lindsey Snaggletooth (Allie) and......
Capt'n Diego Poopdeck (Raz)!

'ere is Shipmate Pirate O' Jonnie from 15 and

Tis Anya of the High Seas! And her Shipmates Greedy Gracie of Goodness Gracie
She makes a fine Serving Wench!
More Grog and rum for thee scallywags!

Tis Thee Star of Thee Ocean....Tis Captain Sushi! and this is her instagram @mysassysushi

Tis Captain Basil Blackheart and Crewmate Amber and the Crew of thee Crimson Revenge

Tis Me Dearest Queen of the Seas Captain Nellie! Me Dearheart Does she Not Look Most Beautiful?

Tis Captains PipoFang! and Minko "Ahoy! We Bees Motley Marineezers Two,With a Galleon,too,We sail the seas,And raid thee shores,Of islands and keyes!Then we''ll sail some mores....Ahoy!Avast!We'll Have a Blast!!Yargh!!Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!
 Tis Captain Pipofang!...
 And tis Captain Minko!....

With thee Sir Jack Swashbuckler thee Barkeneer!!! What a fine Crew they Be!

Next We 'ave Captain Qtip Gray!

With Shipmate Felix Gray! She be a Feisty wench!Watch out for thee pistols!

Next We 'ave thee Crew of Catwisdom 101!

And Next is the scourge of the seas Miss Captain Cathy Keish!

Captain Andy Mclntyre!He be late to thee Party,but he be a fine addition!


  1. Wow! What an elaborate partey! After being away from the bloggy world, coming back to this is beyond awesome!!!

  2. I am three sheets to the wind and roll me over Yo Ho Ho drunk but fill my black jack again. Great Party Speedy!
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. PARTY!!! Let's get it on my seaworthy friends! arrghh - Bacon

  4. Avast thee my dear Speedy - fifty lashez with a wet noodle tue my mom fer bein'so lazy - she fergitz tue git me here. I'll hafta make her walk the plank, I will. (On second thought - she duz feed me) You gotta whole lotta good eatz over there.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  5. Look at you! So cute as a pirate!

    Thanks for sharing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. This is a great version. It's one of my fave movie themes!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  6. AAARRR Captain Speedy mee iss too pooped to pop mee matey...
    Stuffed meeself with shrimpy an beef an had a drop (or 2) of Thee ole Speckulled Hen....that sure kicked mee good....mew mew mew...what a wild pawty this iss. WOO HOO!!!!!!!
    Wanna dance sum more???
    ***Hi-5'ss*** or else you walk thee plank, Siddhartha Henry thee Purrince Pie-rat =^,.^=

  7. Arrrrhh ! Them be some mighty terrific band 'o pirates ! And what a pawty, wow ! Purrs

  8. blimey buckoz; a draught two all ye bucaneerz N hearties spesh a lee sum nelsonz folly ~~~

    speedy...dood...yur pie ratz ship iz bee yond total lee awesum N yur partee iz ..... de BEST !!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  9. Ahoy matey! What a fine party. Thee grub is wonderful and thee pirates be all amazing.

    The Florida Furkids

  10. Shiver me timbers! You sure know how to throw a pirate party! I have eaten so much I think I weight more than my ship. Thanks for the fun filled pirate time. I will sail the high seas with you whenever you are needing the help.

  11. Garrr! Ye be a scary band o' marauding pirates. 'Tis a fine party ye have going there.

  12. By th' Pow'rs! Ye haf far an' away surpassed any feast an' cruise th'Meowers an' th'crew o' th' Cat o'Nine Tails efurr dreamt of, an' we sends our best regards an' doffs our headgear in thanks t'ye! We be right giddy t'see that th'old spirit o' th' Day lives still!

  13. Wow Speedy!! You always do the most PAWESOME Pirate pawty!!! Each Pirate is better than the last!! Great job Speedy and thank you for hosting!! xoxoxo catchatwithcarenandcody and DakotasDen

  14. What an awesome party Speedy. Some mighty fine pirates too.
    Sue B

  15. AARGH Captain Speedy! I am not fluent in Pirate, but I am enjoying myself mingling with your guests and tasting all the nutritious goodies! And wow, lots of RUM, YUM YUM!

    Love this, Speedy.

  16. We r makin' the Lady walk the plank for not getting us to your band of pirates! The refreshments will make it easier!

  17. Argggg Captain Speedy, ye mates will make many a timber shiver!

  18. Speedy Darling,
    er Captain Speedy!! This is the bestest party EVER! Mes thinks that mes had a drink out of every bottle and a tast off of every plate! And thanks for letting mes spend the night in your bunny castle! Mes Loves yous!

  19. Speeeedy what a pawsome pirate post! You are such a wonderfur bunny! I had so much rum I can't see straight, I hope I don't fall over the poop deck!
    Your Furrend,
    Louis Deadog Armstrong

  20. Awesome party and incredible band of pirates!

  21. Ahoy Matey!! Yer pawty twas a good one!! Thanks so much for hosting!!
    Cap'n Arrrrggghhhhty and Pirate Princess Dory

  22. Cap'n Speedy 'tis a mighty fine pirate party you're hostin' for all of us scurvy critters - more food than I've seen in a mighty long time too! Your parties are always the BEST and now that I've had so much fun, I must be gettin' back to my pirate ship to make sure my shipmates haven't misbehaved while I've been gone! Never trust a pirate.....har har har. Thanks again Cap'n for a grand day.

    Sword Salute, Cap'n Sammy of the Good Ship SPOILEDCAT!

  23. Arrrrrrrr Cap'n Speedy, this be the bestest pirating pawty yet!!!

    Me and motley crew 'av brought ye plenty o' rare delicacies fur ye guests... arrrrrrrrrr....

    Bestest pirating purrs

    Cap'n Basil Blackheart and The Crew of The Crimson Revenge

  24. Oh my gosh, I've never seen such a big pirate party!

  25. Arrrrr! There be many a fine pirate at this party! Now where's the grog??

  26. Wow, Speedy, we sure missed an incredible party. We are going to make our mom walk the plank in her bare feet though piles of cat puke. That ought to make her think twice about missing out next year. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  27. Well, I sort of liked the Bunny on the Boat. He gets my vote.
    All of the costumes were amazing. How does anyone do that? Mama is still in the dark about photoshop.


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