Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I Finally managed to get out and about for a little while Yesterday

Yesterday I managed to get out and about but not for long as its getting Chilly now,but I sure had fun!
Don't forget to come back tomorrow Mum baked the Christmas cake on sunday and oh my the Smell....Mmmmmmmm all Christmassy! So you get to see kind of how she did the job and the Recipe itself!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Selfie its a cutie!

Its time for Sunday Selfie with The Cat on my Head and its a spooky cutie....hehehe
Although in our house it Smells all Christmassy....Mummy is Baking her Christmas Cake!She will show you this week with the recipe for those who want to try and bake one for themselves!

And a little update from Mum:

Well as you all know I have been having trouble getting Speedy to eat his pellets well that was a bust after trying 2 other types still no joy so I went with the sin and got a bag of the Wagg bunny Brunch it's a muesli type food but as this type of food goes its actually not to bad it has a mix of different types of pellets as well as a small amount of the other grain type stuff  and Speedy is eating this one not in huge amounts but he is eating a bit of everything from the mix so that's better than nothing.And for those of you who have bunnies and are saying you shouldn't be giving a rabbit this think about this : When you have a bunny that refuses to eat his normal diet and is losing weight after being so poorly you get to the point where its a case of whatever works to get them eating,the plan is over time to change back to a pellet food once he becomes a bit more settled with his food and Speedy is still eating mainly hay with his veg which I have had to change too as he has gone of his favourites since he was poorly.But other wise The little guy is doing good.  xx Rachel

Friday, 17 October 2014

Highland Games in celebration of Kyla

All of Blogville are gearing up for this great event to Celebrate the life of Kyla the Scottie as she only has a short time Before she leaves for the rainbow bridge and from what I have seen she is a fun girl and always up for a party.There are lots of Events for this shindig that is being Organised by Mollie so hop on over to her Blog to see the list of events,there are some Fun ones to enter and I know I'm going to give a few of them a try.So I am in training to get my caber tossing skills up to scratch...hehehe
Though this one is too yummy to toss...hehehe
Paper ball tossing...Mum did say she would make me a special caber for the event!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

We've changed our normal Feature to Introduce you to a friend

Its Wednesday and that means its Disapproving Bun Day,how ever this week I wanted to introduce you to a sweet cute little friend.....
This is Veve and he is a Squirrel,such a cute playful chap who lives with his mum ,you can see more his Photo's and Videos at his Google+ page Veverita Veve.
 Doesn't He look so adorable when sleeping?


You should go say hello to him and his mum,He is such a fun chap!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Another walk and an experiment

Well yesterday we managed to get out with Speedy for an hour which he love so here are the photos to show you!

And here is the view and the weather we had,a little chill to the air but not to bad!

Now on to the experiment:
We noticed Speedy was eating lots of veg,plants and hay during the day when he is with us but at night once he finished his bedtime veg snack that would be about it so he wouldn't be pooping much which is not so good.Normally he would eat lots of hay his veg and pellets through the night but not at the moment as he is still not eating his pellets I've tried 3 now still doesn't want them.
So I thought may be he is feeling a bit down during the night when he is in his pen on his own so I moved most of his Playpen into the back bedroom with me (I can't sleep in the same room as Speedy's daddy as he fidgets and snores a little and I am a light sleeper)and made it into a nighttime enclosure for him,well that worked he ate his veg and hay all night long and played with some toys too!The down side the first night he kept me awake,last night I did get to sleep eventually.
So now Speedy is eating all night long now too,Still no pellets but to be honest that isn't to much of a bother as he should be eating mainly hay and his veg and plants with just a small amount of pellets.checking his poops today and they are nearly the normal size with the consistency of his wild cousins poops so that will do me.Hopefully I will get to sleep OK tonight.
                                                                 xx Rachel

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

Welcome to another edition of Disapproving Bun day......hehehehe is it scary enough for you?Mauhhhaahaaaaaaaahahhhhh...................

Don't Forget to send in you photos or you Disapproving Bunnies,friends and families bunnies or some of my wild Cousins to my Mum at rachel.dejong28@googlemail.com

And for more Disapproving Bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun!

And for all of you wanting to know how Speedy is:
He's doing ok,he is off the Critical care food and meds as he is eating lots of Hay and greens,enough to sustain him and he is doing normal poops a bit smaller but normal which is good,the only strange thing is he has no interest in his treats or pellets so maybe he has put himself on a diet?...who knows he just doesn't want them maybe that will change in time,but as long as he keeps eating that is good enough for me.We will just keep an eye on him and see what happens.
But the main thing is he is back to being lively and cheeky and wants to play all the time which is also good.