Saturday, 20 September 2014

And The Best Dressed Pirate Winner Is....!

Wow what a party we had !All the Dancing,singing,My date Mollie and my Best Girls Nellie and Nylablue were all great Dancers!And the last of the stragglers left this morning still singing sea shanties and all my mum could do was giggle....hehehehe.....good old mum always good for a giggle!
Anyway I want to thank you all for coming and help me celebrate my anniversary of becoming a Pirate,you all looked great!You all cast your votes and believe me there was a lot of votes but we have our winner.....Drum roll please!
With and overwhelming 56.16 % of the vote you picked.........
                                      Captain Sushi as your Winner!

Well done Sushi we will be in touch to get your addy,xx Speedy

Friday, 19 September 2014

Arrrgh Me Hearty's!Tis Time To Celebrate Me Anniversary and Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Arrrgh Tis I Capt'n Speedy and I be calling all ye Pirates,Sea Dogs,Sea Kitties and Sea Pals ,Scallywag's and Capt'n to Join us in our Fine Gathering in a celebration of the Anniversary of me Becoming the Pirate and Buccaneer That I am and to top it all its Talk Like a Pirate Day!I have Me Date Mollie and Me favourite Girls Queen Nellie and Nylablue and All me Pals Dressed in our Finest Garb ready to Party!
So to thee Business at hand,Here be thee entries to Me Best Dressed Pirates!Ye all be a fine Bunch so thee Winner be Down to Ye All!Click the link at the bottom to choose Ye Winner!Now Let get to thee Party and Dancing and Singing and Filling of ye fine Bellies !

Captain Mollie
Captain Queen Nellie
Captain Nylablue
Captain Doc
Captain Sushi
Captain Lady Jane
Captain Leeloo

Captains Marty and Ralphie

Captain Easy
Captain Sammy

Captain Misaki

Captain Sweet William the Scot
Captain Ruby

Captain Binky

Captain Mika

Captain Buddy

Captain Sidebites
Captain Cody

Captain Annie

Capitan Pierrot

Captain Bentley and Capitan Pierre
The Crew of the Kitties Blue

Captain Evil Neck Snapper Ernie & Captain Mad Blackbeard Wally
Captain Dezi

Captain Destiny
Captain Bacon

Captain Houdini

The Grub for Ye Hungry Buccaneers!

The Grog to Quench Ye Thirst!

Now Ye Pirates and Buccaneers its time to cast ye Vote!

Vote Here for your Best Dressed Pirate POLL CLICK HERE