Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sunday Selfies at the beach!

Hi Everyone its time for us to join in with the Cat on My Heads Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!So here are the photo's as Promise Yesterday.....
My Selfie.....hehehe I missed the timing on that one!

And for my other Adventure....

Well that's everything for you.Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Speedy's Movie Day!

Hi eveyone yes we have another Movie Day!We have movies from 2 new adventures this week,so sit back with some snacks and enjoy....

Tomorrow is Selfie Day so I will post my Selfie photo and others from my lasted beach adventure for you all!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

February is Adopt a bunny Month!

Yes its the Month of February which means it is Adopt a Bunny Month!Which means February is not just the Month to celebrate love.
 And even though Bunnies are the 3rd most popular pet approximately 75% of bunnies in shelters and rescues are owner surrenders and the top reasons for these surrenders are the family has lost interest in taking care of them or they don't have the ability to care for them.
And after Easter is the worst time for these surrenders.Parents buy cute little baby bunnies for their children as presents only to get rid of them because the children neglect them or because the bunny is scare of getting hurt so it bites or its just to much hard work to look after them.The bunnies and that is the lucky ones end up in shelters and rescues the unlucky ones end up on sites like criaglist and gumtree or end up being dumped in parks,woods and our streets to fend for them selves where they end up starving or become the prey of other animals unless some one finds them and takes them to a shelter or rescue.Lots of bunnies that end up in shelters or rescues end up being euthanized because they have to many to cope with and don't have any other option.
 Rabbits are often mistaken for Rodents but they actually are in the family Leporidea the order of Lagomorpha along with Pikas and Hares.Females are called Does and males are called Bucks,and Babies are called Kittens.....just like baby cats!

For their Diet 80% should be hay with the remainder made up with big leafy greens and grass and a few pellets and fresh water.They need a safe place to live in with lots a space so that they can run and place for several hours of the day indoors.......
or a safe outdoors garden.......
And they need lots of company from either a another bun or from you or even other pets.And most importantly you need a vet who specializes in rabbits not all vets do and you need to do lots of research on the care of rabbits and their needs because bunnies can live 8 to 12 years or even longer.
If you can do all of that then go on get you self to a shelter or rescue and adopt a bunny!Because Bunnies can be the greatest pets and you will have a life with them that is filled with so much laughter and love as your reward.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sunday Selfie and a welcome to Blogville to a new Kitty in town!

Well its Sunday so that means its time for us to join in with The Cat on My Heads Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.....
This is from Yesterday it was almost Spring like....the sun was out and it was warm enough for me to go with out a a fleece coat so a visit to the moors was on order for the day.....but I didn't see any ponies piffle!

And today we are welcoming a new Baby man kitty about town!So welcome to Teddy K From the Newly renamed Two Spoiled Cats and Angel Sammy's new baby Brother.Teddy is already making him self feel right at home with Angel Sammy to watch over him!Hop on over to Dory's Back Yard to join in the Blog hop with was organised by Furiends Furever and Madi and Mom!

Mum still has her Bug except she has been almost non stop coughing....she's said she's fed up with it now and that its time for the bug to vacate the building....I have to agree with her.Cuddle time is difficult when you're being shook about by coughing!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Speedy's Movie Day

Hi everyone!Its been a while since we had Movie Day So here are my latest movie for you all.We have a little adventure on the moors and my first offical beach outing for this year!

Well I hope you enjoyed my latest Adventures!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to you all!Hope your day is fill with much Love!
Mine is Extra Special because I received this Beautiful Card from my Dearest Queen of Hearts our Nellie!
And if you want to see the one I sent to Nellie then you will need to hop on over to see her ,tell her I sent you!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sunday Selfie

Hello everyone,I know we have been a bit quiet here this week but Mum had the week off so we was busy with over stuff ,then it was mums Birthday on Friday and then Saturday mum woke up with a sore throat.But we are here today,we wouldn't miss that!
So we are doing lots of this today,but I thought we would show mums Paper cards and a little present she got from My Aunty Gemma
Isn't that a cute mug?It even came with a teabag too!Well hopefully we will be back to normal next week as mum is back at work tomorrow.