Monday 30 June 2014

ASPCA interactive App and Pet Safety give away!

We were contacted By ASPCA with an introduction to their New  which has a missing pet recovery kit feature as part of the app which helps you create digital flyer's to share on social media site to help you find you missing pet,plus step by step instructions on how to find your pet.Plus some other interest features like a twitter feed,and an instagram feed ,plus a news feed up date giving you all the latest news on animal welfare issues,there is also an disaster advice section with tips on what to do when a disaster hit and how to prepare for one,and you can store your pets health records and information to help you mange vet appointments.This App is available for use Worldwide including the UK and is available to down load free at Google Play for Android or at the App Store for the iphone.After downloading the app on to my phone I had a little look around and found it to be easy to use ,I think it will be very useful if I ever have a pet go missing,but I will have to wait and see for that in the event that happens.
 With the Summer here and July 4th coming up in the US this App is a really useful tool!

They have also given me the opportunity to host a give away as part of raising awareness of the app for a pet safety kit which they will post direct to the winner!To purchase this kit click here for their online store
So if you want to to win this kit then leave a comment below and this give away is open to you all,closing date for this give away will be Sunday 6th July at midnight UK time and as with all our give ways Speedy will pick out the winner which will be filmed and the video posted and announced on Monday 7th July.

The links for the ASPCA for Facebook and Twitter:

Please note I wasn't compensated for my time and all opinions are my own.

Saturday 28 June 2014

Had a few problems with the net....sorry we haven't been able to get to you all!

We have to Apologise as all week we have been having problems with the BT Broadband ,things not loading properly and then it going down that we thought the Router was going wrong  and then it was all gone this morning no connection after 8am at all!So very frustrating!!!! and then out of no where it all came back on and was working normally at lunch time and then we heard on the radio the BT had a problem and they had now fixed it but was investigating the reason for it going wrong....Now tell me if I am wrong but wouldn't it have been nice for some announcement before now that there was a problem on their end?...Hmmm instead of me pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the heck was going that too much to ask of a communications company?

So we will try to catch up with you all to say Hi but it may have to be on your latest posts,But we love you all so please bear with us.....Grrr Gremlins!
                                                      Rachel,Speedy and Bashful

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Shopping around the world and Bashfuls adventures from the weekend! And Disapproving Bun Day!

First we are joining Bacon and FozzieMum's Shopping around the world!
Price of Cable: £25 per month for 6 months then £45 after that with Virgin Media
360g box of Cornflakes: smallest box we can get 500g Kellogg's £1.84 or Morrison's own brand £1.45 or Morrison's Savers 31p
432g pack of Oreo cookies: I could only find 154g pack at 54p
225g Bag of Lays potato chips: couldn't get Lays but had Kettle Crisps 150g £1.09
Pound of Butter: 250g £1 so for approx a pound is 500g so the would be £2.00
6 ounce can of peanuts: could get these in a can but for a 400g bag for Morrison's own brand £1.75 or for  KP salted peanuts 300g bag £1.99

Interesting to see how everyone compares!

Now on to our weekend round up!Mum and Dad took Bashful to their favourite spot up on the moors a place called Cadover Bridge for a walk sunbath and dip in the swim pool in the river.
He even got to see some Dartmoor Pony's but they were to far away for him to meet them but Mum said next time!
You can just make them out in the distance!

Then Mum and Dad did a nice snack posh meat free Hot Dogs in Brioche Rolls!Which Bashful shared with Pebbles!

Then we did lots of playing in the garden together!

Hehehe I thought I would give Bashful a little bath!
Mum and Dad also went to Meavy Oak Fair which is a village fair with stalls and games food and drink and a 7 mile race and a dog show but Mummy said it was to hard to take photo's as there was so many people she didn't want Bashful getting hurt so she didn't take any but mum said the Bashful enjoyed him self and he even sneaked a sip of her pear cider!And next week mummy said if Bashful is good she will take him to work with her!

I know Wednesday is Disapproving Bun Day so here is a bunny Meme that mummy found its from!
And for more Disapproving bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun!
Don't forget we still need photos of you bunnies best disapproval so don't forget to send them in to my mum at [email protected]!

Saturday 21 June 2014

Party time for Mr Mick!

So Yesterday was my Pal Mr Micks 7th Birthday so with Bashful being here I thought its time for a Party and lets face it Parties is what I do best so you're all invited!
Here's the Cake!

The Bar!

The Food!
Now Time for more Music!
Happy Birthday Mr Mick! Here's to many more!!!

Thursday 19 June 2014

Bashful's escapade!

Hehehe well yesterday mummy got home from work and when she went upstairs to get out of her work clothes she thought she would bring Bashful down to enjoy the garden....he was missing!Mummy went into panic mode hunting high and low for him and couldn't find him....More panic so she went in hunt of daddy as she knew he was up to his pranks again!And didn't she tear him off a strip well Bashful decided he wanted to play hide and seek and give mummy a fright so he came up with a cunning plan with daddy and hid in the sunbed.....hehehehe Mummy was so relieved when she found him....naughty Bashful and Daddy!
Any way Bashful got to go on an adventure Tuesday evening he got to go on anther walk with mummy and daddy along another river at a local village.

And while he was there he did a spot of beach combing among the rocks and sandy areas and look what he found with mummy and daddy?
                                             How cool is that?

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Happy Birthday To Stella Mollie and Alfie's Mum!

                                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Stella !
And to join in the Birthday fun here is Speedy in his favourite Yoga Pose!
And a Birthday Song!
a little Zen moment from Bashful too!

Sunday 15 June 2014

Basful gets to go out with Mummy and Daddy

Hello every one it Rachel here today, Speedy's Dad and I decided to go for a little walk today so we brought Bashful along with us there is a little Stretch of Moor land which is about a 10 minute walk from our house with a little stream that runs threw a part of it.Bashful had a great time exploring and chatting to some of his cousins while we were foraging for Plantain leaves for Speedy.For those of you across the oceans We Live in the UK,in Devon right on the edge of Dartmoor.
                See how Happy  Bashful was?he even got to sit on his cousins!

                        Bashful playing on a beach type area of the stream.
                            Bashful helping us look for Plantain leaves!
               And while we was out doing, this Speedy was at home doing this!

 And Now for Bashfu'ls Sleeping arrangements.What do you think?he's even got a view from the window.

And we would like to wish all you Daddy's out there a Very Happy Fathers Day!

Saturday 14 June 2014

Bashful Meets Pebbles!

Today we introduced Bashful to Pebbles she's a painted rabbit stone that came to us from Savannah and her Mummy over at Savannah's Pawtracks so he could have some extra company in between the explorations of my home.
  This is them chilling out on the patio furniture!
Plus he got to meet the rockery clan out in the garden while mummy was cutting my mini hay field.

And he helped mummy with cutting my hay to then he explored one of mummy's planters!
Plus Mummy has made a special bed for Bashful to sleep in which we will show tomorrow!
See you then,xx Speedy and Bashful

Friday 13 June 2014

Hehehehe Surprise...look who turned up?

Hehehehehe Surprise...Look who turned up?The Most exciting visitor turned up today...Bashful,Bacon's Travelling Pet Rock! He was so excited to get here that he couldn't stop talking....

We had a really long chat,boy can he talk the paws off a bunny...hehehe.

He then out side to check out my play garden,while he was there he checked out my castle and
Patio furniture and the grassy section too!

And then he decided to have a little sunbath on a comfy scatter cushion!

And to celebrate his arrival with us Mummy and Daddy ordered Chinese take away for Dinner!

Now we're of to give him a tour of the rest of the house to get him settled in!
See you tomorrow!xx Speedy and Bashful

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

Its Disapproving time again,so its time for our next star,meet Hagar the Horrible!
                              "The Disapprover of all things!"

Don't forget to hop on over to Disapproving Bun for more Disapproving Bunnies.

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Tuesday 10 June 2014

Check our Mollie And Alfie's Auction

Today is the start of Mollie and Alfie Auction So you should all hop on over to check it out.Here are some of the lots that are up for grabs!

Plus there is loads more to bid on so what are you waiting for?

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

Hard to believe that its Wednesday again so you know what that means it Disapproving Bun Day!And Here is our next Star Maui who is on Pinterest Maui the Rabbit.
                         "Do you have to use the flashy box again?"

Thanks Nadia

Don't forget for more bunny disapproval hop on over to Disapproving Bun

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Tuesday 3 June 2014

Something was waiting for me and Mummy when she got home today!

When Mummy got home from work today there were two boxes waiting to be opened one was more of my Wagg Carrot bake treats and the Second was............
Yes that's write our Award from Blogpaws!!!!!
Now we have to find a Special place for it!