Thursday 31 July 2014

Bacon and Fozziemum's Shopping around the World!

So we are a bit late with this on but we thought we would still give it ago with Bacon's and Fozziemum's Shopping around the world!
Its interesting to compare every ones prices.

The List:
Toilet Paper
Brand:Mega Soft 18pk £3.49

Ground Beef/Minced Beef
Brand: Morrisons 500g £1.99 per pack or £3.50 for 2 on a multi buy

Brand: Fresh made in store 10" £2.59

Brand: Herta Frankfurters 10 pk £1.50
but I normally use normal sausages as I prefer them Morissons Signature Lincolnshire thick sausages £2.99 per pack or £5.00 for 2

Brand: Morrissons Signature Smoked Streaky Bacon £2.99 per pack or £5.00 for 2 is the one I would normally buy but I only get this for the christmas turkey as I don't nomally eat bacon

And here as some photos from last nights walk!

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

Yay for Wednesday,its Disapproving Bun Day!Today's Star is Iddy Biddy the Holland Lop she's a great pal from Face Book and you should all pay her a visit.
Thanks Iddy.

Don't forget to hop on over to Disapproving Bun to see their latest Disapproving Buns.

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Friday 25 July 2014

Here is what we have been up to this week!

Well we have been out and about a lot this week,the last few days we have been taking Bashful back to Cadover Bridge but to different bits of the river and Yes I did get to go along to! hehehe...

And we got to see more ponies too!

Then the next day!

Mummy and Daddy Brought part of my play pen with a Brolly for Shade for me as it was very sunny!
And yes more ponies only closer!

and look one was a baby,how cute!

And today there is only one as it was busy with lots of families and lots of children all wanting to see Me and everybody loved me the mummy's and daddy's and the children which was great fun as I met two pups too!

Sunday 20 July 2014

Some Speedy Videos for you to Nosey at!

Finally I have managed to sort out the Videos of Speedy on his Walks,the first one is the one from our little trip this week that I promised to up load.
This next one is from yesterday out on the Moors and this time Bashful came along too and there are pony's too!
And this next one is a bit of google magic from yesterdays outing with photo's and video!

We won't be posting for a couple of days as we need to catch up with you all so enjoy this to your hearts content,xx Rachel and Speedy

Friday 18 July 2014

My Saddest moment Teamblogs Challenge

As part of my new partnering with Masblogs feature Teamblogs we challenge each other with a topic to write about this weeks Teamblogs Challenge is My saddest moment on this blog.

We don't have one single sad moment about Speedy as he is fit and Healthy.But we have lost some Furfriends during the time we have been blogging,we lost Speedy's buddy Weasley from Rabbits Eat Quilts and And we lost few of our pals over at House of Rabbits and every one of those losses we felt deeply but the saddest loss was Speedy's Girl Maddy she was a Lion Head how really had the heart of a lion after fighting to stay with her mum after her first surgery to remove a large abscess but then she had another one but didn't recover from her surgery when we had the email from her mum that was the saddest day ever even Speedy was down for a while after even though they only had a virtual relation ship he was still down like he knew physically she was gone.she is still missed by all those that knew her and her mum is still feeling that loss keenly.
It has to be the hardest thing about being a pet blogger saying good bye to those we get to know and love.
For those of you how didn't know Maddy this is the feisty girl wearing the scarf I knitted for her.

Don't forget to hop on over to see my challenge for Masblogs to see how he does with my challenge:What pets have you had or currently have?

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Disapproving Bun Day and a Special visit!

Its Wednesday so its time for our next star,this was sent in by Fozziemum and its one of my Cousins in Australia ,he or she is so lucky to be near our pal Fozziemum

                     "Some one is spying on me, I can tell!"

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Today Bashful got to go on a visit with Mummy and Daddy,I didn't go as it was a bit to warm for me so I stayed in the cool,But Bashful made a great envoy for me.
Bashful got to meet Freya Rose Blossom of Catflap Cavalier isn't she a cutie?
He even got a smooch off her,he's such a smooth talker is Bashful.and the best thing is they came back with lots of goodies an nice bag of apple branches and some fresh thyme for me and a home grown cucumber and a couple of courgettes too,which is very nice of Freya and her mum and dad.So a big thank you to them.
And Bashful got to see the Golden Hind Ship,its a replica of the original ship Captained by Sir Francis Drake,its moored in Brixham Harbour.

Mummy has some video of me but she needs to up load it so she will post it when its done

Tuesday 15 July 2014

We're Here on our Latest Adventure!

Gosh this is so exciting,Mummy and Daddy surprised me and Bashful with a little trip to the coast!
                              This is my Holiday Pad!
                      This is the view,look we can see the sea!
And this is outside our Chalet/Bungalow I get to play out here with my harness on and I love it!I'll get mummy and daddy to take photos of that.
Mummy took Bashful here today Broadsands
There he is enjoying the view and the sun!

Then they went for a walk along the coast path to Churston cove and stopped to enjoy the view again on a seat.
This is the cove with a bit of google magic.
 and the rest of the views from the pebble beach.

And Bashful on the way back sat on mummy's lap.