Thursday 27 April 2023

Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny

Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip bunny with all the latest gossip from my neck of the woods

I am sorry to say that things have been quiet here at my home not much in the way of adventures for me. Its either been to wet and windy or when it has been dry to cold for me that we really haven't been anywhere. That being said I have got some bits of gossip for you! Remember Roddy AKA Rodette the Hedgehog that was living with us for the winter well after having a soft release in the back garden she eventually decided to go back to the wild off on her adventures so we wish her safe travels on her journey!

Jo the Crow is still about and she is doing well sometimes she visits us and sometimes she doesn't...*giggles* she's a funny bird with her whims and moods

But as Roddy AKA Rodette vacated the greenhouse we have a new guest or rather an old one back in the greenhouse. Mummy was cleaning the food boxes for the Hedgehogs in the front garden and heard coughing coming from one of the nest boxes, so she investigated the box and found a large old male looking a bit poorly like he had lost a bit of weight. He stayed in the greenhouse over night and went to the vets on Monday  with a sample of his poop and he has roundworm for which he is being treated for but he also has ringworm on his face in a couple of places. How ever the Vets said he was a old hog and didn't want to put him under the stress of their normal treatment for ringworm so mummy has been in touch with a friend she know who has a Hedgehog Hospital and got some advice on how to treat the ring worm here at home so the stuff for that has to be ordered, its not easy to get so its going to take a while for it to arrive. Mummy said she will do everything she can to get Hogmite healthy but the reality is he is old and this could be his last year so he is going to be in retirement with us in the back garden for how ever long he has left. Mummy said normally they can only be kept if they are sick and getting treatment..which he is or if they are disabled they can live in a secure garden.

And I went on an adventure to an old Medieval church in a village called Marystow. The original part of the church that remains dates to the 1300's but has been rebuilt and added to many times over the centuries...

                                             Well that's all for now, Until next time

                                                          xoxo Little Miss Titch