Tuesday, 30 November 2021

The Start of my 1st Christmas

 Hello Blogville! Its your one and only Bunny Pal Little Miss Titch and I want to Welcome you all to the Start of my 1st Christmas. To Start with Mummy helped me change my blog to a Christmas Theme with a Little Help from our Aunty Ann and Miss June over at Zoolarty with this Fabulous Header to celebrate my First Christmas......

And then Mummy took a photo of My 1st real Christmas Tree for my Background, its all lit up and looking very pretty.....and yes mummy let me have a sniff and a nibble off my tree too!

Mummy said I can only post this as a sneak peek for you all to see....as she has to finish the rest of the house and she said we are going off on a Christmasy pre Christmas break today....not sure what that is about but I shall tell you all about when we get back!

                                                XOXO Little Miss Titch

Monday, 29 November 2021

Happy Chanukkah to all our friends who celebrate

 Yesterday I believe was the start of Chanukkah for our Friends and Family who Celebrate this Holiday. We didn't get to make a new card from Little Miss Titch so please click on the link to view a special Jacquie Lawson card from us. There are no adverts on these card as it is a subscription service that I use. When you take a look you will see why.

Jacquie Lawson Chanukkah Card from Little Miss Titch

Happy Chanukkah to you all!

and Yes more Kisses from me! XOXO Little Miss Titch

Sunday, 28 November 2021

Christmas plans for one Little Miss Titch

 Well this year we have some new Christmas trees one is a new 7ft fake that I acquired which is in the lounge but I also decided I wanted a real tree this year so I found a nice characterful Nordmann fir and had it lodging in the garden in a bucket of water.....The Storm Arwen hit us Friday and it did matter how much I secured the tree Nordmann was going to get recked so Nordmann entered the Building Friday afternoon.

Both trees are nearly Decorated. I also acquired a new set of lights....its a huge set which is enough to do both trees so that is what I did. The rest of the house will get done for next weekend and don't worry we will do a big reveal when its all done.

So as its Sunday and its been a while since we did a Sunday Selfie so here she is......

It's time for some Little Miss Titch's Kisses!

Monday, 15 November 2021

Wrestling with the Holiday season

 Sorry we have been AWOL but we have had a lot to think about with the up coming Holiday Season and Christmas and whether or not we would be doing Speedy's Christmas and Holiday Count down this year. The Count Down was Speedy's thing and This year I just don't feel I have it in me to do it without him, its to painful and so many of his Buddys have gone and crossed the RainBow Bridge this year especially in the last couple of months that it just won't be the same. So this year we are doing something more personal after all this will be Little Miss Titch's FIRST CHRISTMAS......Can you believe it?

Little Miss Titch is Coming up 6 months old this week and She will be celebrating her first Christmas, So this year the Seasons Build up to Christmas will be all about her Experiences and adventures, about her Experiencing this wonderful time for the first time. I know some of you will be disappointed but it's only fair for her to experience this without any pressure. We will share all of it with you so there will be lots of Christmasy stuff to post and we will reshare some of Speedy's Memories of the season too...

And I have so sort out a Christmas outfit for Titch as Speedy's Sweater is to big and to be fair its his and this year maybe a real tree for us too....we will see.

Thursday, 4 November 2021

It's November 4th and Little Miss Titch say's Blog 4 Peace


Mummy said that Angel Speedy used to do a Blog 4 Peace post every year so I thought I would give it a go. We have a beautiful world from what I have seen of it so far and it would be my one wish that every body could live in harmony and peace, working together to keep our world beautiful!

                            xoxo Little Miss Titch

Sunday, 31 October 2021

Happy Halloween!

 So Today I Halloween apparently, Mummy says its a day of Spooky adventures, and things that go bump in the Night...Well we'll see. I have been on a few Spooky adventures to some haunted castles and well I didn't get Spooked by anything so today and tonight well it would have to be truly spooktacular to scare me! Anyway here's a little something from Angel Speedy as he was very much in to Spooky fun....

And here's a little fun thing from me...

         HAPPY HALLOWEEN! from your very own Adventuress Bunny....

                             xoxo Little Miss Titch

Sunday, 24 October 2021

Little Miss Titch's Spay recovery

 Well it Sunday and 6 days after her surgery for her spay. I guess by now you are all wondering how she is? After peeing on me in the morning on the first 2 days because she was holding it in all night, she is absolutely fine, pretty much back to normal. All the swelling has gone, the bruising is fading nicely and today I am starting to reduce her painkiller dosage from 10kg dog dose to getting her back to 7kg dog dose per day, this morning she had 5kg and she will 3kg dog dose and she will get this for a couple of days before going back to 7kg dog dose and then may be we will drop it down a bit more next weekend and gradually wean her off it completely over the next couple of weeks. 

We don't want her jumping about yet so it a balance of keeping her comfortable but not to comfortable that she over does things and hurts herself. We want her to limit herself because she realizes she's making herself sore rather than me having to force her to limit her by locking her up and making her moody and angry. So far its working she runs about doing zoomies first thing in the morning for a couple of hours and then she rests up until the afternoon only getting up to eat ,drink and go potty oh and coming out to ask for cuddles.

As for her behavioral issues from before the Spay well she has reverted back to her carefree self. No more holding her toilet needs all night to keep everything clean to build nests. she is back to going toilet in her litter trays and no more nest building and no more pulling her fur out which she was doing about a week before her spay. She's so far stopped trying to hump our feet and she has so far stopped growling at us when we go to clean her litter trays out too. And she is back to eating lots to which she wasn't very much due to wanting to build nests all the time. The last couple of weeks before her spay Titch was just eating enough to live but not to grow she had stopped gaining weight and if anything she was losing weight from the stress of her hormones. It's so good to see her not stressed anymore. Of course some of this might change when she is fully recovered from the surgery but so far it looks like the hormonal behavior has stopped and way her she is having a little rest after her zoomies this morning

We're keeping her inside because she has a bald belly and the temperature is colder out side and its wet too, and we don't want her to over do it. She does look to go outside but she just shrugs and goes around the kitchen and back to her play pen. It will be nice to see her going out and taking her on adventures again.

Little Miss Titch says its time for her to grow big and strong!