Saturday, 5 June 2021

So How are we doing?

 Well its been about 3 weeks since Speedy crossed the Rainbow Bridge.Its been quiet and sad without him and there hasn't been much to smile about till this week but more on that in a mo.

Bird the Jackdaw has been coming daily for breakfast. Bird likes to scoff a bit of food out of my hand and looks at me intently as he or she scoffs away. If I'm at work then Bird does the same thing to the old man and then spends a good portion of the morning either in the garden stomping around for snacks or up on our roof or one of the neighbors roof tops, then he or she either waits for me to come home before flying off on its own business or leaves just before at lunch time. Then in the evening around 5.30pm Bird comes back for another snack out of my hand and in the garden before going off again.

The Hedgehogs are still coming, one seems to be living in one of the nest boxes while the one or two just come for dinner and a drink. Some days its just the resident and other days its its the visitor, kind of depends on the weather and how dry the ground is.

One thing we did do was put a make shift scare crow in the front garden as all the crows and rooks started coming and frightening off Bird, and all the little song birds. It was like a scene from the film Birds. and I would have got complaints from the neighbors. Since putting the scarecrow in the front garden that has all stopped and everything has gone back to normal so all is good on that front.

Then on Wednesday we had an important guest Stop by for afternoon Tea....

Yup that Very Important Guest was De Ark! And of course his Mum. Probably the first time we have smile and laughed Since Speedy's Passing. Ark definitely felt right at home, running around like he owned the place. Following me and the old man into the Kitchen as if it was his. We had a great afternoon of chatting, Playing and getting De Ark Kisses. Even if the weather was a tad grey it was a fab afternoon! But it did make one decision for us we will be getting another Bunny. We have a trip coming up so after that we will be looking for a new Bunny, we will take our time as it has to be the right one for us so watch this Space but until then it will be just the odd update on Bird, and the hogs or any guests or visits.....

Sunday, 23 May 2021

Life without Speedy

 Thank you all for you lovely comments, Messages, emails and ecards. I just wanted to thank you for them and to let you know that I am gradually replying to them, it may take a while between the tears and trying to keep busy so I don't keep crying.....I don't want to keep crying all the time.

Life without Speedy is sad and lonely. The House seems empty and has lost its spark. I can't bare to clean out Speedy's sleep den or his play are in the kitchen right now, I just miss him so much that I just can't do that final job.

Speedy was Buried in the garden he loves to play in, in front of the little apple tree that he tried to chew on. A fitting place for him I think.

As for his Blog well that will stay up, as will all his other social media. Will I continue to post....I don't know...Maybe after all we still have the Hedgehogs to keep you up to date with and of course Bird the Jackdaw whos still comes everyday to feed out of my hand and the mouse family that lives in the front garden who shares stuff with the all the other birds that come to visit. We even had a new visitor today a young squirrel...never seen one before in my garden...though I am sure it has probably been before as it knew where the bird table in the tree was. The squirrel was a bit nervous so who knows if we will see it again, I hope so.

Will we get another bunny or another pet? I don't know...I do but Hubby is not sure we will see what the future holds....right now we are too sad, Maybe I'll get fed up with the sadness and put my foot down and make hubby let us have another pet...we will see. But for now I will leave you with the video of me feeding Bird the Jackdaw from a few weeks ago....

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Today My Heart joined the Thousand for my friend and Baby stopped Running


It is with a broken heart that I must share this sad news....My Baby boy passed away in my arms at 6.30am this morning UK time. He had one last great adventure on Friday and he had a little outing yesterday in his Stroller. He was Happy. He even got up for his cuddle this morning but couldn't get up when I went to put him back in his pen this morning. It came without warning and we was going to take him to the vets when they opened but he went so quick.

I told him it was ok to leave and that his mummy and daddy loved him very much but it was ok....and he took his last breath....

His last great adventure....We will miss you so much Speedy.....

Saturday, 15 May 2021

The trouble with Vet's

 So there are 2 vets one is more expensive than the other. The more expensive vet miss diagnosed Speedy's Abscess for 12 month until it burst and then wanted to charge huge amounts after surgery to keep it clean that I knew I could do myself.

The cheaper one who was originally Speedy's vet till they got to expensive. The one that made the mistake has become really expensive so I thought I would try Speedy's original vet as they were closer and there are road works on the way to the other one.

The reason why because Speedy's lump on his side has gotten bigger and he is in pain. It turns out the original vet has now become the cheaper one and they are better too. We thought the lump was the source of Speedy's pain another abscess or cancer, well its not giving Speedy pain. The vet gave it a good look over and its not an abscess, he seems to think it is a fibrous may be cancer but he wouldn't recommend surgery given Speedy's age but it's probably not and even if the cells he took out were sent for test and it turned out to be cancer he would still not recommend surgery. He believes Speedy is having a flare up of his arthritis and that is the source of his pain but the cbd oil and meloxicam isn't covering it so the vet called Chris did a little digging to see what else Speedy could take and it turns out that rabbits can take liquid paracetamol in quite a high dose though he wanted to be cautious as he was concerned about possible liver damage and only wanted us to try a 3kg dose for a dog which is 10mg per kg rather than the rabbit dose. The Dog dose would be 30mg twice a day so infant paracetamol that you can get in a pharmacy or Supermarket for a couple of quid can be used on rabbits....who knew?

I like this vet. The consultation was 20 pounds the other one would have been more like 30 pound plus what ever for the paracetamol assuming they would have thought of that

If you try it for your dog or for your rabbit make sure you check the ingredients as some infant liquid paracetamol has ethanol in which is bad for them, the one I got was calpol not the sugarfree one as that has other stuff in it that is bad too.

Anyway the paracetamol does seem to be working so we had one good day of weather this week so we did this....

We went to the nearest beach for a little sun and R and R!

Speedy's Road to recovery: March 8th update re-write of an old post about Speedy's foot

  So I was meant to write this for you on the 8th of March but the whole post was deleted by google because some one said there was Malware and viruses on it which personally is a load of crap unless some one planted it in a comment. Lucky for me I publish an identical copy on wordpress to other wise the whole thing would have been lost. So to who ever sabotaged me on this post with blogger shame on you! Here is what I wrote on the 8th of March: It was a weird day, good for Speedy but not so much for us. I'm not going to go in to that here today as this is all about Speedy. After having a little set back in the week where part of his abscess refilled and me having to drain it a couple of times we now can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So we were able to give Speedy a bit of a treat to make him feel better about his ordeal with his foot....

As you can see Speedy is using his foot properly now so we picked this Special spot that had no gorse bushes and kept him to the grassy paths. Now for the Update on his Paw....

As you can see the hole has shrunk to almost nothing with just a small scab and the swelling has almost gone too. It's still a bit tender to touch but it feels more or less like his other paw. We just have to be very careful now so it can continue to heal. And as Speedy was looking so good we took him back to the special place for another treat....

Speedy will probably get another treat today and tomorrow to make the most of the dry weather as Wednesday we are back to wet and windy weather for the rest of the week.
Thank you for all your POTP for Speedy and all the nice messages You're all amazing!

So there you have it, Anyone who wants to put malware and viruses in the comments you need to bugger off because you won't win and you're just plain nasty pieces of pond scum so crawl back under the rock you came from.

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Speedy's Recovery and Easter Wishes

 So its been a few weeks since I last posted about Speedy's recovery.Not much to say really when pictures say it best.This was taken on the 14th March

These were taken on the 19th March.....

This was taken on 31st March......
It say a thousand words doesn't it? The fur is growing back nicely and so far no refilling of the abscess after the last set back. Speedy is back to running around like he used to but towards the end of the day it does get sore and he starts to lift the paw up. I don't know if that will pass with time and the soreness at the end of the day will lesson or if he will just have to live with that and have a little painkiller to make it more comfortable for the rest of his life, there is no way of knowing if any permeant damage was caused by walking on such a large abscess for so long and spreading the bones in his foot apart because of it. My guess is he will have arthritis in the the paw as a result or something similar. But the good news is the foot was saved and he is back to normal doing what he loves best and for that I am thankful, its like an Easter miracle for me.

Here in the UK the Lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted and Monday we were finally able to go a little bit further and have a proper day out, all be it a socially distance one. We went to Okehampton castle and had a picnic in the meadow next to the castle. It was lovely. We basically had the castle all to our selves.....

And finally Speedy wishes you all a very Happy Hoppy Easter or Passover and hope you get to spend some time with your families

Monday, 15 March 2021

Speedy's Recovery Update: Up and down and then up again

 So just when we thought this was it, no more puss pockets and down we go on that road to another puss pocket to empty that was in the first half of last week. When I found it I cleaned it and squeezed out the puss 3 times that day and then just little bit each day for a couple of days.

It's been 3 days since I last had to squeeze out any puss and this morning it was still clear, no puss! And some fur is starting to grow back.....

Please let this be the last time I have to put Speedy through that cause even though he is a brave boy and a good boy, he's starting to get fed up with me poking and prodding his paw....who could blame him