Sunday, 11 November 2018

A Mixed Day of Emotions

Today is a mixed day of Emotions as it is Armistice day,So we remember all those that lost their lives in world war 1....Men,Women and Service Animals...those that fought to protect us all

And yesterday we also learn that Sarah also known as Roby Sweet from The Cuddlewumps Cat Chronicles has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge ,May she rest in peace

And we have the Wildfires that are raging across California that has caused loss of life in both those that live there and in the wild life,it has been heartbreaking to see the wild bunnies huddled against the walls next to roads trying to find shelter and a safe haven from the fires burning around them as shown here KHOU 11 News be warned this may be upsetting.

And So todays selfie is of quiet reflection.....
And looking ahead for a more hopeful future.......

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Sunday Selfies:Blogging 4 Peace!

Hard to believe it's November 4th already and Today Bloggers worldwide unite under one cause "BLOG BLAST 4 PEACE" .To learn more about this movement started by Mimi Lenox visit or Facebook BlogBlastForPeace.Today we all need this more than ever as today we have more turmoil and distrust between world governments than ever! So join me on my latest adventure full of peace and tranquility beside a river not far from my home and may it give you a moment of peace to reflect on whenever you need it!

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Happy Halloween!

Time for a Spooky tale my friends,so gather round the fire and enjoy the Spooky rhyme!

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Sunday Selfie Movies?Hehehe!

Hi everyone its been another busy week here at my house with another trip to the vets....and a new one at that cause the previous one was just getting to expensive.
Anyway to cut a long story short I still have my double Ear infection so I was given ear drops to be administered 2 drops twice a day for 5 to 7 days it does seem to be helping so we will wait and see.

Mickey and Reggie the Hedgehogs are preparing for winter by chowing down every night at our place,Mum has put clean bedding under the shed and in the box in the green house so if the two boys decided to hibernate at ours they will be warm and toastie for the winter.Mum has also increased the amount she gives them for dinner so they will have plenty to eat in their preparations for their winter sleep....which feels like it has come early!Its so cold now we are having hail showers and then its freezing at night....brrr its even time for me to wear my sweaters and coats now and it's not even Halloween yet!!!

Now my dad took some photo's  and videos of me for today but the photos turned out all blurry so we just have the video's for Sunday Selfies....

And for good measure here's a throwback self too!
this will be me soon if it carries on like this!!!

Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head...Halloween Edition

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Gosh.....Who am I?

Gosh.....Who am I?Hehehehe Can you Guess?
Thanks to Aunty Ann of Zoolatry I am Bat Bunny.Zoolatry is hosting and Event Boolatry Which I was visiting on Thursday but Mummy forgot to do my post because we have had some major family stuff going on which mummy hopes to be all sorted soon!
Anyway I am sure you all want to know how I am doing,Well as you can see I'm healing very nicely.I ended up with my operation site being glued and having 3 stitches.I had my post op check at the vets and they were very happy with how it was healing so they said mummy could use her discretion on whether I would go back for my second one.....well the photo shows that I don't need to go back...even my furs are growing back quickly.As for my ear infection I have a couple of days to go before my antibiotics are finished and that seems to be clearing up too.....I can Hear now so that is good and I am much more happy and Lively so mummy and daddy are happy with that to hopefully I won't need to have any more antibiotics for my ears so keep your paws crossed for that!
Chow time with some bunny business!

Don't you think I deserve More Treats Mummy?

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Speedy's home now on to recovery!

Speedy was picked up by his dad this morning while I was at work.So he's doing very well,he's a bit sore but they did a very neat job.The vets sent him home with some Metacam and a gut stimutant.We not giving Speedy the Gut Stimulant as he is eating like normal and he's pooping and weeing like normal so we don't see the point of giving it to him but we have it just incase we need it but we are giving him the metacam for pain.
This is the surgery spot,sorry it's not a clearer image but I didn't want to mess around with is to much.Speedy is still having the Baytril for his inner ear infection that he has in both ears which is looking cleaner already which is good.But no Adventures for Speedy for a couple of weeks until he's recovered.But we will keep you updated on his recovery and photo's of him being at home.Thank you for all your POTP ,you are all Pawsome as Speedy would say.
                                                    Thanks Rachel Speedy's Mum

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Speedy is awake

Thank the Bunny Speedy is awake and through his surgery, he is quite alert but most likely will be staying over night at the vet's. I will update you all tomorrow.
Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts, xx Rachel Speedy's mum