Sunday 29 September 2013

Some body has a birthday comming up next week!

Can you believe it Speedy will be 2 years old next week on thursday 3rd october!So we shall have a little celebration then.This is Speedy at 16 weeks old!

And this is Speedy Now!

Boy hasn't he Grown in to a fine Bunny?

Saturday 28 September 2013

Me,my thank you card and fun in the garden!

So Here is a better very and more detail of the thank you card from Prince William and Catherine.

And now some of me out in the garden!

Mummy's Banana and Pear Crumble!

SO this is for everybody who wanted Mummy's Banana and Pear Crumble Recipe!

Oats or crumble topping.
2 or 3 Bananas ripe best.
6 pears ripe best.
3 cups of raisins or sultanas.
3 dessert spoons of Cuban rum(Club Havana) or Captain Morgans or and brown Caribbean rum.
6 heaped dessert spoons of sugar.
3 tea spoons of all spice.
Pear Sauce or Apple sauce( for a quick cheat)

****For best flavour make pear sauce using canned Pears by draining off Half the liquid then put the remainder in a blender or food processor.*****

Chop up ripe pears and Bananas and mix with your pear or apple sauce then add your sugar,all spice and rum and mix into the mixture.Pour the mixture into an oven dish.I then get my oats and mix a couple of dessert spoons of brown sugar and a teaspoon of all spice in with the oats and sprinkle a layer about a 1cm thick on the top then cook in a preheated oven at 350 F or 180 C for between 45min and an hour.
Serve with vanilla custard or ice cream or cream.
And if you want some more scrumptious food you should all check out My Auntie Brandi's food Blog The Spaghetti Sandwich she does some very nice Recipes.Mummy also went Sloe Berry picking this week to so she will be making some jam soon!

Thursday 26 September 2013

Some more awards from my pals!And some very Important Mail!

From Nellie at Cat from Hell gave me this award,which was real nice of her,She is one of my very best girl buddies,Now this award is about giving from boys to girls and girls to boys if you get my drift.You have to display the award on your blog and say thank you and link back to the girl or boy who gave it to you and then pass it on to at least one or more girl or boy pal,in my case girl pals.So here are the girl pals I shall pass it on to!
1:Anita at Castles Crowns and Cottages
2:Maddy at Me&Me(gan)
3:Nylablue at Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen
4:Sushi at Sushi' Diary
5:Swami Zoe
7:Daisy and Cress the Guinea Pig Sisters
8:Freya at Catflap Cavalier

Then I was given the Team member leadership award from the Kitties at The Cat on my Head,so with this award I have to thank and link back to those that gave it to me,and then give it to 14 other bloggers.
Thank you to all the Kitties at The Cat on my Head,I do appreciate you all thinking of me.And now to my new nominees.
1: Binkybunnyhouse              5: Furries of Whisppy      9: Leo Land SV                 
2: CATachresis                     6: Hutch a Goodlife       10: My Mini Pet Pig
3: Ruby the Airedale Pup      7: Joker and I                11: Bug and Spider Vs. The Evil Bunny Tetrarchy
4: Easyweimaraner                8: kirbys dawg blog       12: Alasandra,The Cats & Dogs
13: Zen of Bun                    14:Just so Squeeable
Phew that was hard to choose!
and Now to leave you with a little bit of ME!

And Some Snail Mail!
A letter from Xeti and her Mum in Spain at Rinrinflu

And this from HRH Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge,a thank you card from them to us all for the card Mummy made and sent with well wishes from all of you and us.

Remember me Thursday and Light a Candle!

                                 Remember Me Thursday and light a candle
Today is an important day,today we remember all those pets that don't get a chance to find their forever home that they deserve,and get euthanised each year because they are unwanted!So light a candle for them today by lighting a virtual one in the link above.

Sunday 22 September 2013

Catch up Sunday!Up Date

Wow we sure have been busy lately!Any how Swami Zoe gave me the Super Sweet Blogging award just over a week ago so we wanted to say a special thank you to her even though we already have this award.
And Mummy took this photo of me taking my easy....hehehe....a little messy....
And it looks like Summer is going to give us one last blaze this coming week so lots of garden play time for me!So one final thing Shhhh I have a secret but don't tell everyone,but see if you can find it....hehehe....shhhh!
I'll give you a clue look for my secret tunnel....hehehe.....

Saturday 21 September 2013

A couple of neat things!

It was only a week ago that we were dressing up as Pirates for my party and this week one of my pals mums sent me this cool picture she did of her,this is Umbra as a pirate she was to late for my party but I thought it was so good I just had to show you all.Umbra is a Rex like me only with black fur and she and her mummy have this great blog called Blabber Bun

Then Mummy did a little cooking and made a Banana and pear crumble which finally came out right!

And she has been picking Blackberries and Mushrooms this week too!

Thursday 19 September 2013

Arrrh Shipmates it be Speak like a Pirate Day! So Tis Time to Announce Me Winners for Me Best Dress Pirates!

Arrrh Shipmate's Ye done me proud in ye Pirate Apparel.Today Tis Speak Like a Pirate Day!The competition was fierce But the Choices have be made.....Thee winners of me Best dressed Crew Are:


All of ye vote for these winners,But thee Overall Winner is :

Twas a Hard Choice but this be me Favourite!

But I have Last Award to give ye!

This Badge is for all of ye who Came to Me Party!
All Ye Be Me Favourite Pirate's!

The winners we will be in contact with you once the prize's have been picked out.

Monday 16 September 2013

Arrrh Me Heartys tis time to vote for ye best dressed pirates!

Arrrh Shipmates it's time to vote for the Best Dressed Cat Pirate,Best Dressed Dog Pirate and the Best Dressed Small Animal Pirates,and Best Dressed Human,Ye can vote once per day and the polls are bellow.Voting CLOSES on WEDNESDAY 11.59pm UK time.The over all winner will be picked by Me!The winners will get a surprise from me Treasure Chest!And to remind your selves on everybodys costumes here's me party post Speedy's Pirate Party!
         The Winner's will be announced on 19th September on Speak like a Pirate Day!

Who was the best dressed CAT pirate? free polls 
Who was the best dressed DOG pirate? free polls 
Who was the best dressed SMALL ANIMAL pirate? free polls 
Who was the best dressed HUMAN pirate? free polls 

Saturday 14 September 2013

Aharrr Me Hearty's Tis Time for the Party!

Capt'n Maddy!

Welcome To My Pirate Fancy Dress Party!

We are Celebrating Mine and My Girl Maddy's Recovery from our Surgery's and the final all clear from my infection at the vets Friday!, By having this Party!
There is still time for all ye pirates to join me shipmate's!Ye have till Midnight tonight(Sunday)  UK time to get ye photos in or join the blog hop!Aye tis a fine rowdy bunch we have here Arrrh!

So Let's Get this Party Started!

There are Snacks and Party food to suite everyone and Plenty Of Drinks Too!

 So to start with the Snack and Party Food:

We have Bunny Eared Apples!
 Then we have Shark Water Melon!
Followed by a Selection of Rabbit and Guinea Pig foods!

 Then we have a selection of Pirate Cup cakes!

 Followed by Pirate themed Party foods!
which Humans and anipets alike can enjoy!

 And BBQ Steak and Tuna!

Followed By lots of Punch and Cocktails!

And Lots of Music An Dancing!

And here are the guest don't they look Great! 

My Girl Maddy!

Nellie the Cat from Hell and her Fur Family Crew!
Daisy and Cress The Guinea Pig Sisters!

                                  Mollie And Ranger!

                                                      My Three Moggies!
                                                   Sammy from One Spoiled Cat!
Brian and Sister Gracie!
Lady Jane Grey!
Lily Olivia!