Monday 30 May 2016

Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial day in the USA so we join our pals in tribute to All those that serve Human and Animal alike!

Thursday 26 May 2016

Speedy's Movie Day

Welcome to Movie Day!Hope you are all doing marvelous this week.I know I am even with my travel restrictions to only going to bunny free zones.Here's a trip to a bunny free zone I had last week,it was a bit wet but I still had a great time!Welcome to Cotehele Mill,this mill was built in the victorian time to ground grain into flour for the main house at Cotehele.

Mummy took me to another bunny free zone today as the weather was lovely and summery and then we all spent the afternoon in the garden!
Here's me enjoying a little sunbathe!Don't worry I did go in the shade after a while....

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Disapproving Bun Day!

Today's Star is one of my wild cousins in Australia!He is one of two ginger coloured buns and was sent in to us by Fozziemum,She's currently in America visiting my pal Bacon!Thanks for sending this fellow in Aunty Bev!

Don't forget to send in your photo's of you disapproving buns to me at [email protected] ,Remember they can also be of your friends and families buns or even like this one of my wild Cousin!

for more disapproving buns hope on over to Disapproving Bun!

Monday 23 May 2016

We Had Mail!

On Friday we had a pawsome package arrive from The Swiss Cats for a great competion we one!

How cool is that Mug?Mummy said it was perfect of her cup of tea in the mornings ,so Thanks for picking me as the winner Zorro and Pixie!

Sunday 22 May 2016

Sunday Selfies

This is me up at my favourite woods But I am sad because I won't be able to go there for a while.In Fact I won't be going anywhere there are wild rabbits for a while because Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease type 2 has finally made it's way to the southwest of England with confirmed case in a pet bunny at a place called Teignmouth here in Devon.I am Vaccinated for the original type 1 version and Myxomatosis but not the new mutation of RVHD type 2.Mummy say's our vet has it on order but it has to come from Germany under Special Licence as it is not yet offically approved for use in the UK but it is currently going through the process for UK approval but it takes time.But mummy has said when the vet gets it in I will be vaccinated but it is going to be a little wait and expensive could be as much as £100 UK pounds but the vet won't know exactly till it comes in and the could be a couple of months as they have only ordered a small amount.The more Vets order the cheaper it is but as the vets don't know who many bunny owners will want the new Vaccine they don't want to comit to the larger dose packs because it only keeps for a certain length of time.We will keep you posted.

Thursday 19 May 2016

Speedy's Movie Day!

Welcome to Movie Day!First up we have a couple of movies put together by Google of my recent trips to my favourite woods next to the horse fields,I was asked if they were close to where I live and if I visit them often,the answer is yes about a five to ten minute drive from my house in a little old village,it also has the Pub that mummy takes me too as well. and then the next movies are from my trip to Cotehele Quay which belongs to the house where mummy went to see a few weeks ago.
So get yourselves nice and comfy and enjoy the show.....

Now for some photos....
 This is the main building for the quay and the bit on the end is a pub called the Edgecombe

The Ship is called The Shamrock and belongs to the quay and House.
I Hope you enjoyed the Show everyone...until next time!

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Disapproving Bun Day!

It's Wednesday so that means it's time for another disapproving bunny.These photo's of today's star was sent in by The Tabbies 'o' Trout Towne and is of one of my wild cousins....
                                   "I Demand Snacks!"
This fellow took off after being told that the tabbies didn't like veggies...hehehe I guess he wasn't impressed with the service.

Thanks Tabbies for sending this fellow in!

We alway need photo's of Disapproving Bunnies so send them in to me at [email protected] ,they can be of you bunny pals belonging to friends and family or even my wild cousins.

For more disapproving bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun!

Sunday 15 May 2016

Sunday Selfies

We have a guest today for Sunday Selfies meet Mr Squirrel!and Of course we have to have one of me too....
Me Sniffing out an Adventure!

Thursday 12 May 2016

Speedy's Movie Day!

Hello It's Movie Day!Now you're in for a treat there's me and there's Ponies and Horses for todays offering,so sit back with some snacks and enjoy the show!

Hope you enjoyed the show! Until next time!

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Disapproving Bun Day!

Hello it's that time again's time for Disapproving Bun Day!Today's Stars Are That black beauty Princess with her Husbun Sir Cadbury they were sent in by their Mummy Dorothy...
                     "Sir Cadbury: Halt...How Dare You Approach the Princess!"

Thanks Dorothy for sending in your bunnies!

Don't Forget we always need more photo's of your disapproving bunnies so send them in to [email protected] and remember they can be from your friends and family or even my wild cousins!

and for more disapproving bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun!

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Wags and Waves for Forrest Day!

"Mum I'm just hopping out through the Magic Closet "Speedy said to his Mum," Where are you going somewhere fun?" she replied.With that Speedy sighed he knew what was coming next "Mum I've got to go and see Forrest" here it comes thought Speedy...
"What!You can't!Forrest crossed the rainbow're not going Speedy!"she said all upset.Speedy sighed another big sigh "Mum you know I know when and where I am right Mum?Well this is no different except I have to stay on the bridge so that I can come back Safely"With that his mum scooped him up and gave him a cuddle saying "Why do you have to go Speedy Why?"Speedy wriggled out of his mums arms"Mummy it's very important it's to do with today and Aunty Bev".Speedy's mum sighed "Ok Speedy but just you make sure you come back you have too many things still to do hear me young man!"Speedy hopped back into his Mum's arms and gave her a big bunny kiss"Yes Mummy I promise!" and with that he hopped through the closet with a bag trailing behind.....
As Speedy travelled a bridge appeared with a rainbow shine over the top,it looked so beautiful and heavenly as Speedy hopped on to the bridge.When Speedy got to the other side Speedy made sure to stay on the end of the bridge and then started to look around to see if he could see his pal Forrest.In the distance Speedy could see Forrest so he started to call out his name....With that Forrest came running up to Speedy,stopping infront of the bridge Forrest Said to Speedy "Hi Speedy,You know you shouldn't be here don't you? Speedy replied " Hi Forrest ,Just a quick visit.I have something for you!" with that Speedy pulled out a special tablet the glowed and shined as if it was full of magic and gave it to Forrest.Speedy then told Forrest the it was a magic tablet and that it was linked to everyones bloggies using the magic from the magic closet so that Forrest could See what his pals we up to and most importantly he could see what his family was doing but he couldn't leave comments because the bridge wouldn't allow that.Speedy showed Forrest what everybody was doing today with the Wags and waves tribute and that made Forrest smile and wag his tail with delight!
Speedy then said "I have to be going now Forrest but theres one thing you need to do tonight,you need to check in on your mum and Doc and let them know you're ok"Forrest looked confused "How do I do that Speedy?" Speedy giggled a little "Why when they are sleeping silly,in their dreams,that's the only time they can see and hear you" Forrest gave a happy bark at that "Of course I will Speedy!" With that Speedy started back over the Bridge shouting to Forrest "Till we Meet again My Friend".....
Mist surrounded Speedy and the Rainbow Bridge faded from sight as he saw the Closet door in front of him.Speedy hopped back through the door straight into his Mummy's arms saying "I'm back Mummy!Don't worry I'm back".

Please hop on over to see All Fur One and One Fur all and see Our Aunty Bev and Forrest's Family!

Sunday 8 May 2016

Sunday Selfies

Mummy took this one of me having a snooze and a sunbath in the garden on Friday,so its not really a Selfie but as its not often that I sunbath I thought I would show you all!

And I thought I would wish all my friends Mummy's a very Happy Mothers day as in many places it is that day today!

Thursday 5 May 2016

Speedy's Movie Day!

Hello and Welcome to movie day I have some great movies for you today!I have yesterday's outing!Would you believe it is finally warming up I was beginning to think winter would never let go!

Here are some photo's too!

and now for me!

and now I'm Pooped!

And now for an adventure with my Mum!She went to see Cotehele House which dates back to the 1400's...I couldn't go as pets aren't allowed inside the house but next time I can go so I can show you the grounds,the Mill and the Quay at the house!

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Disapproving Bun Day!

Gosh it's Wednesday again so that means Disapproving Bun Day is Here! And today we have another from Yogi sent in by his mum, My Aunty Melissa
                "Thump!!!! How do I get this off?!!!"

Don't forget to send it your photo's of your Disapproving Bunnies to [email protected] and remember you send in ones of your friends and families bunnies or my wild cousins too!

And for more Disapproving Bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun!

Sunday 1 May 2016