Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year to All my Friends and Aunties!

I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year!so to all My friends And Aunties May 2014 bring you every thing you could wish for!Now lets go Party!

Saturday 28 December 2013

And now for the winners with a bit of Google Magic!

So The Winners have been announced but Google decided to sprinkle a bit more magic on them so here they are in full glory!
3rd Place: Flynn
Flynn and his tree!
Flynn's tree with lights on!
2nd Place: Coccolino
Coccolino with his Tree and Train!
1st Place: Maddy
Maddy and her tree!

The News You have Been Waiting For: The Winners

Christmas Day has come and gone,My count Down has come to an end,All that is left to do is announce the winners and believe me it was so hard to choose my top 3 favourites all the entries were so good and I love every single one of them So you are All winners in my book just for entering so with that you all get this Badge for entering my Count Down!

So in 3rd Place is: Flynn! from Eric and Flynn's Adventure's

In 2nd Place is: Coccolino! From My Mini Pet Pig

And My First place Favourite has to be: My Girl Maddy! From Me&Me(gan)

Thursday 26 December 2013

Boxing Day!

Today is Boxing day so we are still having fun but here is a video of me with some of my presents!
We hope you are having a fun holiday season and had lots of fun,treats and presents yesterday!

Wednesday 25 December 2013

IT'S CHRISTMAS! and the last of my Count down

Merry Christmas To you all My Friends the day is here Finally and I can't wait to open my Presents and have lots of fun with my family!Here is the last Entry to my Count down its from the Kitties Blue and I Think its the perfect end to my Competition too!
Have a wonderful day today we hope you have everything you wished for!
Here is the link to my Google Magic Christmas Gallery for the latest additons

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Christmas Count Down December 24th!

Merry Christmas to you all!we sure hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow!
Tonight is is the deadline for getting you photo's to my Mum so don't forget it 10pm UK time if you still want to enter my Count down to win one of three surprise gift's.
The next entry is from Fuzzy Little Wabbits

We also signed up to the pet bloggers Christmas gift exchange.we were partnered up with http://www.gopetfriendlyblog.com/ this blog is a pet owners vacation dream site shows you every thing you could possible want to know about taking you pet with on vacation plus they share their own trips with their dogs I have to say we enjoyed this one very much.They are also on http://www.facebook.com/GoPetFriendly and https://twitter.com/GoPetFriendly and are on Google+ which was the easiest for me to follow them on and to be able to make comments on http://gplus.to/GoPetFriendly so go take a visit and see for your selves.
These are my favourite posts http://gopetfriendlyblog.com/keeping-the-dogs-safe-while-traveling-in-the-rv/

Monday 23 December 2013

Christmas Count Down December 23rd!

Can you believe it its the 23rd December?So you only  have till 10pmUK time tomorrow to get your Photo's into my Mummy to be able to enter my count down.So here are the next entries the first one is from Bacon at My spoiled pig
Then the second one is from Sushi at Sushi's Diary
I am loving every body's photo its going to be hard for me to pick my three favourites But I will cause that's what this is about.Now time to show you all our Christmas Lights out side as we have done that yet!

And a little video too!Just get you really into the Christmas Spirit.
And here are some of mummy's favourite baubles on the tree,these are almost as old as she is!
The one in the centre

Mummy used to have a green one to but that one broke a long time ago

Mummy has a blue one too!

Don't for get to visit The Google Magic Gallery to see the latest additions

Sunday 22 December 2013

Christmas Count down December 22nd

As Promised I am introducing you to a friend of mummy and daddy's ,she's called Nina and she is a 12 year old Dalmatian.I enlisted her to help me with a second Mission from Dalton as I am a bunny I don't eat doggy food.He sent me Wagg beef and and Vegetable kennel complete dog food for her to try and review.
This image is from the Wagg website
This New Dry food: is free from artificial colours and Flavourings,and has a quality fibre with a pro biotic for a healthy Tummy,contains vitamins A,E,C and citrus for a healthy immune system,and has add zinc and a balanced ratio of omega 6 & 3 fat for supple skin and glossy coat and Yucca to reduce odour from flatulence and has no added sugar.

Now Nina has Recently had to have Chemotherapy for a tumour which didn't have any results but she ended up not being so keen on her normal Kibble as the treatment made her mouth a little sore But don't worry she is OK for now and who know what might happen with the tumour.This mission came just at the right time for Nina.

And as you can see she tucked right into it
 And she liked it so much she made her Daddy go out and get her some more!

Wagg provided one bag off food for the review the opinions are her own and was not other wise compensated.

Here's the next entry to my Christmas Count down and it is from Flynn

Then the next entry is from Nissy at Nerissa's Life and is of his Brother Seville
And the next entry is from My Mini Pet Pig and is of Coccolino

Don't forget you can still enter you have till 10pm UK time on Christmas eve to get your photos in to my mummy at [email protected]

And here is the link to the Google Christmas Magic Gallery there a new photo's added

Saturday 21 December 2013

Christmas Count Down December 21st!

I'm Late posting this Sorry every body!Something exciting happened today Mummy and Daddy's new PC turned up today so they spent quite a bit of time getting it up and running,they still have a few things to up load and install but it going well!
Now on to Business the next entry to my Count down is from my good friend Brian at Brian's Home now that is one cool cat!
Then the next entry is of Lola Mae from her mum,Doesn't she look adorable in her Christmas out fit and under her tree?

 Don't forget there is still time to enter my Count down so get you photos to my mummy at [email protected] by Christmas eve 10pm UK time!

I'm adding photo's to the Google Magic Gallery as google sprinkles its magic so here's the link for that Google magic gallery.

Now tomorrow I shall be introducing you to a friend of mine and mummy's she's called Nina and she was did a very important Job for me by helping me with the other part of my Mission from Dalton.

Friday 20 December 2013

Christmas Count down December 20th!

Well only 5 days to go on my Christmas count down and I still need more entries so get those photos in to my Mummy at [email protected] by Christmas eve 10pm UK time.The next entry is from The Slimmer Puggums

Don't forget to take a look at the Google Christmas Magic Gallery from earlier today http://www.speedyhousebunny.com/2013/12/google-christmas-magic-gallery.html
and if any more get sprinkled with magic I'll add them to the gallery

Oh I almost forgot with Disapproving rabbits no longer posting I have decided to do a Disapproving Rabbits Tribute day starting in the new year so any buunys wanting to join in send your photos in to my mummy to the email above.

Google Christmas Magic Gallery

This is for those of you who wanted to see the Google Christmas Magic 

and a bit to some cards too

and the photo's from my Adventure with Nissy

and photo's of my Christmas Lights