Sunday 23 January 2022

The Troubles Bird the Jackdaw gets into

Hello Blogville! Its time for an update from your one and only Little Miss Titch! 

Ah the troubles that Bird the Jackdaw gets into. About a week ago Bird started turning up again after going awol for a couple of days with a few wing feathers all beaten up and bent out of shape. Luckily Bird hasn't suffered any injury was still able to fly....That is until Thursday or Friday when the feathers broke off. The last one broke off Friday Mummy thinks and well Bird is stranded. Birds main wing flight feathers have broken off so can't take off from the ground but can take fly leaps up onto the bird bath and up in to the feeding tree where mummy hangs the feeders and the bird table for the little birds. Last Night Bird tried to take off from the tree and well landed in the garden next door. because that garden isn't safe from cats mummy went in after Bird and scooped up Bird so that Bird could clear the fence back into out garden. Trust me Bird wasn't happy with that so is a bit cross with Mummy but still took some food from mummy this morning when she brought out breakfast out to Bird. So Bird is having to roost in the feeding tree at the moment until his/or her feathers grow back. It could take a while for that to happen so Mummy is debating about trying to catch Bird and bring him/her inside in a cage until he/she can fly....Mummy is not sure as she wants to keep bird safe and well fed but doesn't want to scare or upset him/her if Bird can stay in the garden and do the same thing. Trouble is Bird won't let mummy too close now so catching Bird may not be so easy

Bird Let Mummy get closer this afternoon to take these photos but will only take food from her finger tips. So she got to check as it gets dark that Bird doesn't try to fly off to join the others for their night time roost other wise He/she will end up in next doors garden again and mummy will have to catch him/her and scoop Bird back over the fence or bring Bird in and rig up a cage.

Well that's all for now, we'll keep you posted on Bird!

                                        xoxo Little Miss Titch

Sunday 16 January 2022

Titch's First Christmas Day

 Hello Blogville, Its your one and only Little Miss Titch! I am sorry for not sharing the last of my Christmas celebrations with you all but Mummy just wanted to relax and let me enjoy it on my own terms. So here are some videos from one last adventure before Christmas to see the river of lights at Buckland Abbey and then Christmas Day its self....


And just after New Years Day I got to do this....

I like this Christmas thing and I can't wait for the next one!
                                         xoxo Little Miss Titch