Thursday 30 June 2016

Speedy's Movie Day

Hello My lovelies just another outing for you to enjoy!
The first 2 videos were taken on mummys phone and the rest were taken on daddy's new phone,so lets see if you can see a difference in quality.Enjoy the show everyone!

So what do you think Let me know!

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Say hello to a new pal....Lulu

 No Disapproving Bun day today as I have another new pal for you all to meet Little Bunny Lulu and friends
Lulu Bunny is a English Angora and she lives with her mum and dad and 8 kitty fur siblings....
Her she is with her sister Violet.Lulu is a fun bunny who is a bit of an adventure bunny like me....
But the sad thing is her family has been targeted by bullies because she has no fear of normal things that rabbits in general don't like.So please go pay her a visit and then get to know her and her family,and see what a special girl she is.She has a cute shop that helps to support her kitty siblings that you might want to take a peek at too.

Tuesday 28 June 2016

ASPCA ID Your Pet Day and giveaway!

The ASPCA Contacted us to help with a campaign they have called ID Your Pet Day!And as Always we are happy to help them out.And of course we have a give away too for you all!
Now with the hot weather setting in and July 4th celebrations for our friends in the US around the corner, and here in the UK the school holidays coming up, we wanted to remind pet owners that more time spent outdoors poses an added risk of pets escaping.
To help keep pets safe this season, the ASPCA has created ID Your Pet Day on July 1st – a holiday to raise awareness about the importance of ID tagging your pet. This holiday is especially timely as July 4th is a time of year when many pets go missing due to fireworks. In hopes of spreading the word about this important day, The ASPCA designed this infographic with tips below to keep your pets safe:
A personalized ID tag is the best way to increase the likelihood your pet returning home. Make sure your pet is fitted with a collar and ID tag that includes your name and phone number.
·         Implanted microchips can serve as an important security measure to ensure that a pet is returned home in the case of a lost collar and ID tag.
·         Download the ASPCA Pet Safety App to access personalized instructions on how to search for a lost animal in a variety of circumstances:
Now for the giveaway we have this great summer gift pack for one of you lucky readers.This giveaway is open worldwide.To enter simply leave a comment below on this post or on the on my wordpress blog (Link is Below) so good luck to you all!
summer giveaway
Here's the list of goodies in the Summer gift pack up for grabs!
·               ASPCA Tote
·               ASPCA Frisbee
·               ASPCA Beach Ball
·               ASPCA Towel
·               Subaru Yoga Mat
The closing Date for this Give away is Sunday 3rd July at Midnight UK time.All entrants will be entered into a draw which will be picked by me (Speedy) which mummy will video and post to anounce the winner on July 4th!

Sunday 26 June 2016

Sunday selfies

I know these aren't really Selfies But I wanted to share them with you all!

Just a selection from my latest adventure at Dartmeet and Badgers Holt,Have a great Sunday everyone!

Thursday 23 June 2016

Speedy's Movie Day:Harness 101

Hello Everyone,today we have a Special Movie day.A 101 on harnesses and Rabbits.Now before we start I have to say that I don't reconmend harness training for all rabbits because the truth is the majority of rabbits are just not suitable for harness training.Your rabbit needs to be very relaxed in temperment and quite happy to be picked up by you to be cuddled and loved.He or she needs to be comfortable with going in a carrier and short car journeys.He or she needs to be the sort of rabbit that doesn't get spooked by noises and sudden movement.If your rabbit is happy and relaxed with those activities and not easily spooked then you have a possibilty of getting your rabbit used to a harness and leash.But if they refuse then don't force them....rabbits are by nature very stubborn,and can get stressed and frightened very easily when being forced to do something they don't want to don't force them!
Speedy has 2 harness and the one in the photo above is the first one I got him.The first thing I did was to see if he would let me put it on him which he did,and I let him wear it in the garden without the leash a few times to see if it bothered him to much and only then did I try him on the leash in the garden once he was comfortable wearing it.which didn't take long about a day but I left the leash  bit for about a week.
And this is the 2nd harness.Now the vest harness I use on Speedy when the weather is cooler and the blue harness he wears on warm days as when its warm he prefers that one to the vest.As to the fit I do them up just tight enough that I can slip 4 fingers between the harness and Speedy's body and the neck I do about 4  or 5 for comfort and ease of movement but tight enough that he can't try an slip out of it or hurt him self on it.The leash I use is actually 2 the first one clipped directly to the harness is an elastic leash which should alway be used with a rabbit on a harness,The 2nd leash is clipped to the elastic leash is an retractable leash which extends to 3m and with the elastic leash that is a total of 4m in length at full extention but it is rare that Speedy is more than 2 as I always try to stay right behind him.
Lucky for me Speedy took to the leash fairly quickly but I did have a couple of hiccups the first couple of times I took him out for short walks.I took him to a quiet spot with no dogs or animals,it was in an empty field with no livestock ...what I didn't reckon on was a jet fight deciding to do maneuvers and low level flying over me which did spook Speedy and he did struggle to get away but I scooped him up and gave him a cuddle till the plane had gone and then tried again.He looked around at his surroundings and went off to explore the field with the plane all forgotten about.Speedy didn't normally get spooked by loud noises so that was an exception which a lot of pets would be unsettled by.

When you are out with your rabbit on a harness you need to be constantly scanning and assessing for possible dangers such as predators and dogs and other hidden dangers.As soon as I see a dog I pick Speedy up straight away unless I can see that the dog is on a leash too.If he is going to close to somewhere I am unsure of I put the break on his leash and give a very gentle tug just enough to cause a bit of resistance on the leash and I call him to re-enforce the encouragement to come back to me and change direction.

When taking your rabbit out for walks you normally have to go where they want to go.They will not walk to heel like a dog would,if you want that then don't harness train a rabbit get a dog for that as Rabbits can not be trained to be obedient.Speedy has been going out with me on his harness for a bit over 2 years and he does now follow me for a while but when he decides he doesn't want to go your way he puts the breaks on and will sit dig his feet in and no amount of coaxing will get him to follow.But he does follow me enough for me to distract him from going where I don't want him to go!

If you can get to the point where you can take you rabbit out and are prepared to keep a constant look out for dangers then you and your rabbit will get to enjoy many adventures like I do with Speedy.

For more information its worth checking out Bunny Approved they have lots of great articles on bunny care and this link takes you to their article about harness,they also have a great shop for those of you in the US who have Bunnies.

I hope this helps to make the right informed choice on harness training your rabbit.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Disapproving Bun Day!

This is from today's adventure I was bored with having photos and videos taken by this time....hehehe

Don't forget to send in your photo's of you Disapproving buns to me at [email protected]

and for more Disapproving Bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun

Sunday 19 June 2016

Happy Fathers Day!

I want to wish all the Daddy's out there including my own a very Happy Father's day!Hope you all have the best day!
                                                                   xx Speedy

Friday 17 June 2016

Speedy's Movie Day!

Yesterday should have been Speedy's Movie Day and I debated how I was going to arrange this one.

Whether I should just do the normal type of post or cover an experience that I had this week.So I decided this morning to cover the experience as I believe its quite important.

Out of curiosity I joined a group on Facebook call UK Rabbit Group and I posted the photo above,I knew some would not like it,to see Speedy on a leash and harness because some think it's dangerous the the rabbit could hang itself.And yes I did get comments to such a degree,others went on to lecture me saying that it's against the RWAF guidelines of rabbit care.Some could only list the dangers they could see like some risk assessment all written down in a big list some included a sheer cliff the Speedy could fall off,possible predators,attacking Speedy,and dogs!
So lets look at the photo and at what you don't see....
The Cliff edge is actually further away from Speedy than it looks...about 3 metres this is called an optical illusion,Speedy's leash was only extended 2 metres,Predators there were none as I am always looking out for such things and Dogs well again there were none here I am always scanning the distance for dogs and as soon as I glimpse one I pick Speedy up.when I took this photo the was just me,Speedy's dad and Speedy on the path next to the carpark.No one that made comments wanted to listen to these facts.All they did was lecture me on the fact tha rabbits are prey animals and are easily scared and shouldn't be put through such stresses therefore I am a bad bunny mum.But let me ask you does Speedy look scared?Does he look stressed?...the answer is No!

So lets go on to video evidence,I did try to show to the group by posting a video and even an explanation to defend myself and Speedy but the admin of the group deleted the post because they do not encourage harnesses on rabbits not that they mentioned that in their code of conduct,what they did mention in their code of conduct that that they did not like aggressive behaviour in the group...funny the admin did nothing about the behaviour of those that gave nasty comments and then proceeded to lecture me with everyone much for their code of conduct!

So the first Video is of one of Speedy's first proper outings on a harness and leash ,enjoy the video as it's one of my favourite but then ask yourselves does Speedy struggle and fight with the leash and harness,Does he look scared and unhappy?I don't think so!

So the last 3 videos were taken yesterday afternoon see any difference in behaviour?The only difference is Speedy has a different harness on and isn't as chubby as he was back when he first started using a harness.

Now don't get me wrong I don't think all bunnies are suited to being an adventure bunny like Speedy as it takes a very Special,relaxed bunny who shows no fear of unusual places or situations to be able to wear a harness and leash.If your rabbit doesn't like to be picked up or going in the carrier to the vets or spooks at loud noises and sudden movements then he or she will not take to the harness and will fight you like the meanest devil hound to get away from you and the harness so please don't force them because that would be wrong.Now another thing a lot of groups say is you shouldn't pick you rabbit up because they are prey animals and they think they are being attacked....ok great so you don't do that what happens when you have to trim nails or take them to the vet or have to give meds?You have a rabbit that is so scared and stressed out that all this becomes a traumatic experience for them,when all you have to do is learn how to pick them up safely and give them cuddles every day so that they are relaxed with being handle....sounds simple to me and sensible too.So with all the bunnies I have had I have handled them from a baby to make these situations less traumatic for them.But my first bun Caramel still hated going to the vets and all treament had to be done with me holding him,but when it came to me giving meds to him at home he was easy and my 2nd bun Thumper was the same too they both hated the vets and going in a carrier,both would try to claw their way out and both hated a harness believe me I did try but they just wouldn't have it so I never forced the issue with them.But with Speedy you could tell he was different when we first saw him you could see he was relaxed and unafraid,and when I picked him up he got comfy in my arms and started tooth puring...he was happy and relaxed.and when we put him in the carrier he just looked curious and nosy,and when we got in the car with him in the carrier Speedy just flopped down all relaxed ,not scared at all.Speedy has always been like that.Not scared just relaxed and even excited to try new things and new places to explore.Speedy even like's going to the Vet! He is a very Special rabbit!

I shall do a post covering the do's and don'ts on harnesses and handling on rabbits in a later post but for now thank you for letting me ramble on...Rachel Speedy's Mum

Wednesday 15 June 2016

I got Mail!

A while ago before Mummy left me at the sitters to go on vacation I entered a Competition with this photo
At my friend Ludo's 8th Birthday photo competion.Well guess what I won and on the weekend all these goodies arrived in the mail.....
The Lamb Herdy teddy if for mum but the rest is all for me....Thanks Ludo for picking me as your winner these are pawsome!Now don't forget to hop on over to see Ludo and his family and say hi to them.....Sea Side Shelties....tell them I sent you!

Sunday 12 June 2016

Sunday Selfies

Yay its Sunday so back to Sunday Selfies!
This was taken the week before I went to the sitters,mum says I look chubby but I am happy to say the mum thinks I have lost a bit of weight while she was away which she says it no bad thing since the vet said I need to lose bit of weight so yay for that!
and this was me snoozing in the sun a bit later the same day!

Anyway when I was at the sitters I would go out in their garden in a run mum put up for me from 8am till just before it got dark which was about 9pm,only going inside for my meals and bedtime.I had great accommodation at the sitters with a huge enclosure in the spare room and I always had company either with the human sitters Uncle Colin and Aunty Annie or with their 3 bearded Collies who would come and lay beside my run in the garden or by my enclosure in the spare room,an I had lots of cuddles too!They gave mummy a good report about my behaviour ,they said I was a very good boy,no trashing my enclosure or giving little nips either....hehehe not like last time!I had lots of fun at the sitters!But when mum came to get me she scooped me up into her arms for a cuddle and I snuggled in so tight to her neck to let her know that I had missed her too even though I had fun while she was away.....its good to be home!

Saturday 11 June 2016

I'M BAAACK!!!!!!!!!

Yes it's TRUE!!!!! I am finally BACK from the sitters for what seem like a zillion years!I have some stuff to catch up with and tell you about but I will leave that for the next few days!I hope you didn't miss me to much,I know I missed you all! See you tomorrow for sunday selfies!

Thursday 2 June 2016

Welcome my new pals Gizmo and Ebony to Blogville!

Meet my new friends Ebony and Gizmo!They have been friends of mine on Facebook for a while But the good news is they have just started their own blog Cotton Bottom Tales! with their Mama,Here's a little message from them.....

At Cotton Bottom Tales we want to show everyone how awesome Bunnies can be when they receive the proper care.Of course,I can't do that alone,so that's where Gizmo and Ebony step in to offer their assistance.

They have taught me things that no amount of reading could teach.

Both have their own personalities and their own way of doing things.They're so cute,especially during their antics.

So now we want to share some of those stories and educate those who may not know much about bunnies.We would be "Hoppy" if you would visit us!

So please Hop on over to see Gizmo and Ebony and their Mama at Cotton Bottom Tales and tell them that Speedy sent you!And lets give them a big WELCOME to Blogville!

Here's their other links:
Ebony's Facebook link
Gizmo's Facebook link
Ebony's Youtube Channel
Gizmo's Instagram

Speedy's Movie Day!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Movie Day!Today's Movies are from my last 2 adventures to bunny free zones make the most of these as from tomorrow I will be at the sitters for a week as my parents are vacationing for a week....

Hope you enjoyed the show!And I'll see you when I get back from the sitters!Miss you guys already!

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Disapproving Bun Day!

We have an unusual Bunny today as our star of Disapproving Bun Day and it was sent in by the Mum of our Kitty Pals at 15 and Meowing.Thanks Ellen and the Kitties....
He's not very happy with the broom that knocked his ear off!

Don't forget to send in your photos of you disapproving bunnies to me at [email protected] ,and remember they can be your friends and families bunnies or even my wild cousins too!

For more disapproving Bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun!