Sunday 17 April 2022

Happy Easter From your Easter Bunny Representative

 Hello Blogville Its time for a Celebration Of Spring from you one and only Gossip Bunny!

As your Representative of the Easter Bunny and Of course Miss Spring herself I thought it was time to celebrate the coming of Miss Spring, of new life. The flowers are starting to bloom, the Trees are sprouting their leaves, The birds are busy feeding their Chicks, the Hedgehogs are snuffling around mating and eating and building their nests. The ponies on the moors have started having their foals and of course the spring lambs have sprung too! And of course the rabbits are busy for fulling their Easter bunny duties and rearing their babies. To me That is what Easter is a celebration of the new generations of all creatures... great and small! All thanks to Miss Spring, Eostre is her real name the goddess of Dawn, Spring and rebirth of life. Little is known about her but she has always been celebrated in the Spring at this time of Year Before the Birth of Christianity which took over the Celebration but She has always been there in the back ground with Her representative the Easter Bunny. 

This Fellow appeared this week and wanted to say hello too...

The first Spring foal of the year!

Angel Speedy wanted to wish you a Happy Easter too! So Happy Easter From us to you!

                                                        xoxo Little Miss Titch

Monday 11 April 2022

The comings and goings of one gossip bunny and her world

 Hello Blogville yes it's me your one and only gossip Bunny...I'm here pondering the comings and goings of all those that enter my world. We have Jack the Jackdaw still on his vacation waiting for his feathers to grow back and the Baby pigeons who are now being weaned and learning to feed on their own at the same vacation spot as Jack....I might add I have new videos on that....

And then we have a little Blackbird, she has a nest in the garden next door. We sometimes see her husband Mr Blackbird but mainly only Mrs Blackbird comes. As soon as she sees Mummy she comes flying chasing mummy to the back door for some food and follows her around until she gets it. if Mummy is in the garden doing some work she follows mummy around picking up worms and the like to take them back to her chicks and then she's back again until mummy is finished....

And then there's the Hedgehogs the come every night, some stay in the accommodation's some don't but they all come to eat at the all you can eat buffet. One has to ponder these comings and goings of all those that come and why they come...does mummy have some super power that draws them to her? Does mummy have some kind of power to talk to the animals? Hmmm enquiring minds want to know!
Rest assure this Gossip Bunny will get to the bottom of it!

Anyway on to the latest on Me. I was getting tired of everyone thinking I'm a boy so I made mummy sort me a new Harness to make me more like the pretty girl I am! here's me showing off at a Easter egg hunt that is taking place for the children this week after all you can't have Easter without seeing a bunny....

I think its perfect don't you? And then Mummy said we had an email from Aunty Ann over at Zoolatry she sent me and Angel Speedy a new Header for our Blog(my Blog) isn't it the best thing ever?

Mummy will be adding this to our blog(my Blog) this week some time. In the meantime I shall be resting up getting ready for my duties for the Easter bunny this weekend...its a very Busy time of year for us Bunnies.

                                               xoxo Little Miss Titch

Sunday 3 April 2022

The Quiet before the Storm

 Hello there everybunny its time for catch up with your one and only Gossip Bunny. Its funny how the last few weeks have been busy here and this week it has been quiet on the home front. Mummy has been to work and yesterday she was busy cleaning out the shed and giving it a good tidy and rearranged some stuff. Seems daddy was moving stuff about in there and made a mess.

Last week mummy converted the shelter she made for Jack AKA Bird the Jackdaw into a new feed box for the Hedgehogs as the big one needed some repairs....which she hasn't done yet I might add! Well our Prickly friends have start using is the last couple of nights and after emptying the bowls in the blue box and left lots of calling cards in the boxes and everywhere in the garden. Some of them are also making use of the Sleeping accommodations too...looks like the hotel is full at the moment. The feed box that needs some minor repair will be converted into some sleeping accommodation as the big one by the wall has seen better days and needs replacing when its occupant Mr Hogmight has checked out.

The Birds are busy making babies so they come everyday to eat at the all you can eat bird buffet along with the two Squirrels. No new rescues thankfully to deal with so its all good on the home front!

And what have I been up to you ask ? Well not much as we have had a cold snap to remind us that Mr Winter is not quite finished with us and is sending some stormy wet and wind weather our way in the middle of this coming week.....This is the Quiet before the Storm....... Miss Spring needs to assert herself and tell Mr Winter to push off!

Now I must be off, its time for me to go off on a little adventure, but before I go if you have some wildlife gossip you would like me to share you can always drop me a line at rachel dot dejong28 at googlemail dot com
                                                        See you soon 
                                                   xoxo your one and only 
                                                        Little Miss Titch