Sunday 22 September 2019

What have I been up to?a bit of this and that!

Well I have been doing lots of this while mum has been diggig up part of the garden at the front to widen the driveway a bit....she still has a bit more to do...possibly in the rain....yes the sun has now gone and we have rain for the nxt 10 days at least....piffle!

And mummy did stop digging to take me Cotehele House....which was lots of fun!

and a couple of outings up on the moors.The resident Hog is still a resident and we're hoping the others will come back again now the the weather has turned to rain!

Sunday 8 September 2019

Its a new Season!

Well Fall has come,the trees are starting to change colour and are starting to drop and after it being quiet on the hedgehog front for a few weeks.The Smallest one has come back and has moved into one of the Hedgehog houses.The house is just off the left of the camera so you can't see it but we do see her going in and out of it.Mummy needs to move the Camera a bit.

Mum move the other house to the other side of the tree because the Hogs had stopped going in there.Its seems they are keen to have it too close to the feed station because they don't like to be disturbed while they are sleeping.So we will see if another hog will take up residence in that one now.We do have one other Hog that comes a couple times a week,that one is a bigger one.lets hope the rest come back soon!

Now time for a little bit of me!
Me this week up on the moors