Thursday 30 January 2014

Cheeky Boy Speedy!

Here I am again being a cheeky boy....well that's what mum says's what do you think?

We have joined Blog Hop Hosted by Ruckus the Eskie and Love is being owned by a husky

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

Its Wednesday and you know what this means...its Disapproving Bun Day!Let me introduce you to Harry (the back bun) Husbun to Tiff who you met last week and here they are together!Thanks Wendy( The crafters apprentice ).
                         Tiff:  " There you are Harry!Where have you Been?"
                         Harry:  " I see you've eaten all the lunch Tiff "

Don't forget we Need all you bunny owners to send in those special snaps of you bunnies giving their best Disapproval,s send them in to my Mummy at [email protected].

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Tuesday playday!updated!

Had a little trouble posting this video as youtube is playing up and I can't get this to play after up loading it so I had to do this via Google plus but the quality isn't as good,silly gremlins!I managed to access the youtube version and get it working Yay!

Monday 27 January 2014

Today I took over My Three Moggies!

Today I took over My Three Moggies with a fun interview it was a lot of fun sharing their blog for the day!

So I thought I would show you some photos from Christmas Day!

Sunday 26 January 2014

Look what two Blondz gave Me!

This week I received this Pawsome Award from two Fabulous Blondz Mollie and Alfie Thank you both youz iz just Fabulous Darlingz!
 And the rules are thank the Blondz that gave it to you and then give to 6 deserving easy is that?
So I want to give this to:Cat From Hell , Easy Blog , Nerissa's Life , Voices for Rabbits , Susie and Sidebite , One Spoiled Cat .
 and from Nylablue ,she's a good buddy of mine.She gave me this award which I think is Fabulous!
So I would Love to give this to:
Mollie and Alfie , Furries of Whisppy , Its a Wonderpurr life , My Three moggies , My Pawsitively Pets , Playfull Kitty , Sushi's Diary .

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

Its Wednesday and that mean Disapproving Bun Day!So here is another of Wendy's three buns at The crafters apprentice say Hello to Tiff
                       " Where's my Husbun ?And wheres my lunch? "

Thanks Wendy.

Don't forget to all you Bunny owners/Slaves we need Your Photo's of you Disapproving Bunnies so don't forget to send them in to my Mummy at [email protected].

Sunday 19 January 2014

Another award from Nellie and a few other friends!

Nellie at Cat from Hell Gave me this award about a 2 weeks ago which is really cool as you all know I love Boxes.

So here is me with my Box Castle,care to join me?Thank you so much Nellie for sharing this award with me.Boxes are just so much fun!Now to the rules
1:Thanks the Blogger who gave it to you-done
2:Post the award-Done
3:Pass it on to 5 other Bloggers:
Swami Zoe
Lily at two french bulldogs
hutch a good life
Zen of Bun

And from The Cat on my Head Thank you so much my kitty friends for Passing this great award on to me,we certainly had a cracking Chrsipmouse didn't we?

Now the rules are:
1:To Qualify you have to Spread one or more of Joy, Peace, Hope, and Love
2:Any one receiving the award may pass it on to any other anipal that qualifies to rule number 1
3:There are no limits to how many you can pass it on to.
The Miraculous tail of Sir Fernly
Sushi's Diary
Ruby the Airedale Pup
Molly the Wally
Castles,Crowns and Cottages

and the excellence award from Binky at AngelsWhisper2011 Thank sweet girl for passing this award on to me.
and to pass it on to:
Loretta and she spoke to me
Your Special dog
The Misadventures of Misaki
The Cat from Hell
Bleue comme Aby

and another star to blog of the year award by Herman at Its a Wonderpurr Life thank you my friend that makes 7 stars.
And to those of you who need another Star this one is for you please come and grab it!

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

Welcome to Disapproving Bun Day,Yes its that time again so let me introduce you to Colin,his mum from The Crafters Apprentice sent this in she has three bunnies and you will get to meet another one next week.Thanks Wendy!
                                " Do you have to do this Now? "

Don't forget we still want photo's of your Disapproving Buns so please Send them in to my mummy at [email protected]

Saturday 11 January 2014

The crazy things that make Speedy who he is!

I was asked by Dropcam to tell a story of one one the crazy fun things Speedy has done but he has done so many that it is impossible to just pick one event so I thought I would just tell the story of the Craziness that is Speedy and with his 2nd gotcha day coming up on the 3rd of Feb it is a good time to tell his tale:
When we first found him he was in a hutch with 3 other bunnies all rescued from an auction where they would have gone to reptile breeders, one looked like a normal white spotted bunny and the other was a copper coloured Rex and of course then there was Speedy a little 16 week old Himalayan Rex with his dark chocolate brown ears,nose,toes and tail with a pure brilliant white coat that was the softest velvet like fur I had ever touched as was the copper Rex.Both Rex's were brave and curious about us But Speedy was a little bit braver,you could tell he just wasn't afraid of anything he even start to tooth pur when I held him so after we when back out to the car we discussed him as to him coming home with us well we did bring him home and that was when the Craziness that is Speedy started.
Speedy when we first brought him home

He would sleep and flop in the strangest of ways,how he would find that comfy I have no idea and he has kept this up as from time to time he will do stuff like this.
and this.

And then there is play time when he really shows his true character,to get you attention to play with him he will act all crazy and all you can do laugh!Even when he bites the carpet you still have to laugh,though most times when he does this he will look up at you then at the carpet then back at you before he goes munch,and you still can't be mad because you know he's going to do it but it just looks so cheeky.

 See Speedy always looks so cheeky when playing even when he was young

And then I managed to catch on video why he was called Speedy he really lived up to his name
He then went on his first Holiday or Vacation as you call it across the pond,travelling never phased him and when we got to our accommodation he had the time of his life,he had so much freedom during the day time he just played and explored the whole time only being in his travel den when were asleep or had to go out.

And when Speedy was about a year old he was diagnosed with glaucoma even that never slowed him down or stopped him have fun that was until he got the ulcer on the eye and only then did it slow him down but only a little,so we made the choice to have it removed when it wasn't healing and didn't he bounce back quick from that.

And so he is back to his normal crazy cheeky demanding Self who we wouldn't have any other way!
And he is I am sure looking forward to his Second gotcha day and the big party he will be having and Sharing with his Pal Jensen who has just had his first gotcha day!

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Disapproving Bun Day

Here is the start of our first Disapproving Bun Day Post,we will feature this every Wednesday so don't forget to send in you photos of your bunnies in their ultimate Disapproving glare to my mummy at [email protected].

So with out a further a do may I introduce you to my Pal Mr Mick from The Zen of Bun,thanks Jade.
       " Foo' Humans you're Disturbing me...You had better have some snacks! "

Sunday 5 January 2014

My Final Star Yippee!

Yippee!I got my final Star from Sammy!

Here's the link for the rules for this award!

So now I get to pass it on again Yay!
Cat from Hell ,  Alasandra,the cats and dogs , Brian's Home , A House of Rabbits , Bunny Cottage , Catflap Cavalier , colehaus cats , dogdaz , kirbys dawg blog , Leoland .sv , Margs Pets , Milo's mad life , one eye on the future , Repositorioda Marilia , sichtbar , Smile with your tail , so many craft , sparhawkscotties , spotty spotty polka dotty , The cat on my head , yourspecialdog.

Don't forget Bunny owners please can you send in photo's of your Bunnies in their best disapproval poses to my mummy at [email protected] for our new feature Disapproving Bun Day to be post every Wednesday!Disapproving Bun Day is our Tribute to Disapproving Rabbits who are no longer posting.

Saturday 4 January 2014

Another star received for blog of the year 2013

Yesterday we received another Star for the Blog of the year 2013 award from Texas a cat in Austin
so for the rules check out the link above,Now to pass this one to you my Pals!
Nerissa , Texas , Nylablue , Ruby the Airedale pup , Playful kitty , Sammy , my three moggies , Savannah , Sparkle the Designer cat ,swami zoe , Misaki , Travelling cats , Sushi , My Pawsitively Pets , Bacon at pig love , Katz and other Tales , Fuzzy little Wabbits , Sir Fernly .
 Have a Happy 2014 friends!

On another note we need some photo's of Bunny's giving their best disapproval for our new Wednesday feature so please send them in to my mum at [email protected]

Friday 3 January 2014

We say good bye to our friend Nina today

It is with great sadness that after introducing our friend Nina she lost her battle with cancer today,after she was unable to get up her daddy had to make the devastating call and she was helped to cross the Rainbow Bridge.Run and play free Nina till we see you again.....

Thursday 2 January 2014

We got Mail!

Well we had some lovely mail delivered on New Years Eve from Mr Mick and his Mum Jade from The Zen of Bun

A Christmas Card and a Mr Mick wall calender,Thanks Mr Mick and Auntie Jade ,we love is and think its very cool!Came just in time and has pride of place in the kitchen!

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Awards of December 2013 and a Disapproving Bun!

Over the  Holiday season I received a lot of awards so finally I am able to post about them,first angelswhisper2011 gave me my 2nd star of the Blog of the year award 2013
and then I received star no.3 from Nerissa
and then I received Star no.4 from Pup the Rabbit

For the Rule of this award check out the link bellow
so with out delay I am passing this award to:
Angelswhisper2011 , castles crowns and cottages , CATachresis , Furries of Whisppy , Nerissa's life , Nylablue , Ruby the airedale pup , Voices for rabbits , Lily at Two french bulldogs , The misadventures of Misaki ,Zen of bun , Susie and Sidebite , Sarge speaks out , Mollie and Alfie , My Furry interesting life , my mini pet pig , pig love , life as a piggie , Hutch a good life , Easy .

Then I received the One Lovely blog award from My FURRY interesting life this one I have had before but I wanted to say thank you for it.

And from Nylablue I had 2 awards one really Special one give by her to those of us who have had Medical issues and recovered from them and that is the Everybody loves Nylablue award and we so do!
and the friends and followers award which I have already had but again thank you my sweet friend Nylablue for both these wonderful awards.and Angelwhispers2011 also gave this award to me so thanks again.

and Sisterhood world blogger award from Andrea at review books and more this one we have already had and Mummy said she will do this again properly in a day or too but wanted to say thank you.
Now on to my New Feature in tribute to Disapproving Rabbits I recently met a new Blogging Bunny called  Sir Fernly and he's a fun cheeky chap who has Disapproval down to an art form so I here by give you Sir Fernly!