Sunday 28 September 2014

Sunday Selfie with The Cat on My head

                                               Snuggle Selfie

We are Joining The Cat on My Head for their Sunday Selfie Blog hop today!

As for further updates on Speedy well today there is no change,he hasn't increased his food intake so I have gone back to giving him syringe fed meals in the morning and evening to top him up and encourage him to eat more and giving him lots of grass from the garden,xx Rachel

Speedy wonders what Savannah is up to?

Saturday 27 September 2014

Speedy is slowly on the mend!

Thankfully it looks like Speedy is on the mend slowly on the mend but  he is getting better,today his poops were a little better a little bigger not like normal but the shape is right so that is good.
He has been eating more but not like normal but I think going by the gurgles from his tummy yesterday and this morning he had a bit of gas,I was expecting this as Bunnies aren't normally on a liquid diet so this morning I was able to get to the chemist and picked up some infacol(simeticone) I gave him 1/2 ml this morning before something to eat that seemed to help and he had another 1/2 ml this afternoon before something to eat the gurgles have stopped for the moment.and I have stopped syringe feeding at the moment too as he didn't want it anymore, he is grazing on his hay and salad and just a little bit of his pellets and he even went outside in the garden a couple of times for ten minutes or so.
So he is getting to where he should be slowly so keep praying for his normal sized raisin like poops!

The only thing on Speedy's mind is his Pal Savannah as she is up to some big plan, wonder what it is he said he might have to go and ask her sisfur Sage what she is up to....any ideas everyone?

Friday 26 September 2014

Speedy Update

Chris gave us a little phone call and the good news is whatever is going on with Speedy its not Coccidiosis or any other parasite after looking at his poo sample,still at a loss to what is wrong.
Anyway I started giving Speedy his pellets mashed up with water as he isn't keen on the Critical care no fighting to get that into him,he just sits on the table with me holding the syringe in front of him and he licks it up as I slowly squeeze it out and the same with his hydration drink Yay!
and he ate a small plate of greens all by himself after looking for a bit of dinner,little bits of hay and a few dry pellets....not a huge amount But we will take that! still waiting for a bit more poop though so pray for nice raisin like droppings please!
I will let you know how Speedy is doing tomorrow.

Thursday 25 September 2014

Update on Speedy's Trip to the vet

OK this is just a little update on his trip to the vet:
Chris our vet did an ultrasound scan on Speedy's tummy and it doesn't appear to be blocked but it is fluidly but I guess that is to be expected as he isn't eating much on his own and we are giving him the rehydration drink recipe we found and his critical care,he had his temperature taken and that seemed to be OK too,and He doesn't have liver failure either as there is no Jaundice.Chris is still unsure as to why this happened and said he wanted a poo sample to look at so we dropped that in this afternoon.We are to carry on with the critical care and the rehydration drink and we have been given Fibreplex to give Speedy 3 times a day this is a probiotic and fibre supplement which balances the gut and is supposed to make them want to eat.So that is where he is at the moment or though Speedy has done a little bit of poo not normal stuff but not the horrid mess we had before and I managed to get Speedy to eat little bits by stuffing bits of hay between his lips its not much but it all helps.
And for a bun who is unwell he is quite bright too not zooming super fast Speedy but certainly chipper so I will take that as a good sign.I will let you all know if there are any developments.and I want you to all know that we are reading your blog post and comments here even if we are not commenting much seem its tricky trying to type one handed whilst holding and reassuring a bunny at the same time....I guess I'm not super woman after all never mind eh?

Its been a long night!

Its been a long night ......
Speedy developed diarrhea yesterday evening.I went to sleep for a couple of hour and set the alarm for 1am by that time Speedy had to have a bath,he bottom ,tummy and feet were plastered and you know something he knew it,I don't think even Speedy could stand the he had a warm bath with a little baby shampoo in the water and he let me do it he stood in the water while I cleaned him off and then rinsed with clean warm water.He even let me dry him off with towels too ....he was happy to be clean.
Anyway I found a recipe for a rehydration drink for Rabbits with diarrhea
2 teaspoons of sugar
1/4 teaspoon of baking soda(Bicarb in England)
3/16 of a teaspoon of salt (pinch)
mixed in clean warmish water

Has to be said this is amazing stuff Speedy lapped it up and the diarrhea has stopped he still not eating much but at least the diarrhea has stopped.We will let you know how the vet goes later
but Speedy is still bright and cheeky so again Don't panic as I am sure we can get to the bottom of pun intended!

Anyone know what Savannah is up to?

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Disapproving Bun Day

It Wednesday and its time for the next star, say hello to Rose her mum has a you tube channel MsRamya7 
Next week you'll get to meet her sibling! Pretty girl isn't she?

Don't forget to send your photos of your bunnies,friends or families bunnies or even some of my wild cousins in to my Mum at [email protected]

And for More Disapproving Bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun

And to give you an update on Speedy,he has gone off his food a little so we are supporting him with critical care and are in contact with the vet for the next course of action.He is eating but not like he would normally,otherwise he is OK but we will let you know when we know more.

Monday 22 September 2014

Speedy's trip to the Vet!

Well Speedy did go to the vet today,he very nearly didn't as the lump had gone down but by 10am this morning it was back.....
Well this is a strange one this lump,the vet we saw was Chris he was the vet who did Speedy's eye surgery.After having a good look and trying to syringe out some fluid of which none came out he was at a bit of a loss having never come across a lump like this before,we asked if Speedy could have picked up something or was having a reaction to some ticks he had picked up on friday we finally managed to clear the last ones today as they were really titchy,Chris said it was possible but unlikely as there are no other symptoms and Speedy isn't unwell, and as there was no fluid then it doesn't look like an abscess  or it is a very early one that hasn't produced much in the way of pus so he gave Speedy and injection of antibiotics which will last 4 days it will also cover any other infection just in case.Chris also said it didn't feel like a cancerous growth ever so that is good news too and he checked the residue on the needle he used to draw out any fluid on a slide under the microscope and he found a little white blood cells and fat and said that wasn't to much to worry about, so he said how strange it was with this lump.
So its a strange one so we have to keep an eye on it  and if there is any change we will take Speedy back to the vets,but this isn't bothering him and he is still zooming and running about have fun,so I guess that is all that matters....its just very peculiar.
so here is one of the videos from Saturday night
sorry make that 2 videos
if you look at his left side the same side he had his eye removed you can see that it has a swelling or lump making it look bigger than his other side,all very strange!

Sunday 21 September 2014

Sunday Selfie with The Cat on My Head!

I'm joining The Cat on My Head for their Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Mummy's First good photo of me Blowing a Raspberry.....hehehehe!

On a bad note We have found a lump on Speedy's left shoulder so he will be off to the vets tomorrow to find out what it is,it looks like he has had it a little while a week or so but its only today I really noticed it as its getting quite big,but looking back over the videos that I have taken I can see its been there a week or 2 but probably not much longer than that  but its difficult to tell as he is still a bit chubby.On the chubby side of things his harness needs to be done up a bit tighter now so since he's been going out for his walks he is trimming up and the fur on his back feet have grown back apart from a little patch on his left back foot and his Front paws aren't to bad either the fur is still a bit short but no sores so that's a bit of good news.And he is eating and pooping well and is running about well to and doesn't appear to be bothered by the lump,only last night we took him to his favourite spot on the moors where the wild bunnies are and he was doing lots of super fast zoomies and Binky's I had trouble keeping up with him,he had the nonsense in him and was very happy and excited to be up there,but I couldn't get those bits on video,but I will show the videos I took when I have uploaded them.
As for the Lump I am concerned but not too worried as I think it some kind of abscess from what I can feel and they seal themselves off in the body so it doesn't make them ill or cause pain unless it is inside the abdomen,so if it is what I think it is he will probably have to have a little surgery to remove it.It is quite common in rabbits.But please don't worry too much I know that it is hard not to,but I just wanted to let you know everything so its not too much of a shock when we have seen the vet.Sometimes you think what now when he has been through so much as a young bun,But as I said I am concerned but not worried,I will let you know tomorrow the outcome of his trip to the Vet. 

Saturday 20 September 2014

And The Best Dressed Pirate Winner Is....!

Wow what a party we had !All the Dancing,singing,My date Mollie and my Best Girls Nellie and Nylablue were all great Dancers!And the last of the stragglers left this morning still singing sea shanties and all my mum could do was giggle....hehehehe.....good old mum always good for a giggle!
Anyway I want to thank you all for coming and help me celebrate my anniversary of becoming a Pirate,you all looked great!You all cast your votes and believe me there was a lot of votes but we have our winner.....Drum roll please!
With and overwhelming 56.16 % of the vote you picked.........
                                      Captain Sushi as your Winner!

Well done Sushi we will be in touch to get your addy,xx Speedy

Friday 19 September 2014

Arrrgh Me Hearty's!Tis Time To Celebrate Me Anniversary and Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Arrrgh Tis I Capt'n Speedy and I be calling all ye Pirates,Sea Dogs,Sea Kitties and Sea Pals ,Scallywag's and Capt'n to Join us in our Fine Gathering in a celebration of the Anniversary of me Becoming the Pirate and Buccaneer That I am and to top it all its Talk Like a Pirate Day!I have Me Date Mollie and Me favourite Girls Queen Nellie and Nylablue and All me Pals Dressed in our Finest Garb ready to Party!
So to thee Business at hand,Here be thee entries to Me Best Dressed Pirates!Ye all be a fine Bunch so thee Winner be Down to Ye All!Click the link at the bottom to choose Ye Winner!Now Let get to thee Party and Dancing and Singing and Filling of ye fine Bellies !

Captain Mollie
Captain Queen Nellie
Captain Nylablue
Captain Doc
Captain Sushi
Captain Lady Jane
Captain Leeloo

Captains Marty and Ralphie

Captain Easy
Captain Sammy

Captain Misaki

Captain Sweet William the Scot
Captain Ruby

Captain Binky

Captain Mika

Captain Buddy

Captain Sidebites
Captain Cody

Captain Annie

Capitan Pierrot

Captain Bentley and Capitan Pierre
The Crew of the Kitties Blue

Captain Evil Neck Snapper Ernie & Captain Mad Blackbeard Wally
Captain Dezi

Captain Destiny
Captain Bacon

Captain Houdini

The Grub for Ye Hungry Buccaneers!

The Grog to Quench Ye Thirst!

Now Ye Pirates and Buccaneers its time to cast ye Vote!

Vote Here for your Best Dressed Pirate POLL CLICK HERE