Monday 1 April 2024

Happy Hoppy Easter Monday

 Hello Blogville...Do you remember me? Yes it's me your one and only Gossip Bunny Little Miss Titch. I haven't posted since the New Year and to be honest that has been my fault but how do you write posts when nothing much has been happening? There are only so many times you can do updates on Little Louie hedgehog and Jo-Jo the crow when she decides to visit that a gossip bunny like me can write before we all get bored with reading them. The weather here has been horrible mainly rain since the Autumn started and it hasn't really stopped apart from the odd day so there hasn't been much going on with adventuring for me. Also Dads knee has been bad and needed to be fixed so driving has been a bit a bit of a no go but now that is on the mend but still has months before he recovers.

Thursday morning we woke up to this but then a couple of hours later and it was all gone because the rain came back

Beginning of March mum put Little Louie back out in the garden and set up his nest box in the greenhouse after letting him out of his hutch in the shed for a few hours in the afternoon for a few weeks....The first night out and he escaped and went walk about for a week. Mum looked for him but couldn't find him so all she could do was leave the back garden open and put his food in the greenhouse and in his food station with the hopes he would come back. After a couple of days his food started to go and a week later he was back. Mum went out in the back garden after breakfast to get the stuff for the birds and there he was as if he had never been away. Mum fixed the hole where he got out and then scooped him up to check him over before giving him some breakfast in the greenhouse....he was very hungry. as He was still a wake at 9am mum checked him over and found he was covered in tics all over so after a few days of removing them mum finally got them all off but she also discovered that his Ringworm infection came back with a vengeance so he's on a 5 day course of treatment baths and special cream to try and clear it up before it can become a real problem and makes him lose all his spines...just today and tomorrows to go and then he needs to be checked over. Mum also sent off a poop sample to be checked  to make sure he hasn't picked up anything else plus he's having some other treatment to boost his immune system. He really wasn't ready to leave us and was struggling again so that is why he came back. on dry days he still comes out in the garden until 8 or 9am which is not safe for him....he's a little rascal for sure. 


Jo-Jo has been coming a couple times a week depending on the weather

And as for me well I have been out in the garden a few times in between all the rain but that's all. It's just been so boring for me....

So I hope you all had a happy and hoppy Easter and hope you all have some nice Spring weather and I'll leave you with an old photo from last year.

                                         xoxo Little Miss Titch