Monday 30 January 2017

Back to Disapproving Bun Day!And Its Me!

Welcome to Disapproving Bun Day....yes its me today!
           "Mum the camera again!"
Guess what mummy has done?She's only put me on Twitter!@speedycheekyrex

We always want photos of your disapproving bunnies so send them to me at [email protected]

And for more disapproving bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun!

Sunday 29 January 2017

Sunday Selfies

Yes it's time for The Cat on My Heads Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!

Yes I was playing with mummy and I didn't want to do my Selfie so mummy took these.....hehehe

Saturday 28 January 2017

Saturday Movie Day!

Today we have a Saturday Movie Day and yes they are some old one from the past!After all it is my 5th Gotcha next week!So sit back and enjoy the show!

I hope you enjoyed the show everyone!See you all tomorrow for Sunday Selfies!

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Guest Post: What is a Pet Camera by Michael Cramer

Today we have a Guest post about Pet Camera's By Michael Cramer.As you know we use Camera's with Speedy and hope you find this artical ineresting.

What is a Pet Camera? Stay updated with everything your pet does in real time! Get a pet cam to enjoy piece of mind that your pet is OK even when you’re away!

What Does A Pet Camera Do

Today’s modern world lets you stay updated with everything you’re concerned about. You can even watch your pet and talk to it when you’re far away through pet cameras.

 Of course, when you want to watch your pet, you can install a simple home camera, but we recommend you use a special device designed specifically to monitor pets, because it has some advanced options, such as the capability to speak to your little friend live, integration with social accounts and links you up to larger communities of pet lovers.

 In addition, one of the features is sound and motion alerts, which notify you about everything your pet is up to. I must admit that sound and motion alerts were especially useful for me as a dog owner many times, for example when my dog was anxious or when I was worried he wasn’t eating or sick.

 I can use my pet cam to monitor my dog the whole day when I have to leave him alone. What’s more, if you are looking for ways to treat anxiety in dogs, I’d recommend installing a camera like this because it can help keep you get notified if any symptoms of anxiety occur and you can take corrective measures as soon as possible.

How To Use Pet Cameras

Using a pet camera is not difficult. You do not need to be tech savvy to learn how to use it or have any prior experience or special equipment. Simply follow the included instructions, which are straightforward and easy to understand. Typically, all you need to do is download and launch an app on your smartphone – and follow the onscreen steps.

 Of course, since there are many providers of pet cameras, they may have different features. Some might have the ability to do everything you want, while others might not be the best fit for you, but, in most cases, any pet surveillance device is easy to use. Plus, it comes with a quick start guide, where every step of setup and using it is described, meaning you could be up and running in minutes. Needless to say, no matter which device you choose, it should:

  • Stream in at least 720p HD video with a 138° wide angle view
  • Run on Android and iOS devices
  • Have 2-way audio to talk to and hear your pets.

This post was writen by Michael Cramer,He asked us if he could guest post on our Blog,We haven't recieved any payment or products for posting this article.We have posted this article on pet camera's as we are great advocates of these type's of camera's for using with your pet's.The links in this Post take you to which is a Pet Camera that some of my friends in the US use and while I haven't as yet used one yet I do hope to one day try one.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Helping Savannah find new Home's for 2 special Kitties!

Hi Everyone!Today I want you All to Hop on over to Savvy's Blog,She has 2 Kitties that she and her Mum is trying to find homes for! The first one is this cute Kitten
You can read all about her on Savvy's Blog HERE! Isn't she Gorgeous?

And the next kitty is Momma Kat and you can read all about her story HERE
Please can you help Savvy and a her mum find the forever homes these 2 lovely cats need!

Monday 23 January 2017

Sleep over with Nellie!

The Gift: 19 Nellie on The Edge!
Nellie's Mummy and my Mummy had been talking about how good it would be for me to pay a nice visit to see my dearest friend as I hadn't seen her since I took her to Edinburgh for Hogmanay on New Years Eve I thought this was a grand idea so I rang her to tell her I was on my way and to listen out for me in her Mummy's closet as that's how I travel to visit my pals

Hehehe when I landed in Nellie's Mummy's closet I kinda got tangle in her shirts....What a mess as I struggled out Nellie helped me with the shirts and told me I had timed it perfectly lunch was ready!And I thought yummy I'm starving....closet travel always makes me hungry!

Lunch was perfect my favorite bunny food and some cat grass to share with Nellie while she had a nice bit of salmon ,Nellie's mum even gave us a romantic touch with a candle to set the scene...I taught Nellie some of my favourite jokes which she thought was very funny.After lunch Nellie took me out in her car....she is an excellent driver!
We ended up at a place called Garry Point....
We have a lovely stroll about while Nelle told me all about where she lives and then we headed back to her house to watch a Movie on Netflix...
With our favourite snacks which we forgot to eat as the Movie The Secret Life of Pets was so funny...did you know there's a bunny called Snowball in it?Any way when that finished we went off to bed for a nice long snooze....
Now Hop on over to Nellie's to see the whole day we had !

Sunday 22 January 2017

Sunday Selfies!

Yes it's Sunday so that means its Selfie time so I am joining The Cat on My Head in their Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!
Its Snack time on another Beach......The sun was shining but it was cold,but I had so much fun!

Friday 20 January 2017

Speedy's Movie Day : A trip down Memory Lane

This weeks movie day is a trip down memory lane as my 5th Gotcha Day is coming up in a couple of week I thought I would share my very first movies with you all!So sit back and relax and of course enjoy the show!

And now the best one its short and sweet....blink and you will miss the action...hehehehe!

Well I hope you enjoyed the show this week,come back next week for another trip down Movie Memory Lane!

Monday 16 January 2017

Disapproving Bun Day

Welcome to Disapproving Bun Day!Last week you met Espresso this week you get to meet his pal Latte from Disapproving Bun.....So here is Latte!
               " What?The boxes are Mine Hoomin!!"

Don't forget to hop on over To Latte and Espresso's Blog Disapproving Bun to see all the latest Disapproving Bunnies

And as you know we always need more photo's of Dispproving Bunnies so send them in to me at [email protected]

Sunday 15 January 2017

Sunday Selfies

Today we are Joining in with The Cat on My Heads Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!
This was Taken on my latest adventure to my favorite spot on the moors,and I thought you would like to see the rest of my adventure snaps!

 And yes that is a horse,it lives in a field that over looks my favorite spot,This fellow likes look out over the moors at all the sheep and wild ponies that live up there.

Friday 13 January 2017

Reggie the Hedgehog Update

Hello everyone just a little update on our winter guest Reggie the Hedgehog.He/She has now been Hibernating for nearly 3 weeks, that's 19 days straight.Last night we had some snow/sleet and hail and rain followed by a frost so its good the Reggie is safely tucked up in his/her nest under the shed with dry snacks and water waiting should Reggie wake up.
We have decided to give Reggie His/Her own page since he/she is now a long term resident.We have put all of the updates on that page so that anyone can look back over Reggie's story and all future Updates will go on there as well as on my own posts.And we will do another page with information on how to help Hedgehogs in your gardens with links to wildlife/rescue sites.These pages can be accessed from the tab bar at the top of my blog once both have been published.Reggie's is already up there but here it the link to the page as well........Reggie the Hedgehog's Page

Thursday 12 January 2017

Speedy's Movie Day!

Hello everyone its Movie Day!Today we have my first outing to my favorite spot on the moors and my Treat ball fun....Enjoy the show!

Well that all for this week's Movie Day,hope you enjoyed the show!

Monday 9 January 2017

Disapproving Bun Day!

Hello and Welcome to another Disapproving Bun Day!Today's star is a special one because it is also an introduction too!Because Mr Bun over at Disapproving Bun sadly Crossed the Rainbow Bridge a while ago but his Humans have now Adopted 2 Buns and today you get to Meet Espresso!
"Yes its My Poop what of it Hoomin?"

Thanks to the Humans of Disapproving Bun!remember to hop on over to see them for more disapproving bunnies!

And remember we always need more Disapproving Bunnies so please send in you photo's to me at [email protected]

Sunday 8 January 2017

Sunday Selfies

Today its Sunday so that means its time to join in with the Cat on My Head's Sunday Selfie Blog Hop
This is in honor of all my friends across the pond who are getting lots of snow at the moment,we do get snow here on Dartmoor but not very often and then its only a dusting.Mummy said about 7 or 8 years ago we had a lot of snow 2 years running and it was freezing all winter long and didn't start to warm up until the end of April.Being only 5 years old that was a bit before my time,but I would like to see some proper snow and play in it....may be this winter we will as we have had some pretty cold days the have been sub zero at night and just barely getting above freezing in the day.It doesn't last though cause then it turns to cold and damp which is yucky but paws crossed for a bit of snow!

Just a little update on Reggie the Hedgehog for you!Reggie has been fully asleep since Christmas Day!Reggie moved back to the nest site under the shed and mummy stuffed some extra nesting materials under the shed for extra warmth.So Reggie has now been asleep for two weeks.Mummy will continue to check the food and water bowls daily so we will know when Reggie wakes up again.

And we had some more Christmas cards so this is what the final wall and doors looked like before it was all taken down...