Sunday 31 October 2021

Happy Halloween!

 So Today I Halloween apparently, Mummy says its a day of Spooky adventures, and things that go bump in the Night...Well we'll see. I have been on a few Spooky adventures to some haunted castles and well I didn't get Spooked by anything so today and tonight well it would have to be truly spooktacular to scare me! Anyway here's a little something from Angel Speedy as he was very much in to Spooky fun....

And here's a little fun thing from me...

         HAPPY HALLOWEEN! from your very own Adventuress Bunny....

                             xoxo Little Miss Titch

Sunday 24 October 2021

Little Miss Titch's Spay recovery

 Well it Sunday and 6 days after her surgery for her spay. I guess by now you are all wondering how she is? After peeing on me in the morning on the first 2 days because she was holding it in all night, she is absolutely fine, pretty much back to normal. All the swelling has gone, the bruising is fading nicely and today I am starting to reduce her painkiller dosage from 10kg dog dose to getting her back to 7kg dog dose per day, this morning she had 5kg and she will 3kg dog dose and she will get this for a couple of days before going back to 7kg dog dose and then may be we will drop it down a bit more next weekend and gradually wean her off it completely over the next couple of weeks. 

We don't want her jumping about yet so it a balance of keeping her comfortable but not to comfortable that she over does things and hurts herself. We want her to limit herself because she realizes she's making herself sore rather than me having to force her to limit her by locking her up and making her moody and angry. So far its working she runs about doing zoomies first thing in the morning for a couple of hours and then she rests up until the afternoon only getting up to eat ,drink and go potty oh and coming out to ask for cuddles.

As for her behavioral issues from before the Spay well she has reverted back to her carefree self. No more holding her toilet needs all night to keep everything clean to build nests. she is back to going toilet in her litter trays and no more nest building and no more pulling her fur out which she was doing about a week before her spay. She's so far stopped trying to hump our feet and she has so far stopped growling at us when we go to clean her litter trays out too. And she is back to eating lots to which she wasn't very much due to wanting to build nests all the time. The last couple of weeks before her spay Titch was just eating enough to live but not to grow she had stopped gaining weight and if anything she was losing weight from the stress of her hormones. It's so good to see her not stressed anymore. Of course some of this might change when she is fully recovered from the surgery but so far it looks like the hormonal behavior has stopped and way her she is having a little rest after her zoomies this morning

We're keeping her inside because she has a bald belly and the temperature is colder out side and its wet too, and we don't want her to over do it. She does look to go outside but she just shrugs and goes around the kitchen and back to her play pen. It will be nice to see her going out and taking her on adventures again.

Little Miss Titch says its time for her to grow big and strong!

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Post op check at the vets

The vet said the swelling is going down and the area is looking good. He wasn't happy about the lack of tummy noises....well he said there wasn't enough but I did say that I would give her more critical care food and her meds when required. I said the main thing is she is in more pain than I would like which is making it harder to get her to eat and that I gave her a small dose of painkiller at midnight as she was hunched over, the vet said that was ok and she could have up to 10kg dog dose if needed so after getting her 7kg dog dose this morning she will get another 3kg dog dose tonight just to top her up and keep her more comfortable. The 10kg dog dose seems to be doing the job as she is much brighter this afternoon and eating a lot more on her own. Down side is I have had to move her cube tent and put another litter tray down as she keeps peeing in that area ....What ever she needs right?

So we will see where she ends up wanting to do her toileting and will adjust when the time is right. Titch does need to go back for a final check next week at the vets But looks like she is bouncing back to her normal self....all good news

Full Update on Little Miss Titch's Spay

 So I thought you would all like to know how Little Miss Titch's Spay went yesterday and how she is now.

It generally went well till it was time to pick her up from the vets. When we got there we had to go back home because she had developed swelling next to the stitches and the vet need to take a look and he was doing some emergency surgery on someone else's pet. when we got the call to pick her up again we was give a med pack of gut stimulant, painkiller and critical care food and a booking for a early post op check this morning due to the swelling.

I kept waking up every couple of hours to make sure she was eating. she would only eat her greens and a little bit of hay. so not huge amounts she also drank a little water but not much so I would bring her down and syringe her water and to give her a dose of gut stimulant, just 1 dose that evening. I also gave her a small amount of painkiller to top up what they gave her in the middle of the night. I wasn't meant to but she was in discomfort and sat hunched which is a sign of pain and if she is in pain she won't eat.

She had cuddles from me and she did poop and she did a pee...on me I might add, I don't mind its not her fault I'm just glad she did the pee. This morning she had her gut stimulant and some water from a syringe and a cuddle in bed. her dad gave her a piece of banana which she scoffed down...good that she is showing an interest in her favorite treats. Then at my breakfast I gave her a full dose of her painkliiler and syringed some more water and some critical care food....just to top her food up and keep her gut moving. She has also had some fresh greens as well not all of it about a 3rd but she does keep going back to nibble a bit more.

Then she had a little snooze only to pee on her blanket and her self so I had to spot clean her and dry her off, we don't want pee getting on her wound site. She groomed her self a bit and she is lying more comfortably and moving around a little bit too. This is all good. I can her eating some more greens and her apple.... Good progress....

I will let you all know how her post op check went later on today 

Monday 18 October 2021

Little Miss Titch is home

 Just a little update on Little Miss Titch. She is home. She is eating a bit but is still a bit dopey sort of. So she will get lots of tlc tonight. I will give you a proper update tomorrow. 

5 month old anniversary and Spay Day

 5 months ago today Little Miss Titch was born and the very next day Speedy passed away in my arms and crossed the rainbow bridge. 6 weeks later we found her on a rehoming site and brought her home.

And now today its that dreaded day, one I'm not looking forward to. at 8.30 am Little Miss Titch goes in for her spay. She'll be gone all day and I'll miss her kissing my feet and being a rambunctious teenager. I shall be worrying all day until I get the call that she is ok, that she is awake and eating and pooping and when I can come and pick her to bring her home.

Keep my smiling girl in your thoughts to day a pray she comes through it all ok

Sunday 10 October 2021

Rough Night with Little Miss Titch

 Hello Blogville Yes its me your one and only Little Miss Titch here to tell you about my scandalous night! Last night I woke Mummy up at 1am making a nest in my pen. It wasn't much of a nest as mum has taken most of the bedding that she was putting in because of this. 

Yesterday was a nice day so I spent a lot of time in the garden but that meant no cuddles and although it was nice playing in the garden I guess I missed all my cuddles from mummy. So at 1am I was having cuddles then I had to go back to my pen as I needed to poop then after mummy went back to bed I started nesting and trashing all over again......It was a rough night for mummy last night. Here's a photo of me in my carrier going off for an adventure to see the horses....

Only 1 week to go till my Spa day, mummy say's life will get better after that for me and for her too.

                                   We'll See. xoxo Little Miss Titch

Monday 4 October 2021

Update on Titch from Mum

 Well Somebunny is booked in for her Spay in 2 weeks time. She will be 5 months old then. I was going to wait until 6 months or more but she is spraying everywhere mainly in her play pen so puppy pads are everywhere in there. And I have to soak up her puddles straight away with paper towels or she start to drink it again which means she's getting stressed with puberty. and that is also stressing her too. So then she wants cuddles all the time and then in the next minute she wants to get down then cuddles again as soon as you put her down. Next she'll end up having a phantom pregnancy and then she will get really stressed with it all. Titch is not really happy and doesn't know what she wants. I weighed her and she's 1.74kg and another couple of weeks she will be around the 2kg range which is old enough and big enough to be spayed. I feel so bad for her at the moment especially as she has to endure this for a couple more weeks or so. Poor baby she's such a sweet girl too.