Sunday 20 October 2019

Sunday Selfies....?

No Selfie here just me having another adventure at Launceston Castle.....with a bit of Shopping...

Mum's new Mug she got it there,it was on sale for £2.49!

And me having a romp in the garden!That's all for now cause I got to get ready for my next adventure.....Road trip Tomorrow.....lets see where I end up!

Sunday 13 October 2019

Remodeling Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday to you all and Happy Thanksgiving to all my pals in Canada too!
Mum has been remodeling my area in the Kitchen,Because my Castle was no longer repairable so.....I'm indoor camping in my Teepee tent!

And we have a sneak preview of things to come from the 1st of December.....
You got it Christmas is coming and that means My Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown is Coming!

Sunday 6 October 2019

Thank You for my Birthday Wishes

 First I just Want to thank you all for coming to wish me a Happy Birthday!And Thank You for all the cards that you sent too,You are the best friends a bunny could have!And Because the weather was not so nice on my Birthday Mummy took me out the Day before Because it was Nice!
 She took me to Buckland Abbey as it is close to us for a lovely walk and cause there were a few dry leaves on the ground she collected some for the hedgehog nest boxes too.

Thursday 3 October 2019

Happy Birthday Speedy.....8 Today!

It's Speedy's 8th Birthday today so let's Celebrate with some cards
From Teddy
Angel Mr Mick
Angel Miss Lola Bun
Dante and Beatrice and Aunty Linda
The Wiem Twins
Aunty Wanda and her Buns
BellaDharma and Aunty Sherri-Ellen
Dalton,Benji and Pipo

Plus Cards from Aunty Chris and Uncle Michael and Mummy and Daddy!
And a Big THANK YOU to all the other Birthday Messages you all sent!
Now time for snacks and grab a drink from the bar