Saturday 31 August 2013

Mummy and Me we have been Busy in my miny Hay field!

So today Mummy started the second cut on my mini hay field and I thought I would help!

you can see the rows of grass lined up like in a big field!

Me having a nom!

And then I decided to go and explore leaving mum to get on with cutting,seems its quite hard doing it by hand when the sun is on you!Poor Mummy but you're doing a great job!

Friday 30 August 2013

So mummy has been creative again! Plus we got Mail!

So Mummy has been creative again,she has made some Christmas cards to put in the shop which will shortly be available for sale once she has up loaded them all and She has done this little cartoon.....what do you think of it?
Do you like it?

Then to top it all we had some mail arrive today.First was the cute little card from Nylablue and her mum Sherri Ellen.Thank you both for my lovely card,xx Speedy.
This me reading my card.
And this is what was written inside,Thank you Nylablue and Miss Sherri Ellen

Than Mummy entered a competition over at The Raspberry Rabbits it was the Finale for her Mid-Month Madness competition,anyway Mummy won one of the 3 prize's that was up for grabs and this was the one Mummy wanted to win and as luck would have it she did.Auntie Michelle was very excited and Happy for Mummy too!Plus Auntie Michelle put in some extra goodies too!How nice is that?
Plus there was a pen too but mummy for got to add that to the photos.
This is the cook book mum won!
Auntie Michelle added these for me and I love them!
And Auntie Michelle added this bag charm and a pen for Mummy.Which Mummy Loves too!
And Thank You Auntie Michelle for my Banana treats and Mummy says Thank you for the extra goodies too!xx Speedy

Mummy Say's:Thank you Michelle we love every thing,and I can't wait to use the cook book!Thank you to Nylablue and her Mum Sherri Ellen for the lovely card you sent Speedy,xx Rachel

Thursday 29 August 2013

Thankful Thursday!

Today is Thankful Thursday and though we don't normally participate in thankful Thursday we are today as we are very thankful for a lot of reasons.First Speedy got a message from Nellie at Cat from Hell she wanted to see him and asked if he could meet her at a garden as she was pressed for time so we took Speedy to meet Nellie as he couldn't do it by magic closet as there weren't any close by.
Nellie and Speedy had a big long talk as she had a message from her big slobbery sister Bob who had the same surgery as Speedy and had this get well card for Speedy.
Bob after her surgery!

Nellie even left her make up off to make Speedy more comfortable,we didn't realise that she was blind in the one eye,we think it makes her more special.
They shared Bunny kitty cuddles and talked some more.
after another bunny kitty cuddle Nellie had to say good by and head off as she had one more stop to make before she headed home.Speedy came back to join us with a big sigh said"Mummy Nellie is really nice,she is one of my best friends and its sad when she has to leave she even hoped Maddy gets well soon too!"
It goes to show that even though Nellie is a kitty and Speedy is a bunny and Nellie is older than Speedy they can still be great Friend and for that we and Speedy is Thankful.Speedy is also Thankful for the Get well card from Bob Nellie's big slobbery sister.

We are also Thankful for Maddy being on the road to recovery after her surgery and we know she wanted to thank you all her self so this is for all of you.You can visit Maddy and view her Post Two words from Maddy to see how she is doing,she is one tough little bunny with the heart of a lion.

Speedy wants to thank you all for your well wishes for Maddy and him self and as soon as Maddy is well enough he is having a Pirate themed party to celebrate and you are all invited well let you know a bit closer to the time when the party is!
                                                                   THANK YOU ALL!

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Maddy is home!She has The Heart of a Lion.

Maddy is Home!That bunny has a heart of a lion.She is eating,pooping and doing her peepee too!What a little fighter she is!So now Maddy has to recover from her surgery,Speedy has been doing a happy hoppy bunny dance all day!Please visit her and see her mum Megan's latest post at Me&Me(gan).

Monday 26 August 2013

Get Well Soon Maddy!UPDATED!

Get Well Soon Maddy!She is out of Surgery now we wait to hear from her Mum Megan,that she is eating and on the road to recovery from her surgery!

Thanks to The Piggies Nutty,Nacho,Buddy,Basil at Hutch a Good Life for this cute Get well Card For Maddy and Speedy!

Here's the link to Megans Latest post Maddy she went through hell

Sunday 25 August 2013

While we wait for news on Speedy's girl Maddy we have some good news!

The Good News is Speedy hasn't had any pain killer for 24 hours now and he certainly doesn't seem to need it.This afternoon Speedy was running around being silly and doing binkys upstairs he was so playful I had to stop the things I was doing to concentrate on him,he even jumped on to the bed in the back bedroom from the floor.Speedy has never done that before with out jumping on to something else first.So Speedy is back to his old self like when was before the pressure in his left eye started to bother him last year.
So now we need to encourage Speedy to tear around like a crazy bunny to get some of the wait off him that he put on over the winter...I guess he wasn't so active then because the eye would bother him but that's gone now so on ward and up wards from now on for our Speedy.
So now we have to wait now for Speedy's Girl Maddy to get better so we can plan Speedy's Pirate party to celebrate his recovery and hers!

My girl Maddy is fighting hard!

My girl Maddy at Me&Me(gan) is fighting Hard to stay with us we have had a bit of good news which is she managed to do a bit of poop and peepee yesterday not much but we are going to take any good news right now!But she still needs all of our support prayers for her and her mum Megan for her surgery tomorrow!Keep Fighting Baby girl!xx Speedy and Rachel.

Maddy at Christmas!
Thank you for all of your kind support and continued support for Maddy and her Mum Megan,I know that they appreciate it,Today and Tomorrow is going to be very tough for them!

Saturday 24 August 2013

Please keep My Girl Maddy in your Payers

Please Keep my Girl Maddy in your Prayers,She's not doing so well and is due to have surgery on Monday,
The Mass on the X-Ray is some kind of infection and is on antibiotics till her Surgery.So to all my Pals please keep Maddy and her distraught Mum in your prayers and send them your prayers at Me&Me(gan)

                                                        We love you Maddy and Megan
THANK YOU to all my pals at this time,xx Speedy and Rachel.

Friday 23 August 2013

Say a prayer for My Girl Maddy and her mum Megan!

Please say a prayer for my Girl Maddy and her mum Megan,as Maddy is sick at the moment with a horrible mass in her tummy.We are all very worried for her right now and for her mum.
This is her X-Ray of her Tummy!
And this is my girl Maddy with her mum Megan and when she is happy and healthy!

Please pay them a visit and send them a prayer at Me&Me(gan)

Get well Soon my Girl Maddy,We love ya Sweet Chicks!xx Speedy!

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Speedy Tuesday!

Here is a little video of Speedy having fun this evening!

Some garden time for me and Daddy's missed birthday!

Well with everything that was going on with me Last week we didn't get to throw a party for my Daddy's birthday last Monday But Mummy made this lovely card for me to give to Dad and he loved it!
And here are a couple of photos of me today in the garden!


Monday 19 August 2013

Speedy's vet trip today

We wanted to say Thank you to Ann,Nibblet,Shiner and Honey delight for giving this get well card to us and a pal Joker and another blogger.

Now to the Bit you want to know about !Speedy had his check up at the vets today and Chris Speedy's vet was so pleased with how well Speedy's surgery Spot was healing that we don't have to see the nurse on Friday as there are no stitches to take out as the ones he used dissolve and we are to start cutting back on the pain killer too!
So we are going to Say a Big Thank you to Chris Warren who did Speedy's surgery and to the Nurse's who took care of him during his stay at Westmoor Veterinary Hospital in Tavistock,Devon.I can't thank them enough for everything they did during this horrible time for Speedy.They are Simply The Best!
This is Speedy coming back in after a nosey in the garden!

                                          Not so Red and Sore looking now!