Sunday 14 July 2019

Sorry for not being around Selfies

Today is Sorry for not being around selfies....we had a bit of a problem which we needed to fix for my safety....but first lets do my Garden Selfies....

Then we had this surprise over the house Yesterday!

Now onto the problem.I don't know if you remember but back along we had a problem with rats coming into my garden from somebody else's garden,well it got a bit out of hand with them being out in the day as well which meant it wasn't safe for me to go out there and mummy got very cross about it all she ended up getting pest control out and finally it looks like they have gone.Then she said no more of them getting in again so she has wire fenced it up like fort knox to deter them from getting in....there is no food for them to be attracted to it was just a nice nest spot under the shed.The hope is that if its difficult to get in and nothing to attract them then it should put them off....we hope!