Saturday 30 November 2019

November is at an End...But You know What Tomorrow Brings?

Crikey November is at an end which mean Thanksgiving for our friend across the pond has been and gone.I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

But Tomorrow is the 1st of December so we all know what starts tomorrow!My Christmas and Holiday Countdown Starts tomorrow for all of you to enjoy!So Join me your Santa Speedy for all the good things that it brings,We already have plenty of Seasonal stuff to start us off.Can't wait to show you!!!
Now you You all know the Drill about My Countdown but for those of you who don't,here's an Explanation of What happens!Every Year I do my Countdown I post everyday like a daily Advent Calendar.I post Christmas stuff from my Christmas House,Christmas themed and holiday themed places Mummy and me visit or places she has to do on her own as my roving reporter.But this is the best bit I also post any photo's of you and all your seasonal stuff,Christmas trees and dec's and then out of all your photos I pick my favourite 3 and they all get a little Christmas gift from me your very own Santa Speedy!
The rules are as follow:
1:You have from Now until 5am UK time on Christmas morning to get your photo's into me.
2: You can email them to rachel dot dejong at googlemail dot com
3:You can post them on my Facebook Event Here
4:All photos will be posted here on my blog and on my Facebook Event
5:All photos have to be Either Christmas themed or some other Holiday theme Celebrated at this time of year!

There You go Simple as that!

On the Hedgehog front Mummy Hedgehog started her deep winter sleep 2 days ago but we will leave some dry food in the food station in case she decides to wake up or some other Hedgehog decides to stop by for a snack....last 2 nights we just had the wood mouse stop by but that's ok we like our little wood mouse.
Pup is still doing well and slowly recovering from mange.She ate loads last night,the most she has since developing the mange.She had a whole tray of pate cat food and had 3rds of her dry food,which is really good.Pup has her final ivermectin injection on Monday so we will know if she has put on more weight too!

Anyway Don't forget to come back tomorrow as its Sunday Selfies and the start of my Countdown!

Sunday 24 November 2019

Hmmm lots to do and so little time to do it Selfie

Wow what a week....we've had rain....and then more rain....Then we had one lovely day so mum took me to one of my favourite places for a walk....and well it was blowy but at least the sun was out....

And while we were there this follow came to its gate to see me and mum....hehehe he came to see if mum had any snacks I think cause he kept going for her pockets but lucked out cause mum never has snack in her pockets but he still smothered us with kisses....
Anyway then the rain came back and we have had even more rain.....I am bored with rain now....Just saying! Mum has to finish putting up the Decorations today and then Monday I have to pay a visit to my vet...Its time for my next Vaccination and I have a lump growing on the side of my head that is starting to worry mum cause its getting bigger,its about the size of a kidney bean now....sigh!And then we have to take Pup to our local wildlife vet for his or her second injection for mange and see how pup is doing.And it look like Pup is a girl from this video so we will try to get confirmation on this too!

And  then mum is going back to work on Tuesday instead of Wednesday because they are short on staff....still when she finishes work on Friday she is one holiday for a week and a pray for some dry weather so I get to do some cool stuff!

Tuesday 19 November 2019 anybody Out there?

Gosh I hope you are all out there still.I know we're a bit sporadic with the Blogging but Mummy has been doing lots of work to get ready for my Christmas and Holiday Countdown which starts 1st of December.Mummy has lots of photos to get us started so we really are getting organised.

Now Remember you all need to send in photos of all your seasonal Holiday stuff and with you in them so we can see you all enjoying the Festive Cheer.We will post everyday from the 1st right through to Christmas day....of which you will have until about 5am UK time to get them in on Christmas Morning....cause that's when mum turns the PC on! And there will be a Facebook event on my Facebook page as well to help make it easier for you to send them in or there will be the usual email option too....we'll post that the last week end of the month to remind you all.And here's the most important favourite 3 will all get a little present from me to keep the festive cheer going a bit longer!

The other bit of news is about our Hedgehog of the Juveniles decided to wander off so we are left with the Mum and one Juvenile who Daddy has decided to call Pup.The really sad bit is Mum and dad went out on Sunday and when they came back there was a little Hedgehog  in the road this size of our Juvenile and it had been run over,we think it was the one that wandered off but we're not 100% sure.Pup moved into the greenhouse into a cardboard box so mummy moved on of the nest boxes in there for Pup....and because pup was still a bit under weight it was decided the best thing was to keep Pup in the back garden till Pup gets up to the right weight.Anyway mum put the trail camera in the greenhouse to see how Pup was doing and saw that pup has lost some fur on one side and has a few scabs.Pup went to the vets yesterday because of this and Pup has lost a little weight,but the fur loss and scabs is mange.So Pup has an injection and has to have 2 more each a week apart and after each treatment the nest box has to be cleaned out and fresh bedding put in.Luckily Mummy said its been caught early so it should be sorted out soon and Pup should feel a bit better in him or her self in a few days and shouldn't lose to much fur or spines....poor Pup.Pup's Mum is looking clear so far but she is being monitored via the trail camera and a new mini camera for the feed station.Anyway I guess you all want to see Pup Don't you?!

Monday 4 November 2019

Blog 4 Peace

Its November 4th the day when all like minded bloggers join together with one common goal to blog for change,change from the path that Human kind has set itself on to war and destruction. We see the signs of the destruction of our world daily from Global Climate change to extinction of our wildlife,to the pollution of our seas, air and land around us....
We can save our Beautiful world if every single person chooses to do it from the smallest thing by taking care of our wildlife in our gardens to how much we throw away in our trash,by living cleaner lives and by all of us respecting our world and the creatures that live on it.
                                           Let's Choose to do it Now!

Sunday 3 November 2019

I know its been a couple of weeks

Hay Guys! I know it's been a couple of weeks since I last hopped by to say hello but Mum took me on a road trip and then we had some bad storms. The Hedgehogs needed taking care of and we had an uninvited visitor turn up in the shape of a lone rat ,but he stopped coming again....seems he or she is afraid of the hedgehogs and mum had to clean up some mess made by the birds so all that kind of made the uninvited guest feel more than unwelcomed so no more visits. But we have some new guests at the Hotel Speedy for Hedgehogs. One of our regular big ones must of had some Hoglets sometime around the end of august beginning of september and with the bad storms last weekend she decided to move them to our garden to get ready for winter. But who would blame her for doing that I mean with 3 nice nest boxes to sleep in and a nice restaurant to dine in and the greenhouse to if they want it as well? So we have mum and 2 hoglets. The hoglets are sleeping in their own boxes though sometimes one will go in with mum and sometimes mum goes in with them just to check on them and they are hunting and feeding on their own so they are at that age where they aren't dependant on mum any more and living their own lives. The hoglets are Autumn Juveniles and around 350 grams they need to get up to around 500 grams over the next week or 2 to stand a chance of getting up to the ideal minimum hibernation weight of 600 grams. The trail camera is going out every night so we can keep a close watch on them so if they need help mummy can bring them in and pack them off to rescue if its needed. But with the food on offer and that they are finding their own food in the garden as well they should do alright....So I guess you want to see the Babies?

So their they are.The Hoglets have been here just over a week and they have grown a bit so keep your paws crossed the they continue to do well.

Now on to my road trip this is me settled in at my vacation digs nr Perranporth

 Then the next day we all went shopping in Newquay and stopped at this great park

Then the following day we went here Healey's Cyder was cool here

Then we went here Cornwall gold and Tolgus Tin Mill

And the last couple of days we spent here at Perranporth Beach

And we did some stuff for the Christmas Countdown when we got back too but I'm saving that for later but today I did this so here's a sneak preview...

Yep I went to see Santa Paws....Santa's Special Helper....these are just the unofficial sneak peeks!