Sunday 27 May 2012

Where did you go Speedy?

A sleepy Speedy this morning,but that did not last as when he went out for a run about this afternoon somebody left the gate to dads mums house open.Who decided to go on an adventure? Speedy that's who and his other Grandma found him in her house,in her lounge!But that's not the only place Speedy went as he was covered in dirty cob webs!Where did you go Speedy on your adventure?Not telling us are you as it your little secret.May be Lorna knows?TeeHee...teehee!

Saturday 26 May 2012

Speedys latest adventures!

Hi Speedy Here,I just wanted to update you on my adventures over the last couple of weeks.Mum and Dad went away for a holiday which meant somebody had to look after ME!So I went to Grandmas for a holiday which was all new and exciting.Grandma had me in the dinning room which was really cool as she has big patio doors which open into the garden so when the weather was good she opened up the gate on my pen and the patio door so I could run in and out as I pleased  which was Good fun as in the garden there is a big outdoor storage chest and there was a up turned big red tub so I could leap up onto the red tub then onto the chest to survey the garden then back down again,I love doing this so I would do that all the time.When the weather was bad I could run around the dining room and play with grandma.In the evenings Grandma would come and get me for a cuddle and would sit on the sofa with Grandpa but I liked to trampoline on Grandpa and Grandma cause it was very funny and they seemed to find it funny as they kept on laughing too.then one day Grandma forgot to put the cover on the top of the pen and I thought now its time for my Houdini act so I climb to the top of one corner the jumped down and I gave Grandma a scare and then gave her the run around as she chase after me to catch me but I laughed you can't catch me! till I got tired then she exclaimed finally Speedy I caught you,you are cheeky fellow!So now I'm back home with Mum and Dad as they went away with out me I have to give them some serious Disapproval as punishment but I did Have lots of fun....TeeHee!

Tuesday 8 May 2012

This is mine,all mine!

Speedy declares ownership of the house!He tries to be such a bossy boots."I hear you Speedy!But you're wrong.Its mine you just think its yours"silly bunny!

This is mine,do you hear me?!
A quick Heads up,Lorna from Fuzzy Creatures has done another bunny fiction and its a very funny and good read!check it out from my blog roll.

Sunday 6 May 2012

Speedy the runny rabbit

Run Speedy run run!Yesterdays fun below.Today he was a proper mini Houdini after being put in the bottom garden as the weather was not so great.That way he could go in the shed if he wanted.He busted the bottom of the gate trying to escape.Naughty Bunny!He just wants free roam of all of the garden front and back.But because he enjoys running around getting into scrapes he makes his feet sore from to much fun we can't let him,plus he likes going under the car to have little chew on it not good.So now its time to make sure we are one step or two ahead of our cheeky runny rabbit.So now the gate is fixed and reinforced he can't bust it open again.what mischief making will Speedy get up to next...Who knows...Maybe we should call him Houdini....TeeHee...

On your Marks!Get Set!

Run Speedy Run!

Friday 4 May 2012

Spot the Speedy

In the first photo Speedy is playing hide and seek and when we finished playing that we had a little visitor so now we play spot the visitor!Answers in the comments below

Spot the Speedy!
Spot the visitor!
And to top it all Speedy finally managed to escape from the front garden into the drive,Naughty bunny making me have to go chasing after him!

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Speedy and dinner...nom...nom

Speedy had a wonderful day today as the weather was lovely and warm and sunny .So mum and dad said to Speedy "make the most of this weather today Speedy as its not going to last more is due tomorrow so you might as well play out side all day today".And so he did ,then mum came out to join him in the garden as some of the bushes were over hanging the path and she wanted to trim them back a bit.So Speedy decided to help by bitting all the bottom bits for mum.After mum and dad had their dinner they brought in Speedy and took him up to his pen and now he was so hungry he wanted dinner!Nom....nom....nom....nom!


Tuesday 1 May 2012

Speedy's cardboard activity centre!

Here's Speedy's other new toy,a cardboard activity centre.With all the bad weather that we have been having Mum has been trying to make me new things to stop me from getting bored when I have my playtime inside.First dad made me a stick hidy tunnel then mum made me a red scarf to play with thanks to Lorna's idea in her story,then mum made me my paper snow balls and then she turned my hidy box into a activity centre with funny things hang off it and more paper snow balls inside it too!

And this is me pooped out from playing!