Sunday 6 May 2012

Speedy the runny rabbit

Run Speedy run run!Yesterdays fun below.Today he was a proper mini Houdini after being put in the bottom garden as the weather was not so great.That way he could go in the shed if he wanted.He busted the bottom of the gate trying to escape.Naughty Bunny!He just wants free roam of all of the garden front and back.But because he enjoys running around getting into scrapes he makes his feet sore from to much fun we can't let him,plus he likes going under the car to have little chew on it not good.So now its time to make sure we are one step or two ahead of our cheeky runny rabbit.So now the gate is fixed and reinforced he can't bust it open again.what mischief making will Speedy get up to next...Who knows...Maybe we should call him Houdini....TeeHee...

On your Marks!Get Set!

Run Speedy Run!


  1. If you give a bunneh an inch, they will want the whole yard. If you give them the whole yard EXCEPT for one inch, they will want that one inch. That is the bunneh way. :)

  2. *waves paw* Hi Speedy, bun-tastic blog!!! Thanks for the invitation, we think we may like to visit for a while xx ~Sweetie

  3. "Houdini!!" That is a perfect name for Speedy!!! Love it!

    1. He's getting strong now that he's grown and he's smart to a tricky combination

  4. @Fairy Castle Farm,Thanks for visiting Speedy he sends snuggles to Sweetie

  5. Hi Speedy! My girl and I saw you on Cat Chat and wanted to say hello! I've never had a rabbit for a friend before! You look like you could give me a run for my money! hehe!
    xo Katie (the cat) & Glogirly (the girl)

  6. Oooo LOVE LOVE the pictures! Speedy is a very handsome Houdini! My bun Twinkle is the same exact way...she has an ENTIRE room to herself, so what does she do? Hang out at the baby gate giving it THE STARE to make it levitate/move aside or just plain vanish. Curious, curious, curious!!
    ; ) x


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