Thursday 30 August 2012

Painted Speedy....silly boy!

Dad was painting the last fence panel ready to put it up and when it was finished dad left it to dry.Do you know what Speedy did?Speedy decided to nose around and inspect dad's work while it was still wet and got paint over his white fur.We tried to wash it out but it was to late it had dried so that meant snipping it out with scissors that was fun and games,Speedy struggle and wriggled and kept escaping but we managed to get it off.I didn't want Speedy trying to get it off him self.Silly boy!

What Have you done now Speedy!

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Look what my Dad did to me!

Look...Look what my Dad has done,he's trussed me up with my scarf,and look he didn't even put it on right! An indignant Speedy!"Mummy!Do something!!"Shouts Speedy"I'm coming Speedy oh my gosh what has Dad done now he hasn't even put it on right"Mum unties the scarf as Speedy struggles with it.

I'm not amused!

Sunday 26 August 2012

Speedy's weekend of fun!

Speedy had lots of fun over the last few days,nomming grass down the bottom of the garden and playin in his new hidy spot which Speedy points out I need a new shed!Trust a bun to spot that.Then Speedy escaped in to grandma's garden shed next door but had no camera with me for that!

I see you have the camera again!
I'm just having a clean in my hidy spot!
You need a new shed mum look!

Friday 24 August 2012

Caramel's life!

Caramel was the sort of bunny that had you laughing out loud at his antics.In the middle of the night if he felt I hadn't given him enough attention that he would give almighty big thumps that  it would frighten the hell out of me out of my lovely sleep or he would jump out of his pen and up on to my bed,at that time I was still living at home so he was in my bed room.That bun was a huge jumper he could easily jump over 3".if I was cleaning out his pen he would come up behind me and start nipping the back of my ankles until I scooped him up for a cuddle.
Then every day I would bring Caramel down stairs for a run around and in the summer the patio doors would be open and he would zoom around at full pelt taking a flying leap from the top step and zip around the garden back up through the patio door around the furniture in the lounge and skid to a halt by the door to the hall way he then would look at you with this funny wild look almost daring you to laugh,which I did  and off he would go again.In the winter the patio door would be closed and he would scratch at the door to go out and then did the same to come in.
Caramel loved chasing the cats and the dog just for the sheer hell of it and then other times especially in winter when its cold the fire would be on and they would all be stretched out in front of the fire having a snooze and then he would want a cuddle and he would hop over to me watching telly and jump up on to my lap and would sit on my chest giving me bunny kisses.If we were up stairs in my bedroom we would snuggle down under the quilt together and have a snooze.
When he was in a temper he would growl and bite but when he was in a loving mood it was cuddles and bunny kisses all the way.He could be a proper Houdini and a really cheeky boy too.
And then Caramel met the hubby,the hubby would put his hand in the pen trying to get Caramel to come over and would complain that "this rabbit doesn't do anything" I would say "don't tease him he'll only bite you" and the next thing there was a big yell "he bit me your rabbit bit me!" and what did I say you guessed it"I told you so" but when I moved in with the hubby they fell in love with each other having cuddles and fun together,but when I came home from work who did Caramel struggle to get to?Me and who do you think Caramel saved the bunny kisses for?Me,he was still my baby boy!
Then 2 years later after being treated for epilepsy Caramel woke us up he was having a big fit we would calm him down and it would stop but 2 mins later it started again so we took him to the vets where the vet gave him a tranquiliser hoping it would reboot the brain signals but it didn't work I was up all night with him in my arms watching him have fits on and off all night in the morning I was devastated I had to make the call it was no good,Caramel was suffering so there I was in the vets with him in my arms crying my eyes out  knowing it was time but that rabbit was a fighter right to the end three injections it took for him to pass and for his heat to stop but there wasn't any thing else I could do as he would have suffered as he started to shut down from the trauma of having fit after fit.I brought him back home and made a little coffin and made it all pretty with Christmas paper as it was nearly Christmas and when the hubby came home we buried Caramel it the bottom garden.we both thought we would die that day but we didn't but it was so empty at home with out him.So that's when Thumper came to us but that is another tale!

Saturday 18 August 2012

This is the tale of Caramel the Caramel coloured Lop came to live with me

So where do I start with this tale....Hmm I suppose at the beginning would be good!
I first met Caramel in this little shop,the lady who owned it mainly dealt with Aquariums and different types of fish but then she started selling Rabbits and small animals only a small selection as she was choosy about the breeders.Anyway she had this little lop that was about 8 weeks old she use to take him home everyday as he was poorly with bladder problems and she decided she was going to keep him as she felt he needed a special home.but every week I used to visit the shop with my mum and step dad as they where potty about tropical fish and they where setting up a big tank and after a while I would get a little board so I would look at the bunnies and small animals.And that's when I saw him this beautiful little lop who would hop over to me for a scratch and look up at me with adoring eyes,this is when I asked about him and found out about his problems and that he was not for sale because the owner did not want him dumped in a poky little hutch out side in someones Garden.I agreed with with her I told her if he was mine he would be a house rabbit.At the time this was a new concept in the U.K the owner she gave me a peculiar look but she scooped him up and gave him to me to cuddle,something I had never her do before with any one or any of the animals.Well he looked at me and I looked at him and that was it love at first sight and my first bunny kiss right on the tip of my nose.But then I had to put him back as we were leaving and then every week for about 4 weeks it was the same routine we would come back to the shop for my mum and step dad and I would have a cuddle with that little lop and then to my surprise my mum asked me if I would like that bunny for Christmas... and I know what you are all thing about that but I was in my twenty's and still living at home and not a kid. So Caramel came home to me a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Friday 17 August 2012

First there was Caramel,then Thumper,now Speedy!

First there was Caramel,then came Thumper,and now we have Speedy!That's our bunny history!

Caramel! Oct 1998-Dec 2003

Thumper! Oct 2003-Feb 1st 2012
Speedy! Born Oct 2011 came to us Feb 3rd 2012

Sunday 12 August 2012

Speedy wishes Daddy Happy Birthday!

"Morning Speedy do you know what today is?"when I greeted Speedy "No what day is it?" replied Speedy."Today is Daddy's Birthday!"I told Speedy"Shall we decorate your pen so when Daddy comes in you can wish him a Happy Birthday?"I asked Speedy and Speedy replied"Can we Mum it would be such good fun!And can we play games with Dad to?and to that I replied "Of course we can"
So after decorating Speedy's Pen,Speedy gave it a good looking over to make sure it was all perfect.Then Daddy came in and said" what's all this Speedy?"And Speedy came over to Dad and Said in his loudest voice"HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!"and gave Dad a birthday snuggle,Dad said "Thank you very much Speedy but do you know how old I am?" Speedy said "No Dad ,why how old are you?"It was then that Dad said with a bit of a solemn voice" Its my 50th Birthday today!"With that Speedy exclaimed"50? DADDY IS 50 TODAY!" with a very loud voice

Not Bad Mum!

What's This Mum?
That's Daddy's Birthday Cards!

Monday 6 August 2012

Speedy the hell beast!!

Even I'm scared!!!These were taken after Speedy had his stitches taken out.Be afraid be very afraid hay!
My pen


Friday 3 August 2012

The fruit crumble served with vanilla custard

Here's the fruit crumble with vanilla custard.Taste's good,yummy!For anybody in the U.S who wants British custard see my previous post with the recipe I have listed some retailers in America who sell it

Thursday 2 August 2012

Speedy's Mum makes a Fruit crumble

This is the Crumble that Mum made today,a fruit crumble.
The ingredients are:
Blackcurrants(from the garden)
Mixed spice or cinnamon
a few drops of vanilla essence
5 heaped teaspoons of sugar
Nice biscuits (cookies)crushed
Porridge Oats
Brown sugar

Peel and chop the pears and apples and pop in to a sauce pan add some water (enough to simmer in),the mixed spice or cinnamon,the vanilla essence and the 5 teaspoons of sugar,bring to the boil then reduce heat to simmer for about 30 Min's then reduce the mixture down to thicken or add a thickening agent to speed up process,pop the mixture into an oven dish.Crush the biscuits(cookies-Plain type no added extras in them like chocolate) then add the porridge oats and mix together adding a little bit of brown sugar to the mix,do enough to cover the fruit mixture about a cm deep then cook in the oven for about 45 Min's at 175centigrade.Serve with Vanilla custard.
For our American friends I have found some online sellers of British Custard
1:Simply Beautiful on they sell Birds Custard powder in 300g and 600g sizes.
2:The English Tea Store at htpp:// they Birds custard powder in 300g size.
3:British Food Shop at htpp/ they sell both sizes of Birds custard powder and Ambrosia Devon Custard ready made in a tin thats made in my neck of the woods.
the other option is to find an English or Irish store locally.Happy Hunting!