Thursday 29 November 2012

Look what my Mummy did today!

Mummy was very busy this morning making the back garden look Christmasy,and when she came in she was so cold she was freezing as last night we had a heavy frost and was very cold.So cold I wasn't allowed out side to play in the sunshine today,I had to play with Mummy in the kitchen,in the warm!
The view from the back door and kitchen window!
The view from upstairs from the back bedroom!


Wednesday 28 November 2012

Monday 26 November 2012

Speedy's Christmas Den!

After I finished work today I did my grocery shopping so I manage to pick up some Christmas Decorations for Speedy's Den,And I found a pretty Christmas stocking for him too!
I think after Speedy inspected my work he seemed to be happy with it all,we just need some presents now for his stocking! 

Saturday 24 November 2012

Our Christmas Tree and how my Dad did it too!

Mummy has been busy putting up the Christmas decorations  in our house as the weather has been to bad for her to do the lights out side.Any way here's a sneeky peek of our tree!
This is how my Dad used to do the tree,he always had a real tree and had special candle holders with candles instead but that was when I was 2 or 3 years old this is when this photo was taken and is the only one I have.My mum may have more.


Thursday 22 November 2012

Mummy's Christmas Cake!

Mummy has finally finished her Chrismas cake.....Tadaa!
Here's the Recipe:
350g/12oz self-raisng flour
1 tsp mixed spice
100g/4oz ground almonds
500g/18oz mixed dried fruit with peel
100g/4oz dried cranberries
100g/4oz of havled cherries
100g/4oz chopped nuts
4 eggs beaten
6tbs milk
2tbs brandy or rum-I used Apricot brandy
225g/8oz butter
10g/4oz castor sugar
100g/4oz of dark brown sugar

1.Sift the flour with the mixed spice the mix in the ground almonds.
2.Clean the dried fruit in a separate bowl.
3.In another bowl stir the beaten eggs ,milk and brand together.
4.In a large bowl cream the butter and sugars until light and fluffy,then stir in the flour a bit at a time with some of the egg mixture until all the ingredients combine to form a smooth batter.
5.Gradually stir in al the dried fruit and cherries and nuts,mix thoroughly.
6.Spoon in the mixture into a 20-22cm/8inch cake tin which hasbeen lined with greaseproof paper.
7.Preheat oven to 160c/325f/gasmark 3 bake for 1 hour then recuce heat to 150c/300f/gasmark 1-2 and continue to bake for another 3 hours.For Fan assist ovens bake at 160c for 1 hour and 2 hours at 150c.

The secret is then once cooled pour small amounts of the brandy onto  the top of the cake for three days then turn the cake upside down and do this for another three days keep wrapped in foil whilest "feeding the cake" with rum or brandy then place the cake on to a cake board marzipan the cake then use royal icing or fondant "ready roll" icing to decorate the cake and add other cake decorations to your hearts content leave to set for christmas!

On a foot note our friends in the US are celebrating Thanks Giving today so we would like to wish them all HAPPY THANKS GIVING!
Hope the cake give you food for thought...hehehe
xx Speedy and Mum xx

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Speedy and his Christmas adventure!

The Christmas tree was up and looking all pretty with its decorations and fairy lights.In fact the whole house was looking all pretty with lights twinkling everywhere and decorations glistening in the light!Speedy was so excited as he thought about it all"It will soon be Christmas Day...hmm I wonder what Santa's like and all his reindeer?"as Speedy hopped in to his magic closet he was supposed to be paying Micky a visit but first he had to pick up Freddie the gerbil from his Auntie Lorna.Speedy poked his nose out of the door of the closet having a little sniff yes this is Freddie house and there was Freddie scampering along "Speedy! Where are we going?"Speedy replied "We're going to Micky's and then off for an adventure.Come on on to my shoulders Freddie!"and with that Freddie scampered up and sat on to Speedy's neck.Speedy hopped back into the magic closet and then it happened Speedy was so excited he forgot about where he was going,the closet where he end up was strange full of big winter coats and big black boots when Freddie whispered"Speedy where are we?"Speedy shrugged "donno Freddie lets take a look"Speedy popped his nose out the door Mmmm nice smell he thought so he hopped out of the door and saw Santa sat at a table eating his breakfast.Then Santa looked up and what did he see....Speedy with Freddie on his shoulders"Hello what do we have here,a rabbit and a gerbil what a strange thing?"Speedy gulped followed by Freddie"Ooh Santa I'm sorry I was excited about Christmas and you and the reindeer and made a mistake I was supposed to be going to my friend Micky's house but ended up here...I supposed I'm on your naughty list now"Speedy head hanging down looking all glum,then Freddie squeaked"Me too"looking a little sad.
      Santa laughed a big deep rumbling laugh "hohohoho not to worry Speedy these things happen, come on you wanted to see the reindeer didn't you?"Both Speedy and Freddie looked up looking all excited and their nose's wriggling excitedly follow Santa to the stables and there they all were with Rudolph at the front looking a little glum.Speedy asked Santa"What's wrong with Rudolph?"Santa told Speedy and Freddie how Rudolph had a nasty cold and was hoping to be better for Christmas eve night,Both Speedy and Freddie wished Rudolph get well wishes,"Santa we had better get going as we still have to go and see Micky before going home"Santa chuckled "Well you had better get going,be good you two" with that Speedy and Freddie hopped back into the closet and carried on to Micky's.Micky grumbled"what took you two so long!You've missed half the game!"So the three of them settle down to watch the last of the game,when the game finished Speedy and Freddie told Micky what happened how they ended up in Santa's closet,Micky looked at them both not quite believing them.
     Speedy took Freddie back home and then arrived back in his home feeling tired and happy stretched out and promptly went to sleep.Then a few days later Speedy could hear someone coming out of the was Santa!"Uh Speedy about that magic closet?"..........

Saturday 17 November 2012

All sorts of fun things!

There have been all sorts of fun thing this week Mollie and Alfie Christmastized me!

Then I had a Post Card from my friends Megan and Maddy!

And then Mummy has started a new Blog for all her Hobby stuff The things I Create and Make there is a link to the Blog on the side bar too

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Now to celebrate!

Things have been so busy here and then my stupid eye misbehaving that I sort of put on hold some awards that I have received form 2 friends so today its all about these.
First was this award from my friend Nerissa at Nerissa's Life,its called Bring on the Nip Award!

This award is for celebrations,my eye is feeling better Yippee! and my friends Megan and Maddy sent me a funny post card with I will post later,
now who shall I give it to...Hmmm...
Remey at One Blue Dog
Cody at Cat Chat
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Brian's Home
Mollie and Alfie
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Misadventure's of Misaki
Ra Husky
Katie at Glogirly
Miami River Front Cats
Now go have a party!

Now to the next award that my new friends Mollie and Alfie gave to me

Hmm....who to give this one to.....I know!
Voices for Rabbits
Lalis and Nader in Bunderland
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Please go visit my friends,you'll have fun!

Monday 12 November 2012

Goldie RIP-A Houseful of Rabbits

Our Thought and Prayers Are with House of Rabbits as our friend Goldie has passed over the Rainbow Bridge,we shall miss that Golden Fluffy Girl and her adventures with her boy Benji.We shall see you again Goldie our Golden Princess!
Run free baby girl!

Sunday 11 November 2012

Remembrance Sunday....For those Fallen but never Forgotten!

Remembrance Sunday for Those that have Fallen but never Forgotten,
For Those still Serving and Protecting our Freedom!
Our Service Men and Women and our Loyal Service Animals Across the world! 

Saturday 10 November 2012

Appeal for Tonx the Guinea pig Update!

Tonx the guinea pig has been confirmed with bladder stones as she has passed a nasty one,how ever the good news is she is in less pain and is almost back to her normal self.
her owner is still waiting on the test results to find out the cause and to to fix it with the correct preventative treatment.And hopefully Little Tonx won't have to pass anymore stones.
We'd like to thank you for all of your support and donations and for anybody wishing to continue with help to pay for Tonx's Vet treatment donation's can be made via the Special Bunny Web Site on their donation page,please indicate the donation is for "PIGGY" when you review your donation in the add comment box.
We also thank Special Bunny and their Cinderella fund in helping Tonx,We also Thank Brian from Brian's Home for posting this Appeal on his rescue blog and Remey from One Blue Dog for post the Appeal on Facebook and Twitter.

                                      Thank you so much from
Brandi from Voices for Rabbits ,Speedy and my self, And of course Little Tonx and her owner.

Thursday 8 November 2012

Urgent Appeal for Tonx a guinea pig in need! UPDATED!

Today a friend of Speedy's was contacted to try and get help for a little female Guinea pig called Tonx who is in a lot of pain and is in need of medical help the poor little mite appears to have kidney or bladder stones.The owner is in difficulties her self and is unable to pay for the help for her little friend needs.Lets see what we all can do to get this help Guinea pig if and body can help with donations or or knows any one who can give the medical help please contact Brandi at Voices for Rabbits or the Etherbun community.
Having had a rabbit with Bladder stones I know how painful this can be Lets all work together to get the help that is needed!
                                                 Thank you
                                               From your Friends
                                             Speedy and His Mum

Donations can be made through SpecialBunny Web Site Via pay pal on their donation page,please indicate the Funds are for "PIGGY" or email them on their contact form telling them about your donation and that it is for Guinea pig as they have agreed to help where they can and act as the intermediary between the funds collected and the vet.
Speedy and I have left a donation at Special Bunny,this was very easy to do,when you review your donation leave the PIGGY indication where its says's add comments on your order,Thank you all for your Help,Speedy and Mum

Tonx the guinea pig is receiving pain killers to make her more comfortable and tests have been started but she still needs us and our help so that her treatment can continue,please join me in helping little Tonx through this awful time,Thanks again Speedy and Mum.

Monday 5 November 2012

5th November Guy Fawkes Night!

Today is 5th November Guy Fawkes night the anniversary of the Gun Powder plot to blow up the House's of Parliament!

Sunday 4 November 2012

Speedy's Blog Blast For Peace!

All we need is to live in harmony with respect for our fellow humans and fur friends
                             DONA NOBIS PACEM "Grant Us Peace"

Friday 2 November 2012

Look what my Friend Nellie has given me!

Nellie on her heating pad

My Friend Nellie from Cat From Hell has given me a new Award its called 7 things about me!She's great ,Nellie is an official Queen cat from hell.Pay her a visit and read all about her!

It has some rules,first I have to say who gave it to me next I have to tell 7 things about me that you don't know and then I have to give it to 7 friends.Here's the 7 things about me.
1:I bit one of Mummy's laces in her hiking boots in half and she didn't find out until she put them on when she was on vacation!hehehe!
2:I like to cuddle in the mornings in bed with Mummy under the quilt.
3:I love Peanuts!
4:I don't like cold,wet,windy weather!
5:I like jumping on Mummy.
6:I love to tug on Daddy's trousers.
7:I love to have party's to celebrate any occasion!

Now to give this Award to my Friends!
1: Clovie Boy
2: Brian's home
3: Glogirly
4: Rabbits Eat Quilts
5: The Qi Papers
6: Ra Husky
7: Nerissa's Life

Go visit my friends and have fun!
And to top this Nellie has also made this icon for me too!How cool!

Update On Lucky Hogwartz the hedgehog we believe he is hibernating as he didn't eat his dinner last night and the last couple of days he has only eaten a little bit of his diner.