Sunday 30 March 2014

Roll Up Roll Up for the biggest Fund Raiser Ever done in BlogVille!

Last week we asked you all to dig deep to help our friend Amy get to BlogPaws ,How ever Amy and her Family received some news and she has now had to pull out for family reasons,we can't tell you the full reason in order for Amy and her family can have some privacy.Our thoughts and Prayers are with Amy and her family at this time.However she did want us Mollie and my self to continue with the Auction and to give the proceeds to charity and good causes.

Amy wanted some funds to go to a Guinea pig sanctuary called " The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary " which Specialises in dental issues in Guinea Pigs,Then there is the The Rabbit Residence Sanctuary that we were trying to help with Amy's fund raiser too! But Why stop at 2 we thought why not make it a lucky Number so here is No.3 And that is our very own Nylablue that we all know and love, with all of her illnesses we thought we could give her some help too.

So This is the Challenge we have set to Make this the Biggest Fund Raiser in Blogville and for that we need you! First to go on the hunt and dig deep for some great lots for the Auction,second is to spread the word through Face Book and your own blogs and any other Social media communities you are part of ,and three then comeback and bid in the Auction to help raise lots of Dosh,Bucks and what ever to Help these three worthy cause's.....Cause 3 is a lucky Number Right?!!!
1: The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary
2: The Rabbit Residence Sanctuary
3: Our very own friend Nylablue

                                        So this is your Mission should you choose to accept!!!!
                                       Lets make this the biggest fund raiser in blogville together!
                The deadline has been extended till we can come up with enough lots for the Auction!

Saturday 29 March 2014

A Rabbit is For Life Not Just For Easter!

Following on from our last post we continue with the campaign for rabbit awareness with the more serious side.                                      
                                        A Rabbit is For Life not just For Easter!

With Easter around the corner its time to campaign about parents buying a cute little fluffy pet Rabbit for their children for Easter.Owning a pet rabbit is a lifetime commitment and you need to ask your selves a series of questions first before you indulge the whim of your children by getting that rabbit:
Are your prepared to take care of the rabbit for 8 to 10 years or longer?
Are your children old enough to look after this cute living creature?
Are you prepared to clean it out daily?
Are you prepared to do research on the correct diet for a rabbit?
Are you prepared to play with your rabbit daily?
Can you provide a safe place for your rabbit to run about ,an area 10" by 10"square minimum?
Can you provide housing big enough for it to hop around?
Can you wash his or her bottom when they get soft poops stuck to it?
Are you prepared to get is neutered or spayed?
Are prepared to get it vaccinated and health checked?
Are you prepared to worm your rabbit against parasite every 3 months?
And when your rabbit is sick are you prepared to nurse maid it by syringe feeding it,syringe feed medication,even inject subQ fluids to keep it hydrated till it feels better?
Do you have a rabbit Specialist vet?
Can you afford to pay for everything a Rabbit needs?
And the most important question you need to ask your selves is are you children able to do all of this and be able to hold it with out causing injury to your rabbit?
And will you do all of this when you and your children get bored with their pet rabbit or think it is a horrible animal because they got bit by the rabbit because they can't take care of it properly?
If you can say Yes to all of the above then go for it you will have the most amazing fun pet to love.
But If you realistically can't say yes to all of these questions then don't indulge that whim from your children and buy a real fluffy living eating pooping mood swinging Rabbit for Easter!
Buy one of these instead:
This is a personalised soft Bunny from My 1st Years and is part of their range of Easter Baby Gifts they are supporting the campaign about Bunnies being for life in conjunction with The Rabbit Residence Sanctuary here in the UK with 5% of all sales from their Easter Bunny Collect going to the Sanctuary.
You can Also visit the Rabbit Residence own Blog Big Ears Tiny Tales here.

Thursday 27 March 2014

How Speedy got his Name

I was Recently contacted by Email by My 1st years to Help them with their My 1st Years Easter Bunny Campaign to raise awareness that a pet Rabbit is for life an 8 to 10 year commitment or even longer and not just a toy for Easter.And you know I jumped at the chance to help.

So to kick start the Campaign they have created a collection of  Easter Baby Gifts of which 5% of sales from this Collection will be going to The Rabbit Residence it is one of the few Rescues here in the UK that Specialises in just Rabbits and where I live in the south west the only on I could find was in Wiltshire but that is miles away.Oh don't get me wrong there are plenty of animal shelters and rescues that take in rabbits and all other pets but not that specialises in Rabbits,Which surprised me when I was looking for a pet Rabbit after my last one crossed the rainbow bridge.

And so We found Speedy with a local chap who rescued rabbits and other animals from Auctions to Reptile breeders and pet food trade and he did this of his own accord I realised later that the man was in my year at school small world huh?But Many of you often wonder How Speedy got his name well on the off chance we had been watching videos on youtube and there were some called Speedy in these videos which we thought were cute but you couldn't tell if they lived up to the name as they were always filmed in their cage and at the time we still had our old boy Thumper.But then Thumper crossed the rainbow bridge and of coure we found this cute little white bunny with brown ears and nose and as we were driving home we were disscusing names lots of diferent ones not even thinking about those videos we saw when the Hubby said out of the blue I know he looks like a "Speedy" and when we got home and popped him in Thumpers old pen we could see that Speedy was built for running at high speed as he has a flap of skin on his belly near his back legs which allows him to stretch his long legs out further when running it seems wild rabbit and Rex rabbits both have this flap of skin which makes sense seeing as the french breed Rex rabbits from wild rabbits they found to natural have the short coat and curly whiskers but all the the phyical trait they have kept from their wild cousin.So the name Stuck and he seemed to come to that name to so that was it Speedy had his name......hahaha it was only later we realised just how true to his nature Speedy's name was and when he was running at full speed boy was he fast!

As part of the Campaign this is video.And here is the link to Big Ears and Tiny Tales the Blog for The Rabbit Residence,you should take a look at some of the bunnies there.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

Well its that time again, its Wednesday again and that means another Disapproving Bun and today's Star is ME! mum went back searching through the archives for my ultimate Disapproval photo and here it is....
Scary huh!

So if you need some more Bunny Disapproval then head over to Disapproving Bun

We really need some more bunny disapproval photos other wise mummy will keep putting me in in here so please send them in to my mummy at rachel dot dejong28 at googlemail dot com.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Roll up Roll up !!Hehehe had to borrow that!

As you all know we are trying to get Amy from Hutch a Good Life to Blogpaws and Mollie and Alfie are working with us on the Auction to raise a bit of dosh to help her get there.

She is going to escort Flat Mollie while she is there....hehehe that should be fun...hehehe I wonder if Mollie Snores?Hehehe.....
Any way we still need some more stuff for the Auction cause Amy really can't walk all the way and I can't take her through the magic closet as she won't fit...hehehe.
As you know Mollie is Auction off her Bra and knickers set...hehehe she is such a cheeky girl!

And we have put some nice stuff in too but I am also going to Auction of my Red Scarf too as Worn by me

So if you can donate some fun stuff please email me at rachel dot dejong28 at googlemail dot com or Mollie at belneameadow at gmail dot com with your items,blog addy and starting price and if you will pay postage or not no later than 30th March!

Hehehe I wonder who will bid on Cheeky Mollies Undies? Hehehe this is going to be fun!

Monday 24 March 2014

I guess we are all dorks at times

I guess we are all dorks some times,me included..I vented my anger which I might add most normal people would, but I didn't want to point any direct fingers at those that made me angry,because at the end of the day I do love their blogs and deep down they are good people,and I didn't want any body to stop following them because of this situation But I did want them to understand that the over stepped the code I have for friendships maybe I expect to much sometimes who knows...
I don't mind people say silly  or misunderstanding or even mean comments to me but I felt because there was no reaction from me,so they went a step further by doing it to another when I control what's written on this blog with out letting me clarify what I have written or even re-word it,and then you get messages begging you to do something about because of not so nice comments,so that is what made me so cross...some times things happen and I go in to a rage...not just any kind of rage...its the type of Ice cold rage of a winter snow storm that rage's on for a few days....the type that makes you think oh crap time to batten down the hatches and run for cover.....doesn't happen very often....but it does happen...I am human after all.So in the that storm I cut off my connections to them so I wouldn't say anything hasty or anything I would regret later on.
So this is where my Dork moment comes in...I am new to FB and I really don't understand how it all works there's me thinking I am having a private chat when I said to a friend after she was recommending friends,and one of those was Michelle at my three moggies and I am going to say what I said and that was "I'm a bit peeved at Michelle at the the moment but the others would be good" or something along those lines,not meaning to be nasty or bad mouth her in any way or even upset her because I didn't realise till later on that it was live,when I did realise I tried to fix it and the gadgets went wrong and I couldn't quite fix it and the whole time I was thinking Crap I'm a twerp.That was the only thing I said nothing more just a simple statement of fact that I was peeved with her.It wasn't meant to be horrible it was just a simple statement of fact,which I might add I have fixed now that the gadgets are working again.and I said I was sorry and I mean it ,and I also mean when I say when it comes to understanding how FB works I am a twerp.
So the ones that misunderstood me were Michelle and Stella and as I said I didn't want any body going on their blogs and being mean to them there which is why I tried to keep their names out of it,because they are good people and they do have great blogs which I continued to follow with Speedy even though I was in my winter storm.
So please don't give them a hard time,Just because I was angry at the time,because that would only make me cross again because in this instance I would fight for them too,because even though this happened I still consider them friends,may be not close friend at the moment but friends all the same and we are trying to work this out.
So lets draw a line under this sorry affair and and start a new.

Saturday 22 March 2014

We're Baack!!And Fighting!

We Back and Fighting and Mama has her Mo Jo back!

We want to Thank you for all your support dear friends,I'm not sure that we would have made it through this with out you and BlogPaws them selves because they sent the most wonderful email still brings tears and sniffles when we think about it.Because we are still in the running for the Award for Best Other Pet Blog,that's right They wouldn't replace us,the Judges picked our blog because they love what we do and begged us not to give up and get back to doing what we do best!

We did nothing wrong in asking for help to get to BlogPaws and though it is to late for me to still go its not to late for Amy so I am going to fight and campaign to get her there and for that I need you help too.I have started to hear back from the company's that I contacted but I have to send my sponsor ship request to a different dept so I will take that as a good sign.But it won't be enough I feel because there are no guarantees that they will be able to help.
So I am going to do a new Gofund me page because it will help good cause's along the way too and people all over the world use it to raise funds for once in a life time trips to ballet dance lesson's for their kids as well as for charity too and those of you who don't believe me you should go on to the site and see for your selves's what Go Fund Me is used for.So if you feel you can help and want to help even if its only a pound or two feel free to donate, how ever if you would rather help in other ways this is where you can I want to arrange for a raffle and and auction to help raise funds to get Amy to BlogPaws as she took most of the horrid and negative comments because of my post asking for help and you know what that still makes me cross,no one should have to take that because of me and what I write on my blog.
So if you can donate nice items for the raffle and Auction that would be great those of you who have done this sort of thing before can you contact me as I have never done something like this before so some help with that is needed.Lets work together and put those mean comments into the trash where they belong!
So can you Help Me with Mine and Speedy's Mission to get our dear friend Amy to BlogPaws?
The Total amount we need to raise with sponsors and the raffle and Auction plus help from her own family is
£1200 and that is the amount I will put on the GoFund Me page as News of funds from her family and Sponsors come in I will put an adjustment on that figure,I am not asking you all to come up with all that amount just help with part of it and if we go over that amount that will be donated to the Rabbit Residence rescue here in the UK and if we fail to get enough what ever we raise here will go to them too!
So what do you think Can you help me and Speedy get Amy to BlogPaws?

 And to those of you who don't like what I am doing you come to ME and Speedy and you leave Amy alone!We have a saying Hell hath no fury like a Disapproving Bun and His Mum!
And here is our donation to the raffle and Auction a stirling silver earing and necklace set that I was going to sell in our shop and a set of 5 Speedy birthday cards!

Thursday 20 March 2014

Taking a Break! Update

Just letting you know that we are taking a break from posting in Speedy's blog and I know that being a blogpaws finalist I shouldn't be doing that but I have solved that too as I have in formed them to replace us,We don't want to win it.I am honoured to have been considered but when I started this blog for Speedy it was supposed to be fun well this week hasn't been fun,quite frankly its been horrible.Nearly all of you have been great and I consider you friends,but a couple of you assumed I was asking all of you to pay for the trip to blogpaws which wasn't true Not once did I ask you for money but I did ask you for help and ideas for finding Sponsors.I put a link for a gofund me page on a post,that wasn't for you that was for my family who are dotted all over the world so I wouldn't have to email every single one of them,but again a couple of you assumed the opposite.I don't have to explain my family circumstance's to any one.Have you been on the gofund me home site? It actually says that it is for things like this not just good cause's because when you use them they charge you for using them and out of that charge they give a portion to charity but I guess you didn't know that either.But this whole experience has upset me and made me angry you know who you are the ones that had a go at me with out checking out the facts and I'm not going to mention who you are either because it isn't worth mentioning but remember this is my blog not yours and you have no right to have a go at me with out checking the full story.
So I am taking a break because its not fair to just go through the motions to the rest of you,We will still be reading the blogs of the rest of you and saying hello.But we will be back it may be a few days or a week or two but we will be back.And we don't want you to think we are abandoning you because we aren't.

I'll leave you with these cute photos.
Last note on this experience I have had an apology from one they are saying it was a misunderstanding but my answer is if you are a friend you tell them you may be misreading or misunderstanding something and then work together to make things clearer not make snap judgements

Sunday 30th March:
We Just want to say thank you for all your kind comments,you are all wonderful anipals and people and we love you guys,xx Speedy and Rachel

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

Well Wednesday is here again so its time for another star but this week we have 2 stars the first one is Panda

and the second one is Chloe
"Look Hoomin I really hope you don't thinks I'm just going to sit here so you can have clear TV?"

Both are from the same mum who is on instagram @pandanchloe , thanks Marcia.

Don't forget to hop on over to Disapproving Bun for some more disapproving bunnies.

and Don't forget to send in you photo's of you bunnies disapproving to my mummy at [email protected].

Monday 17 March 2014

RIP Chico,Binky free little buddy

It is with heavy heart that today we learned our little buddy Chico crossed the Rainbow bridge on Sunday our thoughts and prayers are with his wifebun Zoey and his family Human and Fur kind a like.
And we Say good bye to the House of Rabbits with love and understanding with their wish to enjoy their last times together in Privacy.We love you all and shall forever miss you,xx Speedy and Rachel and Friends

Happy St Patrick's Day!

          Happy St Patrick's Day to you all and we hope you find your pot of gold!

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

OMG Wednesday has come again so its time for another Star,She is Kawaii ,she and her mum follow me on instagram.Kawaii's mum had permission from her dad to send this to me but because of her age I won't be sharing her details.Kawaii is only a baby but shows lots of promise at being a great disapprover.
                          " I suppose this box will have to do! "

                  " And Mum do you have to hold me up like this? "

If you need some more Disapproving Bunnies the hop on over to Disapproving Bun

Don't forget to send in your Disapproving Bunny photos to my mummy at [email protected] so we can keep up this feature!

Monday 10 March 2014

Bacon and Nylablue's Date with a little help from me

Well Today is the Day for Nylablue and Bacon's hot date but as they are both my friends and Nylablue had been very poorly during our job at mission control for Sammy's Moon mission,I thought I would help both my friends out with the transportation,after all travelling by closet has its uses...nice and quick and no effort...perfect for Nylablue.
First thing was to pick up Bacon,I popped my head out of the closet saying "are you ready?" hehehe I guess he was in for a surprise with travelling by closet as was Nylablue when we arrived at her place and boy was she excited to see us,after a little introduction to Sherri-Ellen Nylablue's mum we were off.I had a limo out side ready for me to drive them around in style.

"Hold on tight back there you two"I said as I drove in to a large Closet,

with a whoosh we arrived.Bacon and Nylablue Exclaimed what was that with me chuckling up front "hehehe Just a little magic my friends".climbing out of the limo I told them where we were

"At the Temple of Angkor Watt!"This was a lovely surprise for Nylabue as a while back I promised to bring her here and what better than to bring my friend Bacon too for a memorable date so we explored the temple and it seemed like we were the only ones there,and around the other side we found the most magical lake.
Nylablue and Bacon sat down just enjoying the view when we all heard a rumbling in Bacon's belly and we all laughed even Nylablue said she was a bit peckish too so taking them to a lovely quiet spot where I had a picnic all laid out for them with all their favourite nibbles I left them to it and waited at the limo after all three's a crowed.
When they were ready they came and found me "Ready for the last bit of your date then" and they both giggled climbing back into the limo after another whoosh we had arrived they climbed out while I stayed at the limo.
They played and chased Butterflies for what seemed like an age but all to soon it was time to take them back home,two very happy friends I had made.

To see more go over and see Bacon and Nylablue's

Sunday 9 March 2014

Today is our 2nd Bloggerversary

Wow can you believe it its been 2 years today that this blog has been running?It has been an amazing 2 years of sharing Speedy with you all so thank you all who follow us thought Blogger ,wordpress,google+ ,email and now instagram,you are all amazing too!We have made such a lot of friends this past 2 years and this constantly amazes me that so many of you could fall in love with one cute cheeky little Bunny named Speedy when you all have cute lovely pets of your own to love.
A few weeks ago a new follower nominated us for "Best other Blog" at the Blogpaws Nose to Nose awards and I never thought for any instant the we would win or even be considered to be among the finalists, well last night I had an email from Blogpaws telling us that we are a Finalist and today I went on their site to see who else made the grade and was amazed to see we are one of 4 finalist with our Friends from "Hutch a Good life" and "My Mini Pet Pig" the other finalist is "Horse VA".We are truly humbled and honoured by this news and the saddened a little too as I so want to go to Blogpaws and I can't as the cost to travel from the UK to Las Vegas where Blogpaws is being held is out of my reach so I need some body who is going to Blogpaws to represent me and my Boy any of you feel up for the Job?The Job of representing that Cheekiest of Rabbits may be the cheekiest in the world ,certainly one of the cheekiest at any rate...So are any of you up for that special responsibility of Representing Sir Speedy The Cheeky House Bunny,Pirate and Buccaneer and Captain of the SS Speedy and Knight of the Realm of Speedom?
                                         "I NEED YOU!"

Saturday 8 March 2014

Love's Magic By Killarney Sheffield

We recently was contacted by Killarney Sheffield to help her with publicising her new book,as she loves Speedy's blog and his cheeky character.We decided to help her as the appeal for her new Novel with a rabbit playing a important role and that there was pirates too was something that struck accord with both my self and of course our Speedy.So we would like to introduce you to Killarney Sheffield and her new historical romantic adventure novel "Loves Magic"

Love's Magic is a romance adventure written by Killarney Sheffield it was written around the character of a Holland Lop called Dexter and a young woman who is also a magician.
" Combine one unorthodox female magician a not so innocent rabbit,a map to a fabled treasure,a Duke on a mission,a band of blood-thirsty pirates and you have mayhem in the making! " is how Killarney Sheffield describes her new book.
Celeste Summers is a self-reliant vegetarian magician and her side-kick is a mischievous black rabbit named Dexter,a mixture that can get you burned at the stake in 1820.
All Lord Deviln Rutland wants is to see Celeste wed as his father instructed,but playing match maker to a girl who may not be playing with a full deck of cards is not easy.
Celeste sees an opportunity to foil his plans when she comes across a map to a pirate's treasure,but Devlin is after the same booty.Foolishly,she bargains with a stranger,finds her self at the mercy of pirates and in need of Devlin's aid.
Devlin comes to the rescue but he has an ethical dilemma.He can ensure Celeste honour's her betrothal, or set her free with the treasure and his heart.His only other choice is to persuade her Love's Magic is enough to bind them together.
Celeste must decide between treasure, or something worth so much more:Devlin's Love.

This Killarney Sheffield: I am a former natural horsemanship trainer and coach, turned award winning multi published historical romantic adventure author.I has been and animal lover all my life and evidence of this seems to work its way in the my books.For example "Through Gypsy's Eyes" is set in the 1800's England,but has an unusual character ,Jester, the eye seeing pony.Yes you heard right.It started with a beloved family Shetland Pony and a show I saw on Animal Planet about a lady who trains miniature pony's as guide pony's for the blind.Because horses and other animals are close to my heart "Jester" threatened to take over and Quite literally run away with the it.

The same too with my newest historical romantic adventure "Loves Magic".The story about a female Magician,and what magician is complete with out the rabbit they pull out of their hat?In reality Dexter the black Holland lop in the story was my son's favourite pet, and a true character in his own right.He was always good for a laugh and just oozed charm.Keep him in a cage?Yeah, right!Yes Dexter could give Houdini a run for his money any day. So you see I just couldn't help but include him in my 14th published historical romantic adventure "Love's Magic".

Every one has that pet or pets that have so much personality they stand out and steal the show right?
Be it a cat, dog,horse,rabbit or what have you, they make you laugh, smile and sometimes even cry.They love you and you love them.Unconditional love; that is what my romances are about after all and the best example of that comes from animals.So you see, as a farm gal and animal lover, romance novels and animals seem the perfect match.Sometimes I even have to ask myself just who is the hero here anyway?
Killarney Sheffield Blog
Killarney Sheffield book list with

And its Available Now  Love's Magic available on in all formats

We have not been compensated in anyway for this post ,we are publicising this book because we like the view of having a rabbit playing a main character this view is our own opinion and we will be getting this book

Thursday 6 March 2014

sunshine award and Field of Flowers Award

from Nylablue and her mum
So the rules of the award are:
Thank the Blogger that gave it to you...Done
Pass it on to 10 more Blog friends,So Drum roll please......
Two French Bull Dogs Lily,Edward and Angel Benny, Trout talkin Tabbies , The Wiggles Worth Connection , Ruckus the Eskie , Sparkle the Designer Cat , Nerissa's Life my pal Nissy , Molly the Wally , Love is Owned by a Husky all the pack , Brian's Home , Katz and Other Tales.

And finally tell Ten things about my self....Hmmm this is tricky as you know so much about me....I think I will let mummy help with this one,
1:I love cuddling with mummy every morning before she gets up and every evening while she's watching tv in bed.
2:When I am cuddling in bed with mummy I always flop and roll up side down and fall fast asleep.
3:Mummy has me on a diet and I have lost about 1/2 a kilo...still have at least another 1/2 kilo to lose.
4:I love to run around with mummy upstairs during play time.
5:Daddy tries to sneek me extra treats when mummy isn't looking but always gets caught...hehe
6:Mummy loves Vampire Movies and tv programs.
7:Mummy to do creative things from cooking to card making to painting and more.
8:Mummy loves warm sunny days but hates cold wet ones.
9:Would love to have a rescue for Bunnies....if only she could afford it.
10:And Mummy says the only thing she dislikes is stupidity of the human race....hmm knot sure what she means about that...

and from Dog Daz just what we need after the terrible winter storms of rain here in the UK and Snow in the US.Thank you so much we love it.
So I shall Pass it on too:
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this is for the Thoughtless Thursday Blog Hop hosted by Love is Owned by a Husky and Ruckus the Eskie.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

Its hard to believe the Wednesday has come around again so this weeks star is Mummy's Last Bunny Thumper.He was a black and White Dutch that mummy said from the day she and daddy got him till he was about 3 years old was a mean grumpy growling bunch who would give a good chomping just be cause he could and then all of a sudden he changed and be came a loving cuddle bunny but still gave a good chomping on those he didn't like or trust.Bellow is one of the first photo's taken of him when he was quite young.
                   " This chair used to be grandmas its now mine! "
This next photo is the last one taken before he crossed the rainbow bridge.
                         " What the Heck is this Mum..Dad..? "
And this one was the first photo we took of him as a baby!
                        " Where's My dinner?...I can't see it "

Don't forget we need your photo's of your Bunnies in their best disapprovel mode so please send them in to my mummy at [email protected]

Saturday 1 March 2014

Mission Control :Sammy's Moon Mission the return trip

After A final look at the view from the Moon its time to go Home again!

Mission Control to Captain Sammy Blast off in 5..4..3..2..1!

This is Mission Control to Captain Sammy " Your return trip is on course and looking good from here,The ground crew and retrieval team are on stand by!We'll see you soon " Nylablue and Miss Sherri-Ellen and Speedy Standing by.

This is Mission Control to Captain Sammy " Great Landing!Welcome Home Everyone! " Nylablue and Miss Sherri-Ellen and Speedy at Mission Control signing out.