Wednesday 31 July 2013

A visit from my Fun sweet friend Nellie!

Today I had a fun visit from my Friend Nellie from Cat from Hell ,I met her at the door all excited,I love Nellie and love it when she comes to visit me,cause she's great fun!
first we played in the garden while mummy cooked Nellie her favourite dinner Tuna fish cakes and salad for my dinner.

Then we played chase around the house and ended up in my favourite play spot under the bed!it's Nellie's favourite place too!

Followed by playing with my paper and shredding it all up,we made a bit of a mess under the bed but mummy didn't mind!She said as long as we had fun it was OK!

Isn't mummy great for not minding!I wish Nellie could have stayed She's just fun to have around and great for snuggling up to too!But she had go and visit her Pal Austin!
Come Back soon for another visit Nellie!
To see more about her fun day visit Nellie atCat from Hell (off to visist Speedy)

And then Somebunny else came to Visit 3 somebunny else's infact right after Nellie left the closet door opened with 3 bunnies peering round the door!

You can read all about this furry group of travellers tomorrow!

Saturday 27 July 2013

Friday play day for Speedy and a little walk for mummy

These are from yesterday that I took of Speedy and of an afternoon walk from this week that I went on,a different perspective of one of the same place's I posted as the others were taken early in the morning.

Speedy grooming me!

Plans for this week end are the usual house work plus finish some cards that I am making and a painting for a wedding present....and yes I will show you when they are finished!What have you got planed?

Thursday 25 July 2013

Just a quick update on Speedy's eye!

Hi everyone just a quick update on Speedy's eye.I just had a chat on the phone with Speedy's eye Specialist and we have to carry on with the gel for another 10 to 14 days and then have it re-assessed.I believe his eye is improving but it is slow but sure,but the main thing is it isn't bothering him.


Tuesday 23 July 2013

Congratulations to William and Catherine on the birth of their Baby Boy!

We would like to Congratulate Prince William and Catherine on the birth of their Baby Boy!And a toast....Here's to many More!

                                 Best wishes to you both and your son!
                                            Speedy,Mum and Dad!

Sunday 21 July 2013

Sundays walk!

Here are a few photo's from this mornings walk to another river,this one is on the national park near where we live.

 And some more of Speedy too!

Saturday 20 July 2013

More photo's from this week!

Here are some more photo's from this week and a little update on Speedy's poorly eye after speaking to our eye specialist vet we have to continue with putting the gel in his eye for another week after that we won't know till we speak to the vet again.

This is a local river that we went for a walk along early this morning

And The heat wave is coming to an end middle of next week hopefully we won't get to much rain!

Thursday 18 July 2013

So I finally dug My proper camera out for our Auntie Jane

So this week I finally dug my proper camera out for our Auntie Jane and his other Aunties and for all of his friends while I wait to fix my phone here are a few photo's of Speedy and The back garden that I took one evening this week.

It was another hot day today,where we live it reached 29C which is 84F very hot for us although London was hotter!

Wednesday 17 July 2013

We say good bye to my pal Winston of The House of Rabbits!

Monday we had some very sad news one of my pals Winston from the House of Rabbits has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Winston 2006-2013
Farewell my friend,we shall miss you little Buddy,have fun over the bridge we will see you again when our time comes.Our prayers love and thoughts are with RG,BL,KB and the Bunnies of The House of Rabbits.We love you all!xx Speedy and my Mummy Rachel. 

Friday 12 July 2013

My poor baby boy Speedy!

Today Speedy woke up and wasn't him self his left eye was sore and yucky and looking like it had an infection in the eye,Yesterday Speedy seemed alright but this morning it was a different thing so It was another trip to the vet.How ever the last time I took Speedy to the vet I was unhappy about our treatment and was left with a bad taste in my mouth after feeling like I was being riped off so I decide to change vets and I reverted to my old vets the one I used with my first bunny Caramel.
I am so glad I did I got an appointment with the eye specialist and I have to say He was brilliant,after a thorough examination of Speedy's eye he found that Speedy has an ulcerated eye which could only be seen after a special dye was put on the eye and a ultra violet light shone on the eye and there it was the ulcer.So we have a special gel to put in it heal it all up,its going to take about week.Not sure how it has happened some how Speedy has knocked or rubbed his eye causing the ulcer.We have also upped is painkiller as it is very sore.
On the plus side Speedy still wants to play out side but is feeling a bit sorry for him self.My poor baby boy! 

Sunday 7 July 2013

More Busy time's!

Well its been another busy week with awards ,garden stuff and a new litter tray for my den up stairs,so first I would like to say a big Thank you to Francesca and Her dog Joker from http://Joker and I(formally Online canine) for giving me this award I have this one already but I love being appreciated like this.
Then Mummy decided it way time to harvest the long Grass in my mini Hay field which is now drying out the back so the mini hay field and still grow and mummy can harvest fresh greens for me.we will show photos of the hay later.

Then about a week ago mummy brought a new Litter tray for my Den's a giant corner kitty litter tray but its perfect and so comfortable so no more getting sore feet from the rim of my old ones.

But the worst part of this week is mummy dropped her new cellphone and broke the glass touch screen and not just a little bit it shattered.It still works perfectly but she doesn't want to cut her fingers so she has to order a new front to replace it but she has to wait till the end of next week to order it so it will be a couple of weeks before the new front comes and its fixed so we won't be able to take photos much till then as she is using and old one of daddy but its not very good for Internet stuff and photo's.Silly mummy!

Saturday 6 July 2013

Inspiring blog award form Selina!

On Monday Selina from One eye on the future gave me the Inspiring Blog award,Thank you so much Selina you're one Awesome Kitty!
But I couldn't do this with out the inspiration that I get from My Aunties and all of you my Anipals So THANK YOU too!

So all That I have to do is Pass it onto 5 more inspiring Blogs and they are as follows:

1:Blabber bun Has a very cute Rex Bunny called Umbra and her mum gives great informative Posts and some very funny ones too!
2:Sparhawkscotties There's only one left now he's called Bobby but he knows how to have fun!
3:Tail's from the Foster Kittens Connie does a great job in fostering Kittens,she's a real inspiration!
4:Savannah's Pawtracks She's a fun Kitty and with her family they have done a fantastic job of Fostering Leo who is now looking for his Forever castle!
5:Voices for Rabbits This one belongs to one of my Auntie's....My Auntie Brandi she works so hard Taking care of here fur family and her real family while working in a real job to plus she has give a home to strays who become a part of her fur family!


Thursday 4 July 2013

Happy 4th of July! For my Aunties,Family and Friends in the US!

Today is Independence Day in the US so I would like to wish My Aunties,Family and Friends across the US a Happy 4th of July!From your Nephew and Pal Speedy xxx.

Enjoy these photo's from last year on the 4th July and enjoy the celebrations today but most of all Keep Safe!