Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Twas the Night of Halloween when all maner of ghosties and gouls and all foul things stalk the earth!

Where bunnies hatch their plots to rule the world and turn all humans in to slaves!

Be ware the Bunnies on Halloween!

For the World is their to Behold!

For now it is time to Party with Their Friends!
Speedy and Maddy!
Speedy and Nylablue!
Ku and Nylablue!

Happy Halloween to You All!

Now head over to Mollies  and to Misaki's to see us all at the Halloween Ball!

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Award time and bunny of the day!

The last week we received this award from dogdaz which we would Like to thank them for such a cool award,
So the rules are as follows:
1.Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to them.
2.Display the award on your blog.
3.And pass it on to up to 15 bloggers.
Now I love you all to bits and you are all loyal and you all deserve it but I shall pass it on to my best pals.

Jensen and Buttercup
Mr Mick
Auntie Brandi

And today Speedy is on the House Rabbit Society Bunny of the day page so you should take a peek

Monday 28 October 2013

The Storm Has Passed!

Well What a Night!The wind was Howling like a Banshee and the rain sounded like all of the dead in the cemetery had woken up and was trying to get it in!You could be forgiven for thinking Halloween had come early.But we made it through with with no damage and every one in one piece,just the odd tree down in a few places and this morning we woke up and the wind had died down with just a bit of rain clearing to just the odd blustery shower!Phew so glad that is over!
This Video is for you guys!

Sunday 27 October 2013

Christmas cards are on sale Now!

We are announcing the offical lauch of our Christmas Cards All price's are inclusive of postage any where in the world in a one time Special offer!Take a look now!

Here are some of the new Cards!

Friday 25 October 2013

RIP Benny our Hero May 27th 2007-October 24th 2013

Please play this Music Video whilest you browes through this Post.

Today we recieved a message from Benny's Mum via Go Fund Me,It is with great sadness we read that Benny lost his fight with liver cancer.Our thoughts and prayers are with his mum and Lily and his famliy.Two French Bulldogs
                               Benny May 27th 2007-October 24th 2013
Benny you were truely a super hero to us all ,May your light shine bright in the heavens above.

                                           You fought Like a Frenchie!

                                      Till we see you again Benny!

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Please Keep the prayers Going for my Furiend Nylablue and Pray for our Pal Benny

Today Nylablue goes to the vets to carry on with her treatment so we ask that you keep your prayers going for her,She is still here fighting the good fight to stay with us!

And please pray for our Pal Benny from Two French Bulldogs as his last chemo shot left him poorly and he had to stay in hospital.
Benny is fighting like a Frenchie!
Lets pray for these two Fighters! xx Speedy and Rachel

Sunday 20 October 2013

Look what came in the mail for me!

Friday I had a very important Package arrive for me in the mail,and the really exciting thing was it was from my Auntie Jane!She knitted me the most amazing Flag so now I have my very own Colours!
Thank you Auntie Jane,now I really am a Pirate Captain!xxx Speedy

Please can you continue to send lots of love and prayers to Nylablue and Her Mum Sherri-Ellen at her Blog Nylablue & Sherri-Ellen

Friday 18 October 2013

Another gruesome Tale "The Hairy hands of Dartmoor!"

So to continue with our Spooky season here is the Tale of "The Hairy Hands of Dartmoor",Picture this you are driving along the narrow lanes and roads around Princetown and Postbridge...Its a cold and dark stormy night just a typical winters night on dartmoor when all of a sudden the steering wheel  of the car you are driving or the handle bars of the motorcycle are sundenly grabbed by a pair of hair hands covered in dark hair and heavily calloused that are inhummanly strong try to make you drive of the road in some horrific crash.
This happened in June 1921 when a worker at dartmoor prison was traveling on his motorcycle with his two children on the side car,the father yelled at his children to jump clear while he restled with the handle bars ,the children managed to jump clear while he did not and was killed in the resulting crash.
The same thing happened again some time later with another motor cycle and and pillion passenger on the same spot of road the passenger saw clearly a hairy hand trying to upset the bike,the passenger insisted the events had happened.
This tale has been told time and time again over the years when similar accindents have happend of hairy hands with murderous intent trying to drive travelers off the road.
So are these the hands of an evil entity?The ghostly for of some dead ex inmate of the prison?Or some kind of moors Spirit?What ever they are take care when driving on the moors late at night !

And to give you some cheer another cute photo of Speedy!

Please Keep our Friend Nylablue in your Prayers,she is stable and alert at the moment.Nylablues blog

Thursday 17 October 2013

Say a Prayer for our sweet Nylablue! UPDATED!

Our Sweet Friend Nylablue is very poorly and Needs our prayers to make the fun parties that she loves to go to!Her Mum is very worried and upset right now and needs our support!We are all with you Both,xx Speedy,Rachel and all our Bloggy Friends.

To visit her and her mum click on this link for an update

We had a email from Sherri-Ellen today and she asked me to let everyone know that Nylablue is stable and alert at the moment,she has been eating,but she is on borrowed time.

Lets keep the prayers and the love going so that Nylablue can make the The Halloween ball over at Mollies,as we all know This girl loves a party.xx Speedy and Rachel

Tuesday 15 October 2013

The tale of Lady Howard to get us in the mood for Halloweeen!

Front of the gate house!
                                         This is the Tale of Lady Howard of Fitzford House!

As the gates of Fitzford House creak open a fearsome sight appears of a massive black dog with red eyes he bounds out leading a terrible and frightful sight,A large horse drawn carriage made of bones follows behind him.Driven by a headless coachman whilst in side sits a ghostly white lady.The carriage makes it way 16 miles travels at speed  to Okehampton Castle where it stops the hound then plucks a single blade of grass from the mound of the castle and the returns the way the way it came followed by the carriage back to Fitzford House.when they arrive back they lay the blade of grass on a stone and vanish into thin air
    This is the nightly torment of Lady Jane Howard which will only end when all the blades of grass from Okehampton castle have been plucked and the mound is free from grass will she be able to finally rest in peace.
    The injustice of the punishment is that Lady Howard is the wronged party as her father John Fitzford became a wealthy man at the age of 21 who committed murder on his door step one of which was his friend he then committed suicide at the age of 30 after becoming an immoral degenerate man,his fortune was left to his daughter Jane she was then sold by the then king James 1st  to the Earl of Northumberland at the age of 12 and forced to marry his brother to gain her fortune who later died after catching a cold he was the first of 4 husbands all of who she out lived.Her last Husband gave her a son George who also died one month after the death of her son Lady Jane Howard died of a broken heart.
      After her death the story became twisted that she was responsible for the deaths of all 4 husbands that she was an evil murderous woman and the legend was born of her punishment and her ghostly nightly journey for eternity till she has made amends for her evil ways!
The back of the gate house as it stands today!

The Gate house before renovations!
                          This Gate house is all that remains of Fitzford House and grounds today.

And as a relaxing treat here's a cute photo of me!

Friday 11 October 2013

Tavistock's Tower of Terror! A tale to count down to Halloween!

In our local Town centre stands the remains of an old Abbey part of it the ruined Gate house still stands today with a gruesome tale of murder most foul!
Known locally as Betsy Grimbal's Tower and the tale behind it tells of  a nun called Betsy Grimbal who was Murdered most foully by a jealous Monk a nasty piece of work by all accounts her ghost is seen wondering about the tower and the Bedford hotel which stands just opposite the gate house and on the site where the Abbey stood,it has been claimed that in the early hours you can hear her dresses rustling and an eerie feeling in the reception area of the hotel,legend tells of her appearing just before a major disaster in Britain one such case cited was Aberfan!
Another version of the tale was this was the abbots lodgings and west gate house was rebuilt in the 15th century in the arch way you can see a sarcophagus which was unearthed in the 18th century when the cloisters and chapter house was demolished the ghost story is that an 18th century girl was lured to the tower by a sailor who then murdered her in the tower where she is seen today Hunting the remains of the old building.Either tale is kind of spooky!

Look out for the next Spooky tale of lady Howard's nightly ghostly Journey!

Here is a video to get you in the mood for Halloween!

Friday 4 October 2013

Speedy's birthday morning!

Here is Speedy enjoying the morning and exploring his Birthday Place,before all his pals came for the party yesterday!
Speedy relaxing in his party pad in the kitchen!
Speedy Happy with his decorated party pad!
early morning snacking!
Speedy enjoying his party pad in the back bedroom!
And another morning snack!
Speedy in his party Den!
Speedy eating a birthday treat!
Speedy opening his Birthday card!
Speedy looking at the card
Speedy Reading his card!
Speedy's Birthday card from us!
A very Happy Speedy in his party pad with his card on display!
And Speedy had some more e cards sent to him last night,so here they are!

From Pia and her Piggies Luigi and Luna
Nylablue and her Mum Sherri-Ellen!
And these 2 from his girl Maddy and her mum Megan!

                We want to say Thank you all for coming to Speedy's Party,xx