Sunday 30 August 2015

Sunday Selfie

This is my selfie for today,I took with mummy's camera on friday during a quick outing down one of her friends farm fields there was no piggies that day just me!And the weather wasn't bad either see!

And the Blackberries are coming along too!

Now time for me to have some fun nosing about!

As you can see I'm half way through my full shedding of my coat the shorter new coat is growing well for the winter but mum wishes the ol coat would finish shedding she's fed up with puffy eyes all the time....hehehe!

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Friday 28 August 2015

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day!

We Are joining in the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day Event created by Deborah Barnes of Zee and Zoeys Cat Chronicles in remembrance of  Mr Jazz a cat she had to say goodbye to August 28 2013.

This is Caramel mummy's first bunny he lived till he was 6 and 1/2,he was a feisty bunny who lived with a cat called Smokey and a Spaniel call boots.He would Chase cats out of the garden all the time but was a proper luv bug.he eventually had to be helped to cross the rainbow bridge because he suffered from epilepsy and had one finally seizure that he never really came out of.mummy said this really broke her heart when she was in the vet and held him in his final moments.

This is Smokey mummy's first and only cat she ever had.He was a proper crazy pants type of cat.He was a climber and loved to follow her on walks with Boots,even sitting with boots to cross the road.She had him from 6 weeks old till he was nearly 12 when she had to help him cross the rainbow bridge as he had advanced leukemia.She held him in her arms as he slipped away,broke her heart again.

 This is Boots,he was an English Springer Spaniel.He would play with Smokey and Caramel all the time,and in winter all 3 would sprawl out in front of the fire for a snooze.He lived till he was 16 he was out with mummy's mum and stepdad for a day out while she was away abroad,when he got out of the care before the lead could be put on him.He saw a wild bunny and chased him and collapsed massive heart attack but in the end went to sleep at home and slipped away the same day.he crossed the Rainbow bridge doing something he loved and before he got too crippled with arthritis.He wasn't Mummy's dog he belonged to her mum and stepdad but she was the one who bathed him,who could get him to walk on a leash properly and played with him.He always came to her for most things.

And this is my predecessor Thumper,he live with E.C till he was 8 and 1/2.He was a growler,a bit of a grump untill he was about 3 before he decided the mum and dad where worthy of his love and trust.He was in many ways daddy's bunny more than mummy's .Daddy had to take him to be helped to cross the Rainbow bridge.The E.C finally got to much for Thumper coupled with old age.That was the first time Daddy had his heart broken and wouldn't stop crying so 3 day's later mummy made him get ME.

Love and hugs we send to you all on this Special day of Remembrance!xx Speedy and Rachel

Thursday 27 August 2015

Speedy's Movie Day

Well that came around quick.....Welcome to another Movie Day.Only 2 movies today but I have some photos to go with the movies,so sit back with your snack and enjoy the show!

 now for the photo's from this adventure!

I'm a bit patchy at the moment as I'm going through a full shed of my coat so you'll have to excuse the scruffy bits.

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Wednesday 26 August 2015

Disapproving Bun Day

Its Disapproving Bun day and yes I am sad to say its with me ,these are from when I was about a year old after the summer and my markings had gone quite a bit lighter

I used to throw my litter box around when it had been cleaned.....hehehehe

We need more photo's of disapproving Bunnies as we are back to good old me for the moment,so please send in you photo's of your bunnies to [email protected]

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Tuesday 25 August 2015

10 years after Katrina are you ready for such a disaster?

With the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina we were asked to help raise awareness of being ready to keep your pets safe in the face of such disaster by ASPCA.It's hard to believe that it has been 10 years since Katrina hit the shores of the US.I hadn't even been born then but mummy remembered seeing all about it on the news and how she worried for all the pets and humans caught in the storm over there.I'm a lucky bunny that I have not had to live through such a terrible disaster.The flooding we had here a couple of years ago didn't affect us too badly either,thankfully because of where we live but others were not so lucky.
Mummy has everything in place for me incase there is an emergency and we need to evacuate and to help you all we are sharing this infographic with you all in the hope that it will help you all to be ready for such emergencies.
Please click on the image to biggify or visit the ASPCA

We are also lucky to be able to hold a giveaway for a Disaster preparedness gift pack for one of you lucky friends and followers Sponsored by the ASPCA
the Gift pack contains an Emergency ready pet first aid kit ,and a Subaru roll up picnic blanket,and a Subaru penguin umbrella!

To enter Just leave a comment below saying you want to be in the draw,Comments for entering must be made on this blog post only,the closing date for this giveaway is Monday 31st August midnight UK time.The winner will be picked out by Me (Speedy) which mummy will video and will post on my Movie Day.Good luck to you all! 

Sunday 23 August 2015

Sunday Selfie

This is what I was doing yesterday.........
And this is what I am doing today....its wet again!

Thursday 20 August 2015

Speedy's Movie Day!

Welcome to another movie day and as promised here are the last of the beach videos from when we had great weather.Not like the weather we have today we have what we call pea soup weather ....wet and foggy yuk!So lets all get comfy with some tasty snack and enjoy the show!

Lets hope the weather improves soon so I can get out on some more adventures!

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Disapproving Bun Day

I'm so bored today the weather is rubbish again after spending a couple of nice days in the garden,so this is my photo for Disapproving Bun Day!

don't forget to send in photo's of your disapproving Bunnies to [email protected] .
We are always needing more photos!

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Thursday 13 August 2015

Speedy's Movie Day

WooHoo its Movie Day and as promise I have movies from the beach at Blackpool sands in Devon.No dogs allowed on this beach just Speedy Rabbits,so sit back and relax with your favourite snack and enjoy the show!

I'll post the rest next week,but I hope you enjoyed the show!

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Disapproving Bun Day!

Yeah its Disapproving Bun Day again!Here is this weeks stars and they from Four Wind Farm sent in by Sherri,these are Chinchilla Rabbits and they are the only endangered species of rabbit in the US of which she does breed them to help conserve the species.Thanks Sherri for sending this in.

Arent they gorgeous?and strong with the Disapproval force!

Don't forget we always need photo's of Disapproving Bunnies so send them into [email protected] , and if any of you want to dress up as a Disapproving Bun we will add you to the post too!

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Sunday 9 August 2015

Sunday Selfie

 I know these aren't proper selfies ,but we went to the beach yesterday and it was very warm so I couldn't be bothered with all that especially as it was so cool and comfy in my playpen!

 But I did go exploring a couple of times with mummy and met lots of my adoring public and of course the paparazzi as well.Has to be said I love the beach!
And I'm a legend here at the beach with all the staff.....hehehe as it should be!
But what a difference a day makes look at that sky is cloudy with rain later ...piffel!

Thursday 6 August 2015

Speedy's Movie Day!

Welcome to another Movie Day!This weeks Movies are from my outing on Tuesday of last week,and we got very close to some of my Pal Bacon's Cousins here in the UK.Yep Piggies 6 of them...can you believe that?So grab your snacks and get comfy and enjoy the show!

Hope you enjoyed the piggies!xx Speedy

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Disapproving Bun Day

OMB I can't believe it Wednesday already,and that means it time for another Star showing how to disapprove!This week it's Mr Bun From Disapproving Bun.Mr Bun and is Hoomin staff run the pawsome Blog showing Daily Disapproving Bunnies at their Best so don't forget to hop on over to see the lastest Stars.

        "I'm Supervising my Hoomins building skills of my new far I'm unimpressed!"

Thanks to Mr Bun and his Hoomin for such a great photo!

Don't forget to send in those photo's of Disapproving Bunnies to me at [email protected] we really need them and if you other anipals want to join in just dress up as a bunny and we will add you too!

Sunday 2 August 2015