Sunday 30 June 2013

A Busy week!

Well this week has been a pretty busy week here at the House of Speedy.Mum had to learn some new things and changes for her job,then there was some gardening to do as all the spring flowering stuff had finished and died back and she had some herbs to plant out as well.Mummy had a little bit of glossing to do to the door frame to the back bedroom,lots of laundry and house work.Yesterday Mummy and Daddy had a wedding to go to so a special card had to be made to and they still had to find time for me too....and I have to say Mummy and Daddy did a Stirling job of that too!
A rose
And me Playing!

And to top it all My Pal Nerissa from Nerissa's life gave me this cool new award that he has started today to celebrate 50,000 hits on his blog!Its called My Favourite Things Award!Thanks Nerissa!

The rules to accepting this award are to thank the Blogger for Giving you this award and give a link to their blog,Post the award on to your blog,Name 6 of your favourite things,and finally pass it on to as many Bloggers as you want.
So here are my 6 favourite things:
1:Wagg carrot Bakes
2:Mummy and Daddy
3:All my Blogging Pals
4:My Home!
5:My Toys
6:And Play time!
Now to Pass it on:
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Sunday 23 June 2013

Easy Weekend!

Hehehehe never mind Easy Sunday how about Easy Weekend?This is what I did for most of it....hehehe....

Thursday 20 June 2013

Thankful Thursday!

We don't normally do a Thankful Thursday post but today We are!And this is the reason why Savannah and her Mum from Savannah's Pawtracks sent this lovely Stone to us....its a bunny stone! it was included with some doggie and kitty stones that they ordered and Thought that Speedy should have it being the only bunny they know!
This Bunny stone is hand painted

It even has a bunny tail!

So Thank you Savannah and Mom Linda, its adorable and we love it!

Sunday 16 June 2013

Speedys treasure up for sale!

Hi Every one,we have decided to put Speedy's treasure up for sale to help fund his Glaucoma treatment as he has to have drops and pain killer to keep it comfortable and Speedy his happy self!
Product no:COIN1
Only one in stock
Sterling silver sixpence 1912 George 5th
Price:£12.00 plus postage

Product no:COIN2
Only one in stock
50% silver sixpence 1933 George 5th
Price:£6.00 plus postage

Product no:COIN3
Only one in stock
50% silver sixpence 1936 George 
Price:£6.00 plus postage

Product no:COIN4
Only one in stock
50% silver two shilling 1940 George 6th
Price:£5.00 plus postage

Product no:COIN5
only one in Stock
Ships Half penny 1939 George 6th
marked on edges
Price:£0.50 plus postage

For postage email me for a quote.

Happy Fathers Day!

Today is Fathers Day so while I wish all the Daddy's out there a Happy Fathers Day I want to wish My Daddy a very Special Happy Fathers Day because you pick me Daddy!I love you Daddy,xx Speedy
Caramel our first bunny!
Thumper our second Bunny!
And Me!
Happy Daddy's Day!

Monday 10 June 2013

New Auction to help the Anipals in the tornado hit Oklahoma!

Mollie and Alfie from Mollie's country kitchen And dachsieswithmoxie Are holding an Auction to help the anipals in Tornado hit Oklahoma And we have another personalised Speedy card up for grabs in the Auction starting bid $5 so pop over to Dashsies with Moxie to place you bid and see all the other great goodies up for Auction!

Sunday 9 June 2013

A Speedy inspection!

Today we decided not to cut the grass in the front garden as there are lots of wild flower and a mix of Grass's in the lawn and lots of Dandi lions,it was a bit patchy where we had taken out a load of moss so I filled it in with some new grass seed....a Timothy hay mix and watered it in.We won't be cutting it with the mower until the fall as we will harvest it for Speedy...He's already been having the Dandi lion leaves and plantains it will all be done by hand so we had a mini hay field plus it means we won't disturb the wild tunnelling bees too!Here is Speedy doing an inspection of the patchy bits before seeding.

Friday 7 June 2013

Speedy and his treasure hunt in the garden!

Speedy has been finding Treasure in the garden this week.He has been digging and biting down weeds and some of my Poppies and Forget me Knots which is not quite so good but never mind they will grow back.Here's part of the garden before Speedy's adventure.

And this is the treasure that Speedy found!A Ships half penny,a 2 shilling coin,and 3 six pence's did you know Six pence's are considered lucky and that they used to be put in the Christmas pudding for luck!

George 5th Sterling Silver Six Pence from 1912

George 5th 50% silver Six Pence from 1933!
George the 5th 50% silver Six Pence from 1936!

George 6th 2 Shilling 50% silver Coin from 1940!

George the 6th Ships Half Penny from 1939!