Sunday 28 August 2016

Sunday Selfies Rainbow Bridge Remembrance

Today's Selfie post is a remembrance to those pets that came before me


Mummy's first Bunny a loveable tough cookie who lived with cats and a dog.He would chase strange cats out of the garden,but loved his cuddles!


This is Mummy's second Bunny he was another tough cookie,he didn't like anyone until he got to be 3 years old then he became a proper snuggle bun!

This is Smokey,Mummy's Black cat he love to join her on walks with his buddy Boots the dog!

Boots the Springer Spaniel was a fun loving puppy all of his life!

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Thursday 25 August 2016

Speedy's Movie Day!

Today we have a Special Movie for you all to watch as well as some of my own.....
So Starting with the Special Video first its From a Funny chap called Deep Digger Dan and he is going on a special trip around the UK Metal detecting to raise Money for a charity Rays of Sunshine which grants wishes to terminally ill children He is trying to raise £50,000 pounds by doing this trip called 365 Digging the Coast here's a link to the fundraising page and the web page about his whole Journey as he travels the UK coast .So far he has Raised £2053 pounds,so please watch his video and visit his web site and if you can donate to this worthy cause!

Now here's my latest videos to a new beach!Mummy took me to Polzeath Beach a couple of times!

And here is me relaxing in my beach shelter..

I hope you enjoyed today's show!

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Disapproving Bun Day!

Its Wednesday and that means it's time for another Disapproving Bunny!Today's Star is Pumpkin of Buns in the Sun on Facebook

I wonder what Pumpkin is thinking whatever it is it's not good for the Humans anyway!

Thanks to Mum Kelly for sending this in!

We always need photo's of Disapproving Bun so please send them in to me at [email protected]

And for more Disapproving Buns hop on over to Disapproving Bun!

Sunday 21 August 2016

Sunday Selfie Holiday Album

So Here's my Holiday Snaps Album for you all!We start with the Journey up...we saw Stonehenge as we were driving....

How cool is that?On the way up to Kent we made several stops so we could all have refreshments and the parents could use the rest rooms ,taking it in turns so I could have a run about on the grass.But we never got to stop at stonehenge which mummy complained to daddy about....I'm with Mum on that one!Now on to the good stuff...

There be some wild cousins at the caravan park!

Part of the beach at Herne bay, Hampton Pier Side!

Me at the beach side park at Herne Bay , Hampton Pier!We did several trips to Herne bay and the park there for me...

A day or 2 at Canterbury!I even got to go to Canterbury in my stroller too!

Canterbury Cathedral...I wasn't allowed on this day out!

My trip with Mummy to Herne Bay Pier!It was cloudy that morning but as you can see it Cleared out to another lovely afternoon!

Me in my Holiday Pad Room!

Then another trip to the Beach side park at Herne bay!

Me in my play pen out side my holiday pad!

Me out exploring the Caravan park!Every day I got to explore the Caravan Park.....hehehe actually that would be about 3 times a day!We also got to go to a place called Broadstairs and they had a Folk festival on.I went in my Stroller but it was just to busy to take photo's of me and the event but there was a picnic area where everybody sat listening to music and I got to run around all the people and stopped to say hello to quite a few.that was a fun day out even if it was busy!So there you have all in one hit,my holiday to Kent,and on the way home we saw Stonehenge again!But we still didn't get to stop there may be next time it will be one of our rest stops!