Tuesday 28 January 2020

Hello are you there?So much to catch up on!

Gosh what whirl wind of a few days....Sorry we haven't been around we had PC problems with our operating system but its all sorted now but blogging is just to much faffing when you only have a tablet or phone to use.

We have had horrid weather too over the weekend strong winds at times rain and Hailstones!And feeling ever so cold so we haven't been anywhere.Mummy is still fixing up the bathroom cause well you know the story you start a job and well you run in to problems.So I have been lounging about a bit with everything going on.

And well Hogmite left us which is fine cause he was a big boy at nearly 800g. Mum has been leaving food and water in the food station in the front garden and in the greenhouse in case Hogmite decides it's to hard out there and wants to come back.But Pup well after having her Antibiotics well she started to gain weight then we had a cold snap....which is still cold I might add and she started losing weight again so mummy decide Pup needed to be kept warm so she is in our new Hospital Hutch on a nice heat pad in the shed to keep her warm.

 And she still lost more weight so another trip to the vets yesterday.Pup has to go back today and tomorrow as they started her on a course of lung worm treatment which also treats other parasites and depending on how she responds to the injections depends on whether she needs more antibiotics or more injections.The good news is Pup did eat more last night so lets keep our fingers and paws crossed for her!

Sunday 19 January 2020

Sunday Selfies with Me!

I thought it was time to get back to doing my selfies again this week, as cute as Pup our female hedgehog is this is my blog and after all it is supposed to be about Me! Well I took 2 today the first one is from this morning...I was taking it easy....
And the 2nd one is from a little outing this afternoon,we finally have some dry sunny weather....but it is oh so cold.Its frosty in the mornings till lunch time and even then in shady places the frost and ice is not melting.....
And just a little update on Pup as mum checked her weight yesterday and she has gained she is now 617g which is an increase of 17g and a full week is not over yet.Mum is keeping a close eye on Pup as its so cold at night and we really don't want Pup to go into hibernation just yet after been poorly.Mums new heat pad is on stand by and in case of emergency we have a storage box to use and Mum has a special hospital Hutch being delivered Tuesday.Mum was busy cleaning and moving stuff in the shed to make room for either the storage box or the new hutch when its delivered and she has been busy in the house decorating too....I was lucky she found time to take me out today!

Sunday 12 January 2020

Guest Selfies today!

Hi Ya ,Today we have a guest selfie....We have Pup the Hedgehog making an appearance....

The reason Pup was out of her nest box with mummy is,Pup has been poorly last week she lost some weight and wasn't eating quite as much as she normally would.Plus her poops are a bit off.So she had another visit to the vets Tuesday and it looked like she still had a little bit of mange so they gave her another injection at a higher dose and they gave her a 10 day course of antibiotics for the poops.Well mum weighed her 2 days ago and she had still lost a bit of weight but not at the same rate as last week and today mum weighed her again and she only lost 1 or 2 grams so she is stabilising and it looks like she is eating more too.Fingers and Paws crossed she stops losing and starts to gain weight again.On a plus side Mum said Pup is being a real trooper with taking her antibiotics and seems to turn around to climb on mummy for snuggles and warmth so no curling up and stabbing mummy with her spines except for when mummy has to take her out of her nest box....Mummy said gardening gloves are a must for that but she can't wear them when giving Pup her meds by syringe so it good she isn't scared of mummy and trusts her.

Sunday 5 January 2020

Sunday Selfies Announcement....My Favourite 3 from my Christmas and Holiday Countdown

We took a few days off cause mum had to work Thursday and Friday and well I also had to decide which entries were my favourite 3 in my Christmas and Holiday Countdown......So here they are!
We have Katie from Savannah's Pawtracks....how cute does she look!
We have Hailey and Zaphod from The Hailey and Zaphod Chronicles with their Hanukkah themed upside down tree.
And we have Teddy bun with his little tree.....again so cute!
So there you have it my favourite 3!Mum will be contacting you all for addresses so she can send you all your little gifts from me you very own Santa Speedy!

On a sad note Mummy rescued an adult Hedgehog on Monday before New Year...
He was Very Poorly But sadly he crossed the rainbow bridge on New Years Eve.He was under stress and really didn't know what he was doing and wouldn't curl up when she picked him up,Mum rushed him to the vets and they tried to save him but it was to late.Had mummy found him sooner then maybe he could have been saved.So RIP little man sorry we could save you.

So I'm now wishing for Spring and Summer to hurry along and with that in mind here's one of me from last summer!