Sunday 31 August 2014

Sunday Selfie with Cat on My Head

Today I thought I would join The Cat on My Head for their Sunday Self Blog Hop
              Hehehehe stick a smooch on this one!
Hope you are enjoying your easy today so here is one of me doing my best!

Thursday 28 August 2014

Speedy Meets the ponies

Tuesday the rain stopped for about an hour so I got to go for a quick run....
I got up close and personal with them,even nose to nose as mummy had to gently push the ponies away from the car as one decided to try to climb on it,they all had head scratches before being pushed back from the car,I sniffed them and they sniffed me.Mummy couldn't film it all as she had me in one arm whilst dealing with the ponies with the other but this video was just after.

this was the weather we had

and then it went darker and the clouds went darker after an hour and that was when it decided to rain!

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Disapproving Bun Day plus an Announcement

Its Wednesday again so its time to get back to normal with our next Star and I say star as this week we have 3 stars Nicki is the black bun, Jinx is the brown bun and Meusel is the Lionhead

They are like the Three amigos but would you want to meet their Disapproval?

Don't forget to send you photo's of you bunnies ,friends bunnies or my wild cousins to my mummy at [email protected]

and Visit Disapproving Bun for more Bunny Disapproval

Now here is the Announcement from Summer at Sparkle The Designer Cat
I will be attending this memorial service on Friday 29th August I hope you can too!

And finally it Bacon and Fozziemum's shopping around the world
 Bottled Water - Morrison's own label 5ltr £1.10 or 2 for £1.80
Bath soap - Cussons Mild Cream 4 pk £1.00
Deodorant - Mum's Morrison pink blossom roll on £1.00 Dad's RightGuard Original £2.89
Laundry Detergent - Mum uses 2 most is done with Morrison own brand non bio 2.8kg box £3.92 and Morrison's own brand colour capsules 20 pk £ 3.27.
Random Item - Simply Nibbles Dandelion salad ,this is for me hehehe... £1.99 for a 100g bag

Well that's All Folks for today come back tomorrow to hear about my nose to nose encounter with Dartmoor Ponies!

Sunday 24 August 2014

Sunday Selfie with some other stuff

We are joining The Cat on my head for their Sunday Selfies Blog hop

Eye See You!
Then this week we had a little package arrive from Love is Owned by a Husky that mummy purchased from their jewellery shop.She purchased this cute bunny charm wrap over bracelet and got these cute blue earrings free.

And mummy loves them and she has been looking at the bracelet and she can wear it as a necklace too how cool is that?
these are from yesterdays walk and look what we found!

Lots of bunny poo mail and Bunny holes!

And these are from the rest of the week in between rainy days

Saturday 23 August 2014

A tribute to the Star and Legend That is " Sparkle the Designer Cat "

On Thursday we all found out that " Sparkle " was leaving us ,she was poorly very poorly and Most of us are in shock I think as She left us a farewell message....
I had only been following her a short while compared to those that had known her from the start of her Blogging career,but I had seen her at all my pals over the time the I have been around and gradually I got to know her and follow her as she inspired me and all of us who followed her as she shared with us her wisdom and even that Cheekiness that we have all grown to love.....
And even at this most poignant moment she showed us the amazing STAR she was and IS and even showing that bit of cheek that we all came to know and love in that farewell message.And she even has her successor picked out who she introduced to us yesterday by the name of Summer who I can't wait to get to know.......
But this is for Sparkle you are a Star and a Legend.......May You Always Shine Bright!
                                         Till we See you Again!

Rascal and RoccoJans Funny FarmBionic BasilLove is owned by a Husky Barking from the Bayou

Saturday 16 August 2014

A bit of an Apology and Bashful using his charms again!

It seems we are Apologising again for not keeping up with you all ,just when we get caught up the construction people come to my house and and to my Grandma's next door and they have to come back next week too!But on the plus side we did have another guest stay at our house all of yesterday up stairs.....
Meet Guinevere she's my Grandma's Cat ,she's a bit timid which is why she stayed with us with all the noises and the strange people it would have scared her to much and she likes mummy too......
So Bashful decided to keep here company and entertain her,I did hop in to see her but I guess she's scared of me as she gave the old hiss hiss and hid from me....hehehe mind you I was a bit loud and lively when I hopped in....hehehe....

But as you can see Bashful charmed her well and they had a good old natter so we left them too it.....
Hehehehe all the ladies love Bashful!

Friday 15 August 2014

Lets Paw it Forward and help Savannah on her New Mission!

Today I'm helping Savannah with her new Mission to find a kitty who desperately needs a new Home......
Meet Tigger,he's and adorable lap kitty who love lot of cuddles and snuggles and loving....
Can I come Home with You?
He was snatched up just in time from a kill shelter and is currently in his 6th foster home,this poor chap needs a wonderful home where he is the only cat as he is fearful of other cats.A home where he will get lots of loving cuddles and smooches and a warm lap to snuggle up on as he is that type of kitty.....
Oh more please!
and to top it all he is a very handsome fellow ,so can you help find or even give Tigger the loving forever home he deserves?To read all about Savannahs mission and how to help Click Here

We're joining the Pet Parade hosted by Rascal and Rocco,Jans Funny Farm,Bionic Basil,Barking from the Bayou,Love is Owned by a Husky!

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Disapproving Bun Day!

Its Wednesday again so its time for Disapproving Bun Dad,these photo's we sent in by  Frankie and Ernie, they are of a baby bunny that Frankie hung around with one summer and used to play with,his mummy was able to move them when ever she needed to and the mama bun didn't mind.

sweet pals!

don't forget to send in your photo's of your Disapproving Bunnies or your friends Bunnies or some of my wild cousins or Baby bunnies to my Mummy at [email protected]

for more Disapproving Bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun to see more amazing bunnies.

and lastly we want to thank you all for you birthday wishes for my Daddy's Birthday,he had a lovely day and even took me out for a little walk too!xx Speedy

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It Daddy's Birthday Today!So we wanted to celebrate with Style..........

Happy Birthday Daddy!

UpDate: We want to thank you for all of you well wishes for my Daddy's Birthday,he had lots of fun and took me out for a walk too!xx Speedy

Sunday 10 August 2014

This weeks outings and some games for Bashful and Pebbles!

Here's selection of photos and videos from this week to make the most of the fine weather which has now gone to pot today,today is wet and windy....Yucky!So we start off in the garden.....

then Thursday morning we went back to Cadover Bridge....

and then again Friday and Yesterday morning too....

and now for some videos for a Sunday at the movies.....

And today we have rubbish weather so Bashful and pebbles have been playing with Speedy's toys
                          Pebbles and Bashful rolling through the tunnel
                          Pebbles and Bashful using the tunnel as a Jungle Gym
                              Pebbles and Bashful playing ball