Thursday 21 September 2023

International Rabbit Awareness Day 23/9/23

 Hello Blogville its you one and only Gossip Bunny bringing you all the latest news from our neck of the woods....

Did you know the this Saturday is International Rabbit Awareness Day? Well it is. This is a special day for all things Bunny

Aunty Ann from Zoolatry made this just for this special day! She is and Miss June are just fabulous!

Anyway did you know that Rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet after dogs and cats? But we are one of the hardest to look after too which is why we often end up being neglected,and not looked after properly to then end up being "Set Free". Being "Set Free" is not a kindness its a death sentence for Domestic Rabbits, we don't have the knowledge or skills to survive living wild and will often only last a few weeks or a few months if we are lucky. But if we are very lucky some kind human will save us and rescue us from such a sad fate.

So if you choose to adopt a rabbit please learn as much as you can on how to care for us,what to feed us. Find a vet who is an expert in rabbits and exotic animals, get us vaccinated, neutered or spayed. And give us the room to run around and jump and we will reward you with loyalty, trust and our love just like any dog or cat. But also remember not all Bunnies are like me and Angel Speedy who like to go on adventures using a harness and leash, most Bunnies like to stay at home in their safe environment spending time with their human families.

                  Bunnies Make The Best Pets if we are looked after properly....Just Saying!

                                                              xoxo Little Miss Titch

Monday 18 September 2023

Little Louie...Oh Little Louie what are we to do?

 Hello Blogville it's your one and only gossip Bunny with all the trials and tribulations from our neck of the woods!

 I know it's been a month since I last posted but well Mummy has been busy doing some decorating...well she still has lots to do on that front so no point in going on about that. But also we have been trying to help Little Louie adapt plus Mummy rescued another Hedgehog. The poor thing had a MacDonald's Ice cream cup lid around its neck and it was cutting deep into its neck. Mummy grabbed him and cut the horrible thing of its neck but there was a deep wound which was infected so Mummy took him to the vets the next day. Mummy Named him Prickles, He was so lucky that he didn't end up with fly strike because we were having a very hot spell after weeks of rubbish weather... 

You can see the groove around the neck from where the cup lid was. Mummy does have a photo of the wound but it's too graphic to post here but it's safe to say Prickles was lucky to be alive. After a week and a half of intensive care from our vets....who are great by the way and care from Mummy Prickles was healed up enough to be released back to the wild....

Here's Prickles going into a nest box to snooze until dark and he is still hanging around the front garden and doing very well.

And then there is Little Louie...What are we going to do about Little Louie? 

Well Little Louie is going out mainly at night but he is also still exploring in the mornings until 9 or 10 o'clock so as things stand there is no way he can be released. As we were having a hot spell Mummy used it as an opportunity to let Louie roam the garden at night to learn but because she was working and he hadn't learnt how to get back into the greenhouse Mummy would have to lock him in the greenhouse when she came down for breakfast to keep him safe while she was working. But Monday was the start of her days off so she has been teaching him how to get back into the greenhouse and she also but a block of wood near the entrance to help guide him to the location of the door....It worked so he comes and goes as he pleases now but he is still active in the mornings during daylight hours. Mummy has had to rescue Louie a couple of times after he got himself stuck and one time he was scratching a the back door looking for Mummy cause he was a little lost,Mummy opened the door and he saw her and then turned and fell down the steps so Mummy had to pick him up to check him over but had the door been open we are sure he would have come inside the kitchen...Silly Louie.

So then Mummy made a food Station out in the back garden to use and finally after a couple of days Louie figured out how to use it. The one thing Little Louie doesn't like is heavy rain*giggles* I can't say I blame him.When it is really chucking it down Louie tends to stay in the green house. So now Mummy is just waiting to see if he will stop being active in day time hours because he would be too vulnerable to go back to the wild and wouldn't be able to cope with the dangers of being out in the day. But the reality is it's looking unlikely that Louie will improve any more than he has

And what about me? Well I'm doing ok and I like to go and see if Louie is out in the garden and say hello to him, he can be a bit grumpy at times but he seems to be ok with me too. 

These are from my last outing with Mummy at South Molton, it was a great time at the beach even though it did end up raining so we left to get some lunch. I've never been to this beach before but apparently Angel Speedy came here quite a few times

As you can see Angel Speedy Visited South Molton too! Well that's all for now...

                                                        xoxo Little Miss Titch