Sunday 29 July 2012

Mum went Hay hunting with Dad

Yesterday Mum and Dad went out in the car and left me at home!No Fair!
But it ended up being OK as when they came back they showed me what they had been doing.They had been to Farmer that they knew,as he had just harvested his hay field,a Meadow hay field anyway there was lots of hay still lying around the field that had been missed by the baler and they were allowed to take what ever they had room for just for ME!So part of the shed has been turned into a hay shed to keep it nice and dry.The best part was I was allowed to help with the hay when Mum and Dad got home with it all!YIPPEE!What Fun!

Friday 27 July 2012

Speedy's vet update

Speedy went to the vets yesterday and had his stitches taken out but Speedy the naughty boy only had 6 left and when I asked him where are the rest Speedy replied "well they were loose and tickling me and I thought it must be o.k now so I pulled them out" and I had to laugh you can't fault his logic.This morning how ever the scab had disappeared too...hmm..... so now the wound is just a pinky red scar and bald so now we wait for the fur to grow back.

So what do you all think?
a fat and full Speedy!

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Just a quick update before tomorrow

Hi everyone,
Just a quick update on Speedy,he's had a great week with lots of relaxing in the garden and he hasn't had any of his painkiller all week and finish his antibiotics.Speedy's leg doesn't seem to bother him which is good.Tomorrow Speedy goes to the vets tomorrow to have his stitches out.So I will do a proper update then with photos

Saturday 21 July 2012

Speedy has another good day

Speedy has more fun today helping me with the garden as we finished tidying up the back garden,He did lots of zooming about at full speed which was nice to see Speedy back to normal.Though he's tired now and has had is dinner and is snoozing now.
Also today I have done some more work on cat proofing the front garden too.

A relaxing Speedy
Speedy watching the world go by
Speedy doing some more relaxing
Speedy having a groom

Friday 20 July 2012

Speedy's continued recovery and his afternoon outside

Hello everyone,Its Speedy here.Today mum let me go out side as it was dry and a little sunny.I was only aloud in the back garden were mum was working in the garden so I helped her break up all the stuff she cut back cause we've had so much wet weather that everything was over grown.It was nice to get out side cause mum has been keeping me in to keep my stitches dry.I have my last dose of antibiotics today which is horrible but I guess it keeps me well.Mum said she would do some new photo's tomorrow as it's going to be better than today.well I'm of to have a snooze now as I'm feel tired now see you tomorrow.xoxoSpeedy

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Update on Speedy's recovery

Oh Happy Days Speedy is Back to his cheeky self,He played properly today he binkied around and played with his paper balls and general fun.And he has been eating like crazy and he's been doing lots of poops and peepee's.Oh Happy Days!

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Update on Speedy's war wounds

Here's the update on Speedy.As you can see the wound is bigger than we first thought,it goes all the way to the inside of his leg as well but I couldn't photograph all of it.Anyway today he has a bit more spirit in him and he's eating not quite as much as normal but that's probably to be expected all though teatime he had all his greens which is the first time since coming home.This afternoon I had him down in the kitchen for just over an hour.he did a little Binky and did a little zip through his tunnel and mooched around up and down the kitchen then had a little snooze and he's done his toilet business.Speedy is fighting a bit when we give him his meds so He's improving.Tomorrow he has his post op check and then the stitches out after 10 days.Thank you for all for your kind thoughts and messages you have all been so kind.I will keep you updated on Speedy's progress

Sunday 15 July 2012

Speedys war wounds

This was taken before we when to the vets
Speedy was out side having fun when some body's cat came into the garden and attacked him.Speedy managed to get away under the car but ended up with bite on his right leg of the photos only show the out side of his leg but its the same on the inside of the leg,2 big gaping holes which we found out when we rushed him to the vets,He has to go back tomorrow to have stitched up as he needs to be a sleep to have this done so we have a special gel to keep it clean and moist and he had some antibiotics and a shot for pain relief.So today we have started to put up wire fencing along the top of the walls and wood fencing so that misbehaving cats can't jump or climb over to make it safe for Speedy again.I like cats but not rude misbehaving ones,they can stay out!
I will update tomorrow after he has been back to the vets.

This close up was taken before we went to the vets

Thursday 12 July 2012

Lennox the Belfast Dog may he rest free from persecution

How sad is it that in this day and age the a dog or any animal is judged on the way it looks.Lennox the Belfast Dog was destroyed after a 2 year fight to save him because of the way he looked which is a Pit bull type.Never mind that he was a well loved family pet who had never shown any aggressive behaviour that because he fitted the profile of a type of dog purely on the way he looked and not on behaviour the officials in Belfast ripped him from his family and locked him up in a concrete cell all on his own with no love,no contact with his family and from reports that seem to be surfacing that he was cruelly treated and even suffered a broken leg.It beggars belief that those officials could treat an animal in such a way.And what about the family who owned him and the heart ache that they have been put through,and that little girl who loved him and was devastated when he was taken?Those officials should hang their heads in shame for the appalling way they have acted and when its time for elections maybe the people should think about what has happened to dear Lennox a loving pet who never hurt anybody was treated so poorly and think who's next to be treated in this way? Me?You?
Dear Lennox this is in memory of you a loved family pet who never hurt anyone no one can hurt you any more,Run free over the Rainbow Bridge your family will see you again!
Lenox Beloved Friend!

Speedy picking the winners

These are the photos tried to take of Speedy picking the winners.I tried to put them on the previous post but I had a Blogger  problem

Speedy's prize draw results

To day Speedy picked the winning entries to the draw and guess what? After picking the winners he felt bad about those that didn't win,so he decided to do a bonus draw so the rest of the entries had another chance to win a Speedy scarf.As you all cans Speedy chewed the tickets a bit to show that he had picked the winners.Congratulations to the winners and to the rest of you who entered sorry that you didn't win this time there is always next time.

Speedy picked Nellie from Cats from Hell for the cream and blue Scarf
Then Speedy picked Swan Warren From Lavender Rabbits for the pink scarf
Then for the the bonus draw Speedy picked Michelle from Raspberry Rabbits

Sunday 8 July 2012

Last reminder for Speedy's prize draw!

  OK Everyone this it the last reminder for Speedy's prize draw,the closing date is Wednesday 11th July anyone can enter all you have to do is leave a comment below with your name email or blog so that we can contact you if you are one of the winners.You don't have to have a blog to enter and you can live anywhere in the world.So come on guys place your entries as there are plenty of followers that haven't entered yet,for those that have already entered good luck!

Thursday 5 July 2012

Speedy gets a new Award!

Illuminating Blogger Award

Yesterday was Independence day in the USA and I had a party to celebrate with you all,but to my surprise I received an award too!From my Friend Katie at Katie and Glogirly they gave me the One Illuminating Blog award So I have to say a big thank you to Katie and Glogirly....THANK YOU!

Katie from Katie and Glogirly!

So I now need to give you another 7 interesting facts about my self and nominate some more deserving blog too! this is so exciting!....heeheehee.
1:I love having a cuddle on mum and dad's bed with my head buried under mums Popple(its a special cuddly toy).
2:My favourite treats are Raisins,Cranberry's and of course peanuts!
3:I have a little cuddly rabbit that I use as a pillow.
4:I have glaucoma in my left eye which is hereditary in white bunnies.
5:I was rescued at an animal auction by a nice man who brought me and lots of other bunnies to save us from going to the snake man or for pet food and was re homed with my mum and dad.
6:I love to help my mum with the gardening.
7:I don't normally like going to the vets but its ok if mum holds me.
Ok this is the best bit because now I get to nominate those deserving blogs for this award too!Trumpets Please!
1:Big Ears,Tiny Tales.
2:Cats from Hell.
3:Clovie Boy.
4:Heartland Bunny Blog.
5:Lavender Rabbit Hoppenings.
6:The Qi Papers.
7:Walking Through Psalm 42.
8:Zantippy and Friends:Poetry by the Iguana,and other Fables of the Galaxy.
Congratulations to you all!Lets have another Party...heehee...if mum lets me...heehee!

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Happy 4th of July to our American friends!

Today is 4th of July,and America is celebrating Independence Day!So Speedy Had a party to celebrate with his friends in America,here's some photo's of what he got up to!

Speedy decorated his pen for the day!
Then Speedy had party games with his paper balls!
And then Speedy played hide and seek out in the garden!
Then it was dinner time so Speedy inspected his pen before eating his greens!

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Two new stories from Lorna!

Lorna has written two new stories on her blog Fuzzy Creatures one about MickeyZen of Bun and Weasley Rabbits eat quilts coming to visit me for the Olympics and another about Hannah and Harrington fromThe Raspberry Rabbits  ,both are great Stories.So give them a read.
Tomorrow is 4th of July that Independence Day in the USA so I'm having a party to celebrate with my friends in the USA,See you all tomorrow!xoxo Speedy