Saturday 29 December 2012

I got Mail from my pal Dalton at Wagg pet foods-Daltons doggy diary!

Just before Christmas I was asked by my pal Dalton at Wagg pet foods -Dalton's doggy diary to try some Wagg treats for him and his sponsors.Mummy kept them for me until Christmas day,for me to try them for a review.
Here's some photo's from opening them to the tasting:
They are called Carrot Bakes!
They look nice and you only need to give them one at a time as they are quite big!
You get quite a lot in the pack!
Mmmm Tasty and Crunchy!
Mummy I like these!
Mummy you can get some more of these I think they are very nice!Mummy do these come in other flavours?
Mmmmm Nom Nom Nom!
I been having these every day and they are scrumptious,I just can't get enough of these Carrot Bakes.They are a must for bunnies!To find out more visit Wagg pet food under Small Animals.
Thanks Dalton for asking me to try these for you.

Friday 28 December 2012

Speedy's Christmas adventure part 2

As Speedy's closet door opened Speedy stared in amazement as Santa popped his head around the door "Um Speedy about that magic closet of yours....." Speedy just sat there not quite believing that Santa was standing there in his house,shuffling his feet feeling shy all of a sudden quietly replied "Yes Santa" HOHOHO Santa laughed a big deep belly laugh"Don't worry Speedy nothing bad but I could do with some help" Speedy hopped around all happy and said "can I help?" "Bless you Speedy!Yes you can!I have too many extra deliveries And Rudolph still has his cold and can't manage these extra ones....hmmm....but you are small you might need to get some friends together to help you!" Speedy then had his turn to giggle "Hehehehe that's OK I can do that we'll meet you at your home Santa!"
After Santa left,Speedy hopped into the closet and thought Mickey that's who I need and as quick as that Speedy hopped out at the other end and shouted for  Mickey to come quick,Mickey hopped up grumbling "What's all the hurry?"Speedy told Mickey about his visit from Santa "We need to get the others together to help with these extra deliveries,We need to get the others together and drag them over to Santa's  to help him,what do you think Mickey?" Mickey muttering and grumbling under his breath"better get some treats for this!!"So shake him self off Mickey firmly said"you better get that foo' gerbil Freddie to get some of the others too and make him a list of who to bring since he's been to Santa's".
After getting Freddie and getting the list drawn up Mickey said "Right don't forget you get Umbra,Hannah and Harrington and Maddy we will bring Racer ,Winston ,Benji ,Chico ,Zoe and Princess from The House of Rabbits that should be enough" Freddie Squeaked excitedly "Got it! see you there"and was gone as quick as a flash leaving Mickey grumbling "foo' gerbil!"Speedy was looking away trying not to giggle" We'd better get going then Mickey"Mickey just hrmphed loudly and with that they were gone too.
The two of them arrived at the HOR with Speedy sneaking a peek with his good eye out of the closet and saw Racer hopping around Speedy shouted "Racer! we need your help go get the others!!" After rounding them up Speedy told them about Santa needing help and after asking them if they would help Princess spoke"Of course We'll help what are you waiting for show us the way"As if she was commanding a subject Speedy shrugged and took no notice and lead the way to Santa's home!When they got the Freddie was there too with Umbra ,Hannah,Harrington and Maddy,as Speedy hopped out of the closet Maddy zipped over to Speedy "SPEEDY!There you are where have you been?Before Speedy could answer Princess was there saying"Getting us you silly girl"Maddy screwed her eyes pointedly but before she could answer Speedy piped in "Come on Santa is waiting"
So after talking with Santa a plan was drawn up and each bunny took a small magic sack and and a list of all the places they had to go and off they went one by one it took the bunnies all night long but they managed it except Speedy his list was a bit longer than the others running out of time Speedy had one more name on his list so he did the only thing he could do and that was get the present mailed knowing Auntie Jane would mind it being late as She kept saying she had been too naughty to have something from Santa!

When Speedy got home he felt very tired and jumped up into his den not noticing that his stocking was full and flopped down fast asleep!

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Christmas Count down Surprize Give Away The Winner!

Today is 26th December and in the UK it's Boxing day another holiday!The Boxing Day sales start and its also the day in old tradition of the Boxing Day Hunt which some folks still practise but to our family its just another day for good food and family.
So Everybody wants to know who the Winner is of my Christmas Count Down Surprize Give Away is and I can tell you it was very hard as every body's entries where good but it came down to These three lalis(& nader)in bunderland , Art in the Wind , and The Misadventures of Misaki how ever there can only be one winner!AND THE WINNER IS.....
Lalis's Ashey lalis(&nader)in bunderland

But the other two were really good too so as an extra bit of Christmas Cheer I have decided to award second place to Art in the Wind for Twinkle

And Third Place to Misaki The Misadventures of Misaki
And to Top it all Twinkle and Misaki will get a little Pressy too!

We Hope You All Had A Great Christmas!xx Speedy!

Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas Count Down Christmas Eve the Finale!

Today is Christmas Eve and you know what that means Santa will be fly around the world delivering presents in time for Christmas Day!
Well today is the finale for my Christmas Count Down Surprize Give Away!So here are the final entries starting with my Pal Nerissa from Nerissa's Life

The next entry is from The Furries of Whisppy say hello to Tutu

The next entry is from Bobby and Finlay from Sparhawk Scotties
Don't They look great in their costumes?
The next entry is from Kirby at kirbysdawgblog

How cute is that sweater(jumper)?
The next entry is from Francesca at The online canine
And this is Joker

Joker is looking Fab and a little cheeky like me!Hehehe!
And a late entry from Lalis at lalis(&nader)in bunderland say hello to Ashey!He like Chrismas to much!

Then to make things really special I won a gift card from Katie and Coccolinos give away over at My Mini Pet Pig thanks you so much for picking me.
Then I got my last star for my Blog of the year award 2012 from fuzzylittlewabbits
I shall hand out the awards after Christmas and announce the winner of my Christmas Count Down Surprize Give Away at the same time.In the mean time Good luck to everybody who entered and
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Sunday 23 December 2012

Christmas Count Down 23rd December!

Today is 23rd December and do you know what that means?It means only 2 sleeps to go till CHRISTMAS!I am so excited that I have been running around and around all over the place making me very tired with all the excitement but I still want run around and have fun!
The most exciting thing is over night I have had a few new entries to my Christmas count down surprize give away,But I still want more closing date and time is tomorrow at 4pm UK time.Send your entries to me at rachel dot dejong28 at googlemail dot com.
Here's the first entry today and its from The Island Cats

The next entry is from Bunnits at Art in the Wind ,say hello to Twinkle she likes to climb trees,so the Christmas tree is only decorated with light but it still looks pretty

The next entry is from Clovis and his Mum at Clovie Boy
This is Clovis

Cute snow man
Here is a sneaky peek at Mummy's Christmas table linen

And for those that wanted to see me with my Christmas Stocking here I am

So don't forget to enter my give away and see you all tomorrow for the final Christmas count down post!