Saturday 15 December 2012

Join us in prayer

      Our prayers are with those that are lost and their families in  Newtown Connecticut 

                                                              If tears could build a stairway,
                                                                    and memories a lane,
                                                                I'd walk right up to Heaven
                                                                 and bring you home again.
                                                            No farewell words were spoken
                                                                  no time to say goodbye
                                                            you were gone before I knew it,
                                                                 and only God knows why.
                                                             My heart still aches in sadness
                                                                and secret tears still flow,
                                                                what it meant to lose you,
                                                                  no one will ever know.


  1. It makes me sick to think of all those little happy wrapped gifts under those trees that will not be opened, all the joy that was destroyed in those homes and in that community. Life is so breathtakingly beautiful and full of wonder and magic. What evil lives in the hearts of those who would destroy it?

    1. who can answer that,and who knows what goes on in the mind of some people,a sad and horrible state

  2. I cannot sleep because of this. I'm truly heartbroken for those families.

    1. I know its horrible for them but we do have to carry on with life even though we feel sad for them,xx Speedy's mum

  3. that was simply exquisite, both the photo and the poem. Thank you for sharing with us ((((hugs))))

    1. Its all we can do for the families to show our support for them.Thanks Caren and Cody,xx and Hugs Speedy and mum


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