Sunday 30 April 2017

Sunday Selfies time to take it Easy!

Today is Sunday which means its time to take it easy but also its time to join The Cat on My Heads Sunday Selfie Blog hop....
Yep this is me all day today as we have rain today.....enjoy your Sunday today!

Thursday 27 April 2017

A little Adventure

Hi everyone,its been a busy week so far so we are behind on everything again...nothing new there...hehehe!Anyway I got to go on a little adventure last week....

And this is me in a Bunty House....I guess it a child play house...hehehe...

Now for a couple of Movies

Remember to click on the links below the videos if you have problems watching them.Hope you enjoyed My adventure to the secret garden!

Sunday 23 April 2017

Sunday Selfie's

It's Sunday so it's time to join The Cat on My Head's Sunday Selfies Blog Hop......
This was taken a couple of weeks ago at one of our local hang outs on the moors...and yes gorse is a tasty snack for us bunnies!

Saturday 22 April 2017

Earth day Movie Day

Thanks to Ann of Zoolarty for this Graphic!
Today is Earth day so I thought I would share my latest movies taken at my favorite woods to show what our Planet has to offer when we look after it and keep it clean....

If you have trouble watching the movies just click the links below and they will open up in youtube.

See what we can enjoy if we look after it?So when you go out to the great out doors clean up after your selves and take your litter and rubbish and poop bags with you that way we can continue to enjoy these beautiful places for years to come......
                                      HAPPY EARTH DAY!

Thursday 20 April 2017

ASPCA #GetTough Giveaway winner 20th April 2017

So we have our winner of our ASPCA #GetTough Giveaway....
As picked by one Naughty Speedy!Congratulations To Ruby The Airedale!

Sorry it we were late picking this but we had a lot to do the last few days and with the passing of Nellie well we just didn't feel like it but we decided to give ourselves a bit of a kick thought we had better get on with the job!Movie day is back tomorrow so I hope you will hop back then.

Monday 17 April 2017

Nellie Queen of Heaven Always and Forever!

Queen Penelope.....our Nellie Bellie has left us for the Rainbow Bridge.To some she was The Cat from Hell....that's how most of us met her through her first Blog.To others She was Nellie on the Edge from her second blog.Those of us who knew her all loved and adored her as she ruled over us all in Blogville as we all should!She now rule over us from the Heavens above as Heaven has gained a Queen of Heaven to shine her light upon us all!
To me She was my Fun loving Darling Nellie Bellie who I exchanged visits and adventures with and yes some great date's and Valentines

Nellie love to dance with us all!She would send presents and Valentines...

And when we were poorly she would visit us all making the perfect Nurse Nellie..
And her Famous Pumpkins and Pumpkin patch at Halloween that everyone loved

And she Always came to my Pirate parties...

But Her last gift to me was to spend Good Friday with me before she left for the Rainbow Bridge....

And a Special gift for you all to Remember Our Nellie Bellie...Queen of Heaven!

                                                  Till we Meet again!

Please Hop on Over to See Nellie's Final gift and to say Farewell