Thursday 31 March 2016

Speedy's Movie Day Part One!

Hello Everybody welcome to another Movie Day!and Guess what you're in for a treat because mum is still trying to load the videos from today so you're in for a 2 part movie day meaning you get to see one today from my adventure on Good Friday and today's adventure tomorrow!

So here are a couple of photo's too

I hope you enjoyed my Movie and can come back tomorrow for part 2 of movie day!

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Disapproving Bun Day!

Hello and welcome to another Disapproving Bun Day!Todays star is Mr Bun,He and his Hoomin run their blog Disapproving Bun.Check out all their latest disapprovers.Anyway Mr Bun was trying to enjoy his salad but his hoomin wanted to take some photos....

Thanks Mr Bun and Hoomin.

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Sunday 27 March 2016

Thursday 24 March 2016

Speedy's Movie Day

Hello Everybody its time for movie day and I have lots to share with you today,so sit back with some snacks and enjoy the show....

This was a little outing I had just before Christmas....

These are some videos that Google put together for me...

This one is of my Scrambling adventure the full length movie....

And this one is from my latest trip to my Favourite woods from last week....

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Disapproving Bun Day

Hi Everyone it's Wednesday and that means Disapproving Bun Day!Todays star has been sent in by my Aunty Melissa ,this is her bunny Yogi....
                       "Mummy I don't like this lead!!!"

Thanks Aunty Melissa for sending in this photo of Yogi

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Monday 21 March 2016

Easter Origins - Did you know?

Easter in Christianity celebrates the rebirth of Christ after he gave his life in sacrifice for Humanity's sins,But did you know that Easter has its roots in Pagan tradition?
The Egg is a universal symbol of life and renewal so it is not surprising that it for centuries the egg has be associated with Easter.

However the pagan roots are in the Pagan Festivities, The Venerable Bede (672-735 AD),A christian Scholar wrote that Easter was named after the Great Mother Goddess of the Saxon people "Eostre".
The Goddesses favourite animal was the Hare.Legend Has it that the Goddess found an injured bird in winter and she transformed it into a Hare so that it could survive the winter,the hare found it could lay eggs which it decorated each spring and left them as offerings to the goddess.Providing one explanation of the origins of the Easter Bunny.

Sunday 20 March 2016

Sunday Selfies An important Easter Message

This Easter make your choice of an Easter bunny a Chocolate one or a Toy bunny!
I am a 10+ commitment!
I have costly Vet Bills!
I need to be Neutered or Spayed other wise I could become aggressive!
I need lots of attention or I become sad and grumpy
If you handle me to roughly I will become scared and will bite and could be injured by rough handling.
I need to be fed lots of hay and some leafy greens with a small amount of quality pellets.
A lot of vegetables and plants are bad or toxic for me.
I am not a pet for Young Children who can hurt me,get bored with me and doesn't know how to look after me properly.

Thursday 17 March 2016

Speedy's Movie Day and Review rolled into one: Panasonic Smart Home Monitoring System Sponsored Post

Hello Everyone!Today we have Movies to watch as well as our review of the Panasonic Home Smart Monitoring System.sent us this system free of charge to test out on Speedy to do a sponsored post about it.Our opinions are our own and we have not been paid any extra for this post other than the free system and memory card to test out:

Now the System that we were sent comes with a DECT ULE technology Hub,indoor camera,2 window/door sensors and a smart plug which is set up and controlled by an app on your Smartphone or Tablet from google for android or the app store for apple.The System can send alerts to your phone letting you know what is going on with your pets and home via the app or you can view live footage too.

To set the system up you need to download the app on to your phone or tab and you then set your password to the hub and then link it up to your wifi router.once that is down all you do is setup your camera plug and sensors which have control settings that can be accessed on the app and programed to run how you would like.The System is wireless and using DECT ULE technology which keeps your images safe and secure from hacking for peace of mind.And Subscription free that means you buy the system and any optional extras and that is it.For more details on the System and the full range of kits visit

Mum found the System easy to set up with only one little blip: once you have the hub up and running you get a notification that there is new firmware for the hub which she selected to go ahead with to update it how ever she then couldn't connect to the hub after and found she had to uninstall the app and reinstall it and reconnect the phone to the hub to get it all working again once she done that she had no problems with it.

You can get extra sensors,extra cameras indoor or outdoor and other connectable extras such as Motion detectors ,indoor siren and more as the System can work with up to 4 cameras,50 sensors/Smart plugs and other optional extras.

The system works up to 300 meters so if you had the outdoor camera you could keep an eye on your pet in the garden too

You could set the door sensors on a dog or cat flap so that you could check on how many times your pet is going outside and then set the sensors to the indoor camera to make sure you aren't getting uninvited guests coming in to your house!

You can also set the camera to record to motion and sound and you can keep an eye on the temperature to make sure its not too hot or too cold for your pet.You can also talk to your pet via the the app on your phone or tab through the camera.Too record video's you need to put a micro sd card in the slot which you can save on to your phone or use a card reader on a pc to download videos that you wish to keep and photo's are taken and saved straight to your phone.The Camera is wall mountable or can be used free standing so that it can be moved to diferent locations

Mum is finding it quite easy to use the system and the app to control it and seems to take great pleasure in Spying on me.As she gets more used to the system she said we will do a follow up review in a few weeks time and she also said that at some point in the future she wouldn't mind getting an outdoor camera....

OK now for some Entertainment....

The first 2 Video's are made up of clips record over 2 separate Nights on this System and are of me in my night time den....those of you who want to know what we buns get up to in the night well now you know....hehehe

Mum also set up the camera to view out the front garden so that she could Spy on me without having to keep coming out to check on me.Now the kit we were sent came with just one indoor camera which has motion,sound and temperture sensors as well as being a full night vision camera.So mum opened up the window and pointed it to view as much of the garden as she could whilest keeping it inside the house to keep it safe.These next videos are from a few days this week.....

This next one is from the mummy spying on me in the back garden yesterday,it was a bit chilly so I stayed in the sunshine for a ever Mum caught me nibbling on her rose's well the way I look at it if its in the garden its mine!

You can also take photo's...

Mum said she found it very useful to be able to keep an eye on me when I am in the garden without having to be with me constantly and she said it will be good to keep an eye on me when I am left in the kitchen when she goes out too....I guess I had better get used to being spied on....*sigh*.....and imagine being told off for being naughty when Mum is out in real time because of the speaker/microphone on the camera....*sigh*......What's a bun like me to do?

Now here is some thing  for you pampered pets and you parents Panasonic UK are holding a Special competition  on their website and and comment on the #MyVIP competion post with a photo or a 30 second video with you and your pet with #MyVIP and you can tweet it to @pansaonicUK with #MyVIP too.The full terms and conditions on the competion are here the competion runs from now till 23.59 UK time on the 23rd July unfortunately this is for the UK pet owners.

You could win....

A luxury stay at a Red carnation hotel

A spa experience for the winner and their pet

A professional photo shoot for the winner and their pet courtesy of Red Letter Days

A Panasonic Smart Home Monitoring Camera kit

A VIP hamper of personalised treats for the winner and their pet

Good luck with the Competition my friends and I hope you enjoyed the entertainment!

For my US Friends that are interested in this system here is the link to the Panasonic site in the US this will take you right to the product page :

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Disapproving Bun Day

Hi everyone its Disapproving Bun Day and today I am the star over at Disapproving Bun how Cool is that? But also it is my turn here again as I'm all out of Disapproving bunnies so I hope you don't mind to much.....
            "Can't we just have fun playing on outings Mum?"

So I am in need of some Disapproving Bunnies so please send them in to me at [email protected]

Coming up this week is my Speedy review which we are going to join up with my Movie day and do one big post.....

Sunday 13 March 2016

Sunday Selfies

Just me out and about....this is from a couple of weeks ago!But we are finally enjoying some spring like weather chilly nights but warmer during the day YIPPEE!

Now for the next photo...

Mummy was sent a Special Panasonic Smart Pet/Home Monitoring System to use with monitoring me and do a review on which is coming up next week on Speedy's Review.These where taken using the night vision mode.We will tell you all about it next week but in the meantime you should know that Panasonic UK are holding a Special competition  on their website and and comment on the #MyVIP competion post with #MyVIP and you can tweet it to @pansaonicUK with #MyVIP where you can post either a photo of yourselves with your Very Important Pet or a 30 second video with  full terms and conditions on the competion are here the competion runs from now till 23.59 UK time on the 23rd July unfortunately this is for the UK only but We will give you more Details with the review next week..We just wanted to give you the heads up on the Competition so you could check it out now.

What is E.Cuniculi In Rabbits?

What is E.Cuniculi In Rabbits?

E.cuniculi is a tiny single celled protozoa parasite, which has to live inside a host cell in order to survive. E.cuniculi primarily infects rabbits and is a significant cause of disease. It is also important to rabbit owners as just occasionally it can infect humans, especially if they are immuno-compromised. Infection has been diagnosed in rabbits in Europe, Africa, America and Australia. In the UK the parasite is common in laboratory and pet rabbits, but rare in the wild rabbits.It has also been found in Rodents,Foxes,dogs,cats,pigs,cows,horses and non human primates and some birds.
It is thought in Britain that as many as 52% of rabbits have been affected or exposed to E. cuniculi, although accurate figures are very hard to determine in this condition. Some rabbits may show only very limited signs of the infection.It is also prevelent in Australia,Canada,America, Europe and Africa.
Once a rabbit has the disease it passes infectious spores in its urine. Transmission to another rabbit occurs by eating these spores in urine contaminated food and water. The unborn kits may also be infected across the placenta during pregnancy. Once the parasite has entered the rabbit's body it is carried in the blood circulation to target organs such as the liver, kidney and central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). This results in rupture of these cells, inflammation and clinical signs, primarily in the liver, kidney, brain and spinal cord. It is likely that the majority of rabbits are infected at a very early age from their mother from ingestion of contaminated urine. One month after infection, the rabbit will be shedding spores of their own, in the urine. The rabbit will continue to shed the spores for up to three months and probably on and off for life.The spores have been found to survive in the environment more than a month. 

How can I tell if my rabbit has E.cuniculi?

When the rabbit is first infected, the parasite finds its way into the intestines. Once in the intestinal tract it goes on to affect other organs, especially the kidneys and brain. In these organs the parasite causes a lesion called a granuloma.

Amazingly most rabbits that are infected with this disease go through life quite happily and without any problems. It is only when the rabbit does encounter health difficulties that owners will even know they might have the disease.
However if  kits are infected during pregnancy, spores are able to cross into the lens of the eye. Some baby rabbits also display white patches in their eyes, this is because E. cuniculi can affect the eyes by development of granulomas in the lens of the eye. This is normally prevalent when the unborn baby rabbit is
infected via the placenta from the mother.

Because these problems can be caused by other conditions, for example head tilt can also be caused by a bacterial infection, the only way to discover the cause is by a visit to your veterinary surgeon for a diagnosis.
The granulomas that can arise in the kidneys of affected rabbits are usually harmless however they can cause the rabbit to suffer from mild chronic renal failure, which will show symptoms such as an increasing thirst and weight loss. The main problem in the affected rabbit, which does display problems, is when lesions in the brain start causing neurological issues. These symptoms include:
Convulsions – the rabbit might display fitting.
Torticollis (medical terminology for head tilt).
Ataxia (hind limb weakness).
Urinary incontinence – caused by the lesions in the brain/central nervous system and not by those in the kidney.
Loss of balance.
Coma and death
The biggest problem with treatment for E. cuniculi is knowing that it is the cause of health problems in the first place. If the rabbit hasn't had a blood test and the vet is treating the animal for its symptoms, then in some cases the rabbit may get better and the problem was not E. cuniculi at all!

The drug that is used to kill E. cuniculi that has been found to be most effective is fenbendazole, which in the UK is known as Panacur (used for worming).

The only problem with using this drug to eliminate the parasite is that in many cases E. cuniculi has already cause irreversible damage and inflammation to the brain. Effectively this means that although the parasite has been killed, the rabbit does not actually get any better. This is why some vets will also use a steroid in conjunction with fenbendazole, in an effort to limit inflammatory response in the brain. The drugs are used together because using steroids alone would lower the immune system, allowing the parasite infection to get even worse.
It has been debated by vets about treating your rabbit regularly with Panacur Rabbit wormer to prevent E.C and its symptoms.Some vets are for it and Yes you might think that they would after all you have to buy it from them in most countries as prescription though that is not the case in the UK you just have to be registered with a vet and can buy it online with no problem at all.All I know is that my last rabbit had E.C and developed major symptoms when he was about 6 years old and nearly died from it.I never even knew about E.C until that time.It was a long battle to get him to recover somewhat and even though he lived till he was 8 and 1/2 he would relapse fairly regularly and would have to be treated for it for the rest of his life.
Now with Speedy when we brought him home we realised after a couple of weeks that he had pinworms after seeing them in his poops and believe me that was a shock to see but again he would have picked that up from his mum as a baby and if he picked up pinworms from his mum then there is a good chance he would have picked up E.C too.So he was treated with Panacur rabbit wormer for the pin worms but also for the E.C to and he will continue to be treated between 2 to 4 times a year for the rest of his life because having had a rabbit so sick from E.C before I would rather know that I have done everything I possibly can so the Speedy never has to go through the same thing.
I also wash his veg and anything I pick for him in the garden.And I am always keeping his litter boxes clean too, as well as the regular treatments of panacur rabbit wormer because one he goes out in the garden for play time and two he does go out for his outings in the countryside too.
Here is the link for more information on Panacur Rabbit wormer:
I hope this helps all Rabbit owners make an informed decision on whether they want to try to prevent E.C or just treat their rabbits when they become sick from it.
All information in this post has come from several sources on the internet,the manufacturers of Panacur,my own vet and my own past experiences.

Friday 11 March 2016

Speedy's Review

Today's review is a review with a twist it's not on a product but rather on a pet friendly accommodation from one of the holidays mummy has taken me on.Today's review is on Oakdene Forest Holiday Park at St Leonards near Ringwood in Hampshire here in the UK and of the service provided by Hoseasons.

Mummy Booked it through booked a Pet Friendly Supersaver 2 which is a 2 bedroom Static Caravan holiday home with decking like this one below.
From the Start the booking process online was very easy and efficient,after booking she then phoned Hoseasons to sort out some final arrangements and concerns with taking me along on the holiday.They were Brilliant, they contacted Shorefields who own the park and sorted the concerns out.Then Mum phoned the park itself to find out If we arrived before the check in time if it was possible to have the holiday home early as we wanted to leave a bit early to allow for traffic as it was a 3 hour drive from home and at peak traffic and was told it wasn't a problem.

On the day we ended up arriving an hour early and Check in went smoothly.As mum was checking in the lady who she spoke to came out of the office especially to serve mum as she knew all about me coming and told mum that they have allsorts of pets come and stay with them from rabbits,and other small animals to cats and dogs even a bird or 2 so that gave mum peace of mind.

The Holiday home was clean and had everything you need.It had a gas fire in the long area and electric heaters in the bedrooms and bathroom.

This is me on the decking area which also had garden furniture on it too.We had some great warm sunny days whilst we were there but very chilly nights so the heating had to be on all night to keep warm.

I was only allowed on the decking as there were wild bunnies and this was before mum started having me vaccinated and became harnessed trained as this was my first holiday.
even had a local kitty though I think he was on the lookout for my wild cousins thought they were too smart for him.

The Park has lots of amenities like and indoor pool and a outdoor pool for the summer

There is a restaurant and bar and evening entertainment
and lots of outdoor activities like archery,climbing wall,mountain bikes and walks in Hurn Forest

and there is a gym and Spa too
Since we stayed there they have now updated the holiday home so the interiors had more modern look and appliances plus they have new Standard holiday homes with gas central heating alongside the range that includes Luxury holiday homes and Lodges as well as the newer supersaver holiday homes.
We had a great time there and it was a great start to my becoming the adventure bun I am today....And yes we would stay there again.

Disclaimer: All opinions are myself and my mummy's,we were not paid for this review and we paid for the holiday ourselves.

Thursday 10 March 2016

Speedy's Movie Day!

Hi everybody it's movie day again,and today we have some of my Church and graveyard adventure and part of my scrambling adventure.So sit back with some snacks and enjoy the show!

Well I hope you enjoyed the show everybody and if you have any problem viewing the movies the click the links below each movie.

Still to come this week is Speedy's review and Sunday Selfies Blog hop with the Cat on My Head

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Disapproving Bun Day!

Hi everyone welcome to Disapproving Bun Day!We have a very Special guest today.....Meet Peter!
He belongs to my Aunty Anita and even though he isn't a real live bunny he certainly knows how to Disapprove of us all!
Thanks Aunty Anita for sending us this great bunny!

Don't forget to send in your Disapproving Bunnies to [email protected] cause we always need photos.

And for more Disapproving Bunnies hop on over to Disapproving Bun!

Tomorrow is Movie day and we also have Speedy's Review coming up this week too!

Sunday 6 March 2016

Mother's Day in the UK!

Here in the UK it's Mother's Day, so Happy Mother's day to all the mums!

Sunday Selfie

Hey Everyone thought I would show you some photo's from my adventure from last Sunday Mummy and me went to Sheeps tor and I did a spot of scrambling....

And now for some views....