Friday 11 March 2016

Speedy's Review

Today's review is a review with a twist it's not on a product but rather on a pet friendly accommodation from one of the holidays mummy has taken me on.Today's review is on Oakdene Forest Holiday Park at St Leonards near Ringwood in Hampshire here in the UK and of the service provided by Hoseasons.

Mummy Booked it through booked a Pet Friendly Supersaver 2 which is a 2 bedroom Static Caravan holiday home with decking like this one below.
From the Start the booking process online was very easy and efficient,after booking she then phoned Hoseasons to sort out some final arrangements and concerns with taking me along on the holiday.They were Brilliant, they contacted Shorefields who own the park and sorted the concerns out.Then Mum phoned the park itself to find out If we arrived before the check in time if it was possible to have the holiday home early as we wanted to leave a bit early to allow for traffic as it was a 3 hour drive from home and at peak traffic and was told it wasn't a problem.

On the day we ended up arriving an hour early and Check in went smoothly.As mum was checking in the lady who she spoke to came out of the office especially to serve mum as she knew all about me coming and told mum that they have allsorts of pets come and stay with them from rabbits,and other small animals to cats and dogs even a bird or 2 so that gave mum peace of mind.

The Holiday home was clean and had everything you need.It had a gas fire in the long area and electric heaters in the bedrooms and bathroom.

This is me on the decking area which also had garden furniture on it too.We had some great warm sunny days whilst we were there but very chilly nights so the heating had to be on all night to keep warm.

I was only allowed on the decking as there were wild bunnies and this was before mum started having me vaccinated and became harnessed trained as this was my first holiday.
even had a local kitty though I think he was on the lookout for my wild cousins thought they were too smart for him.

The Park has lots of amenities like and indoor pool and a outdoor pool for the summer

There is a restaurant and bar and evening entertainment
and lots of outdoor activities like archery,climbing wall,mountain bikes and walks in Hurn Forest

and there is a gym and Spa too
Since we stayed there they have now updated the holiday home so the interiors had more modern look and appliances plus they have new Standard holiday homes with gas central heating alongside the range that includes Luxury holiday homes and Lodges as well as the newer supersaver holiday homes.
We had a great time there and it was a great start to my becoming the adventure bun I am today....And yes we would stay there again.

Disclaimer: All opinions are myself and my mummy's,we were not paid for this review and we paid for the holiday ourselves.


  1. OMB Speedy... THAT was a Vacation RESORT fur SURE... and you got to see your Wild Cussins? THAT is super... Good that you stayed AWAY from them though...
    OMD your mum took ALL YOUR STUFFS you could feel Right at Home there.

    1. that she did My friends,it was pawsome!xx Speedy

  2. Holy macaroni is that awesome!! What fun
    Lily & Edward

  3. What a cool place to go with your humans, Speedy!

  4. That sure looks like a darn cool spot Speedy!

  5. speedy...dood...thiz iz awesum....lot oh placez round de states willna take animals, tho we think mor R inclined ta due sew now .... than in yeerz past !!! happee week oh end two all ♥♥♥

  6. Looks like an awesome place to stay. What a nice vacation.
    Sue B

  7. Oh boy! That looks like such a fun place. Any place that accepts pets is a great place to visit.

  8. this was a super interesting, thorough and fun review! Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful holiday spot. I could tell that Speedy felt right at home! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. That looks like a fantastic vacation spot and it's wonderful that they were bunny friendly.

  10. It looks like a great place for vacation ! How cool that you could go with your humans, and even meet (from far) your wild cousins ! Purrs

  11. Dearest friends! I missed Speedy's movie day; work was too wild this week not allowing me to get to my computer fast enough! But I am loving sitting here on Saturday morning to catch up. It is so nice to see that there are caring people who provide clean, safe and beautiful accomodations for pets. What a lovely deck, park surroundings and fun things to do!

    Have a happy weekend my beloved friends!

  12. Squeals little dude - that does look like heaven on earth there. Great trip and pictures. XOXO - Bacon

  13. Wish. Wee. Were. There.
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx


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