Friday 31 May 2013

Sweet blogging award given By Dogdaz

Last week Dogdaz Gave us this great award the Super Sweet Blogging Award,we already have this award but as we really appreciate being given these lovely Awards we wanted to do a post to say Thank you for being given it again so Thank You Dogdaz you are the best!

Also We have a new greeting card just for Father's Day if any one is interested it has been added to the Shop Product code: 0039 Price: £3.60
The first 4 cards in the Shop Product codes: 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004 can be reproduced as Father's Day cards too!

Friday 24 May 2013

I've been Tagged by Bacon at Pig Love!

I've been Tagged By Bacon at pig love this week while I was on Holiday I had to wait till we got home to celebrate and play.
So the rules of the game are:
1:Post these rules-done.
2:Post a Photo of you and tell 11 random facts about your self-Done
3:Answer the 11 questions given by the person/pet that tagged you-Done
4:Create 11 new questions and tag new people/pets to answer them.-Done
5:Go to their blog and let them know they have been tagged!-Done
Here are my 11 random facts:
1:I don't mind travelling on long journeys,Mum said I was very good that I just got comfy and chilled out when we went on Holiday!
2:I love exploring new spaces.
3:I love jumping on and off the couch on holiday!
4:I love going on holiday with mummy and daddy.
5:Mummy and Daddy Spoilt me on Holiday.
6:I love being at home too as I love going up and Down Stairs
7:My other treats I like are plain corn chips and popcorn.
8:I love my mummy cuddles.
9:I love Blogging with all my friends.
10:I tug on people trousers to get attention from them.
11:I never bite but sometimes nibbles.

Questions from Bacon!
1:What was the last movie you watched?
Time cop while on holiday.
2:Whats your favourite game show on television?
Tipping point
3:Small House vs Big House-which do you prefer?
I don't mind as long as I have enough room to have fun and explore!
4:Mountains or Beach which do you prefer?
I'll let mum answer this one as I have no idea!Speedy's mum:I love both but I hate the cold so the beach is the one for me.
5:are you a day person or more of a night person?
A bit of both.
6:Whats your favourite day of the week?
7:Why is that(#6)your favourite day of the week?
Wednesday is the last day mummy works each week so the week end starts then for me!
8:Whats your favourite snack?
Wagg carrot Bakes.
9:What was you favourite show to watch as a teenager?
I'll let mummy answer this one.Speedy's mum:Doctor Who but had Buffy the vampire slayer been on then that would have been my favourite.
10:Do you have chores?
Only one.
11:If so(#10) What kind?
To only make a mess in my play pen!

Here are My Tag Questions:
1:Where is your favourite place in the whole world?
2:Why(#2)is it your favourite place?
3:What is the funniest thing you have ever done?
4:What's your favourite treat?
5:If there was one thing you really wanted to do above all other things what would it be?
6:What is your favourite play thing?
7:What's your favourite colour?
8:Sunshine or Rain which do you prefer?
9:Whats your favourite Plant?
10:If you could have any three course meal what would you have?
11:What is your favourite beverage?

And here are my New Tags:
Hutch a good life
My Mini Pet Pig
My Pawsitively Pets
Savannah's paw tracks
Canines and Couture


Thursday 23 May 2013

Vote for Shiner!!!

Hi everybody my pal Shiner from Pawsitively Pets has been entered into a video competition called May Day Play Day video competition hosted by Cat time And Dog time the top 5 videos will have a chance to win the Best Pet Video of 2013 Petties Award.

To see the video and the link to cast your vote visit Pawsitively Pets!!!!

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Speedy mid week Easy!

Here is Speedy having a Mid Week Easy!
He has also been spoilt with new stuff,a new wicker chew ball which you can see next 
to the cage and a new litter box and a huge bag of pellets too and some carrots with the tops on!      

Yippee to My Auntie Jane!

We entered a one of our cards into Mollies Auction to help raise money for Leo the cat who is being cared for by Savannah at Savannah's Paw Tracks,Any how the winning bid was for $25 from My Auntie Jane....I'm so excited that My Auntie Jane gave the winning bid Thank you Auntie Jane so much for helping with this great cause!
And Thank you for everyone who helped Mollies Auction Be a great success and I can't wait to here how much we all helped to raise for Leo.
Leo the cat!
Sample of Auntie Jane's Card but the real one will be customised!

Monday 20 May 2013

Roll Up Roll UP for Mollies Auction for Leo the cat!

Our Pal Savannah and her human family are taking care of A wonderful cat called Leo but he is poorly and Savvy's family have paying for the vet costs for treating him

Well Our other pal Mollie is holding a charity Auction to help raise some Dollars to help with the vets costs So please everybody please go over to Mollies Auction !!
We have one of our Cards up for Auction the winning bidder will be able to have it customised too!So get on over to the Auction and help poor Leo!!

Speedy's Sunday!

Here is Speedy enjoying the veranda!

Saturday 18 May 2013

Speedy's Holiday Home!

Here is Speedy having fun in his holiday home!

While we are away we won't be able to comment as much but we will still be reading your blogs as the Internet is intermittent here,xx Speedy and Mum

Friday 17 May 2013

I've Been Steam Punked!By Penelope The Cat from Hell!

This week Nellie from Cat Form Hell and Her Mummy Steam Punked me and I just Love the result!So please pay her a visit and tell her what you think.She's a great friend who I have had fun adventures with.
This week has been an exciting time and I think that this is the carrot on the cake!

Wednesday 15 May 2013

we got mail A special Present!

Yesterday we got a special present from our friend Connie from Tails from the foster kittens this lovely necklace made by herself.

We love it!!!!
And to spoil you all here is Speedy chilling in his pen.

He's molting at the moment so he is a little patch on his face and nose

Gremlins Gone!

Hi everyone! Just to let you know that the gremlins have been kicked out and moved on so the shop is now open again!....Yippee!
But we have some more news.....we are all going on holiday for a week on Friday!
Yep that's right I'm going with mummy and daddy this time so we won't be able to Process any orders for that week,we can up till Thursday 16th May and get them sent out on Friday morning other wise you will have to wait till we get back but don't worry we will still be able to visit you all from time to time as we are taking the laptop,xxx Speedy

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Gremlins in the works! The Shop is offline!!! Grrrr!!!

Hi Every one due to technical Difficulties the shop is offline until it can be fixed
The Gremlins have got us!!! Sorry...

Sunday 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day to our friends around the world!

                                           HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!
                                     To all our friends around the world!

And to let you know that our 10% discount in our shop will be finishing at 7pm today (12th May) if you already have an order pending you will still receive the discount but any orders after the 7pm will be at full price.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Great news! Discount Event Extended!update!

We've Decided to Extend the 10% Discount till the end of the week to finish on Sunday evening!Discount to finish at 7pm except for those already quoted for!
And here are some Photo's of Speedy out in the Garden yesterday for you to drool over!

Saturday 4 May 2013

Big Announcement....Grand opening of Speedy's Card and Gift Shop!

Big Announcement.....We have Finally done it!Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of Speedy's Card and Gift Shop!And to Launch it We are giving 10% of the price of the Cards and Gifts....but not P&P as weight is an issue,The Discount is till Midnight Monday 6th May UK Time!
Please Follow the Ordering instructions on the Shop Page and we hope you will bear with us as Later we will up date the shop with a shopping cart!
                                  Thanks for All Your Support!

Thursday 2 May 2013

Another Award from Nerissa!And a big Announcement!

This week I had another given to my by my Pal Nerissa at Nerissa's LifeHe gave me the Best Moment Award.

The rules for the Award are as follows:
Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech.
This could be written or video recorded.
Winners have the privilege of awarding the next Awardees!
And winners should notify them of the great news.
What makes a good acceptance speech?
Gratitude-Thank the people who helped you along the way.
Humour-Keep us entertained and smiling.
Inspiration-Make your story touch our lives.
Get an great idea from the great acceptance speeches.compiled in
Display the Awards Badge on your blog/website down loadable from

Not sure how to do this but here goes!I would Like to thank Nerissa, for giving me this award and I would like to Thank my Auntie's Jane,Brandi,Karen,Michelle and Lorna for the guidance and love,I'd like to thank all of you my friends who have followed me over the last year old and new with out you none of this would be possible!And most of all I would like to Thank my Mummy and Daddy for bring me into their lives and giving me the most wonderful life,I love you both and I love you all! To Friends And To Family!
and so now to pass this lovely award on to some of my friends:
Cat from Hell
Furries of Whisppy
Nylablue and Sherri Ellen
The online canine
island cats
Kittini boys
my pawsitively pets

                                                           Big announcement!!!

We are a bit busy at the moment so if we don't get to see you all and say hello we will try to make it up to you later as we are in the process of setting up Speedy's Card and Gift Shop,we hope to open over this weekend as its a bank holiday week end in the UK.We are starting with Mummy's Hand made cards first and then adding gifts later on!You can take a sneak peek by clicking on the page tab above and we will announce the grand opening when the payment gateway is operational!!