Saturday 31 March 2012

Speedy and Dad have a binkying good time!

Today Dad and me had fun!We chased each other around and around after I decided to escape!Dad was laughing as I ran doing the binkies up up in the air.Dad was saying to mum"look at what Speedy is doing" "He's got the nonsence in him today!"Mum was laughing saying"what a pair you are which one is the Bun and which one's the human?"But it was chilly today with little of sun so after a while I got very tired and want some grub,so dad brought me in and mum gave me my grub and to top it all a very big cuddle was had by all!

Grow your own greens update

To day my mum potted on some of the seed that she had sown,the Basil and Timothy hay grass mix has now become seedlings.She has sown some more of these today as well.She is still waiting for the parsley to sprout so,we will have to wait and see what happens.

Thumper as a baby

This is Thumper as a baby 8 & a half years ago.The first photo that we ever took.

Caramel the lop

This is caramel my mum's first bunny.She had him about 15 years ago and she had him for 6 and half years,mum say's that he was very nosy and very brave and that he used to chase the neighbours cats out of the garden and that the only cat that he liked was her old cat Smokey and she say's that he loved her mum and step dad's dog called Wellington....Boots for short!

Speedy after a busy day yesterday!

I been so busy yesterday what with playing with mum,having lots of cuddles,munching all night,more cuddles this morning,more munching and chewing on my pen.I'm just so sleepy...I'll just have a snooze...zzzzz

Friday 30 March 2012

Play time for speedy!

Spring came nice and warm with Speedy enjoying play time in the sun!With mum all comfy with a good book she became a convenient mountain for Speedy to climb "Come on mum how about giving me some attention!" as a nose poked out from under the book.Mum laugh out loud "Speedy you're a rascal of a rabbit!"

Thursday 29 March 2012

Spring is here and Speedy was out having fun!

Spring has come with warm sunshine all day long so mum and dad put Speedy out to play in the back garden.But mum and dad blocked off the front garden so that Speedy had to stay with them.Speedy was very happy as he was hanging around with them,he would sneak up behind while they relaxed in the sun and jump on their backs then run off doing binkies thinking that was fun but after a while Speedy got bored so he started to nosey about into the sheds he went nosing about then over to the gate to look on to gran mums garden to see what was going on in there.Then he leaped onto mum and then onto dad and he zoomed off as fast as he could with mum and dad laughing with glee at Speedy's fun and games.

Ooh me greens!

About time mum!took you long enough!

Chow time!

Where's me grub mum?

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Speedy resting in his new home

These were taken when speedy first came to live with us,he was only 16 weeks old and adorable right form the start

Thumper skateboarding

These were the last photo's taken before Thumper went to bunny heaven.This old Bun still liked to do new things,he shall be remembered with fond memories and will be missed.

Monday 26 March 2012

What are you doing ?Giving me a knighthood?

Arise sir knight, I dub thee sir Speedy of the realm of bunnies!Ahh Mum that's not even a real sword,you're going to have to do better than that!

Speedy and his out door den

Speedy playing in his out door den,look what mum did for me?

Saturday 24 March 2012

A post from Speedys Mum:E.cuniculi

This is a post from my mum about the previous rabbit Thumper:
We had Thumper for a little over 8 years and for the first 6 years of his life he had no health issues then one day he suddenly became ill.He was off his feed his head was tilting and he wouldn't drink and water and he was extremely lethargic.We rushed him to the vets and was told that the symptoms were consistent with E.cuniculi.We had never head of this before,the vet said it was preventable by worming with panacur on a regular basis.We had never wormed our bunny,we didn't know that you needed to.To cut a long story short that Christmas we near lost Thumper.the vet kept him overnight gave him saline injections under the skin to rehydrate him,critical care food,panacur and some other injections.After this he seemed to pick up so we was allowed to take thumper home,we carried on with the panacur and the critical care.After a couple of days Thumper went down hill again after taking him back to the vets we had to carry on with the saline injections and other meds too.It took a long time but after a while Thumper pulled through but this parasite left damage,luckily he only had scaring to his eyes and early stages of cataracts but we would have to treat him with panacur wormer 4 times a year especially after stressful situations as once a rabbit gets this parasite you can never completely get rid of it.but you can control it with panacur rabbit wormer.This parasite does kill so I would recommend that all rabbit owners worm their pets regularly.
Encephalitozoon cuniculi also known as E.cuniculi for short is a intracellular protozoan parasite for those that are unsure what that is malaria in humans is the same type of parasite which those that contract it will also know that you can get relapse of symptoms.

Friday 23 March 2012

Nibble nibble nibble

Speedy is having a nibble.Yum Yum Yum nice grass.I'm Having a lovely time!

Speedy sprucing him self up!

Speedy wants to look his best before he goes on a jaunt.Am I clean yet?Got to look my best you never know who's looking!

Nosy speedy at the rockery

Speedy having a nose at the rockery.Hmm whats going on here? What a nice day for an adventure!

Thursday 22 March 2012

Speedy's new adventure"a nightmare for dad"!

Today dad was going to his mum's to do some stuff for her,so he decided to take me with him so that I could run and play there I was playing in this great garden while dad was busy doing all sorts of things.Dad wasn't playing with me,I was trying to get his attention but he was just too busy and guess what I did? you guessed it I ran away to play.I was next to this gate and I thought I can squeeze under this I wonder what will dad do if I did,so I did and there's me on the other side of the gate sat on path looking around thinking this is alright.Suddenly dad looked up and saw me there on the other side of the gate,he scolded me saying"Speedy you naughty boy how did you get out there?"I thought oh no he's going to catch me now as dad came out of the gate after me.So I ran away up the street with dad trying to catch me.Then I got so for that I thought where am I? and I turned around and saw dad by another gate whats dad doing over there? so I sneaked over to see that dad had opened the gate and had gone into another garden so when he wasn't looking I sneaked in behind him but he was looking and promptly closed the gate behind me.Trapped by dad I thought and then I realised that I was home in my own front garden what relief it was a little scary out in the street,but I don't think dad will take me to his mum's front garden again!I think dad was a little worried for me too!

Update on Speedy's green:
The Timothy hay mix that was sowed has now sprouted little green shoots
Next to do is some coriander seeds

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Speedy escape's again!

Speedy's dad let him out in the back garden today and let Speedy chase him up the garden path,Speedy was having such fun that he leaped up into the air as he was chasing dad.Then Speedy was left to play as mum and dad had things to do that speedy soon got bored in the back garden so Speedy thought what can I get up to.
       Speedy escaped again today,his mum and dad was busy doing thing in the garden and in the house and when they wasn't looking speedy jumped over the little gate that stops Speedy going to the front garden.Speedy got all dirty from running around and hiding that when they found him,he was under the car in the drive.Dad tried to scoot him out but Speedy thought this is fun and gave dad the run about and hid back under the car.Speedy was tired from giving dad the run around which Speedy thought was very funny, so when mum came Speedy came out from under the car for a cuddle with mum.Mum said "oh Speedy you are a naughty rabbit" but she was laughing as well.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Speedy and the rain

Speedy when out for his morning run around and he wasn't very happy as we kept on having showers making everything wet with puddles of water all over the place.It seems Speedy does like getting wet especially his feet as he was put his feet down he kept on flipping his feet with a look of absolute disgust.
Update on his favourite greens:
Speedy like Parsley too.
The Basil seeds that I sowed have sprouted and I have now sowed some Parsley and a sample of Timothy hay mix  too.