Thursday 22 March 2012

Speedy's new adventure"a nightmare for dad"!

Today dad was going to his mum's to do some stuff for her,so he decided to take me with him so that I could run and play there I was playing in this great garden while dad was busy doing all sorts of things.Dad wasn't playing with me,I was trying to get his attention but he was just too busy and guess what I did? you guessed it I ran away to play.I was next to this gate and I thought I can squeeze under this I wonder what will dad do if I did,so I did and there's me on the other side of the gate sat on path looking around thinking this is alright.Suddenly dad looked up and saw me there on the other side of the gate,he scolded me saying"Speedy you naughty boy how did you get out there?"I thought oh no he's going to catch me now as dad came out of the gate after me.So I ran away up the street with dad trying to catch me.Then I got so for that I thought where am I? and I turned around and saw dad by another gate whats dad doing over there? so I sneaked over to see that dad had opened the gate and had gone into another garden so when he wasn't looking I sneaked in behind him but he was looking and promptly closed the gate behind me.Trapped by dad I thought and then I realised that I was home in my own front garden what relief it was a little scary out in the street,but I don't think dad will take me to his mum's front garden again!I think dad was a little worried for me too!

Update on Speedy's green:
The Timothy hay mix that was sowed has now sprouted little green shoots
Next to do is some coriander seeds

1 comment:

  1. that's very nice. Cute! You should put more pics!


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