Saturday 31 March 2012

Speedy and Dad have a binkying good time!

Today Dad and me had fun!We chased each other around and around after I decided to escape!Dad was laughing as I ran doing the binkies up up in the air.Dad was saying to mum"look at what Speedy is doing" "He's got the nonsence in him today!"Mum was laughing saying"what a pair you are which one is the Bun and which one's the human?"But it was chilly today with little of sun so after a while I got very tired and want some grub,so dad brought me in and mum gave me my grub and to top it all a very big cuddle was had by all!


  1. Mr. Mick says ya gotta keep the humans on their toes--otherwise they start thinking like they're above their position as bunny-slaves.


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