Sunday, 18 March 2012

Speedy and the rain

Speedy when out for his morning run around and he wasn't very happy as we kept on having showers making everything wet with puddles of water all over the place.It seems Speedy does like getting wet especially his feet as he was put his feet down he kept on flipping his feet with a look of absolute disgust.
Update on his favourite greens:
Speedy like Parsley too.
The Basil seeds that I sowed have sprouted and I have now sowed some Parsley and a sample of Timothy hay mix  too.


  1. Hello there Speedy - great name for a bunny.

    (You are going to have some good eats when those greens get grown!)

    1. My Mum and Dad kinda like my name too and I'm lookig forward to eating mum's new green when they are grown too


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