Sunday 25 July 2021

Titch progress report

 I know it's Sunday Selfies day but its been a funny old week. We had a heat wave which finally broke Friday....still it has been warm the last couple of days. And we have a cold front moving in on Monday night so the temps will drop from the low 70's to around 66 to 68 deg with rain so not so nice.

We found out for Certain that Titch is a girl which in its self isn't a problem just means she will have to be spayed which costs more than a boys neuter. Its £80.00 pounds for a male rabbit to be neutered as a opposed to £120.00 pounds for a female rabbit to be spayed. But there is plenty of time to save the money as we will wait until she is at least 6 months old if not a little bit more.

I weighed her a couple of weeks ago at 911 grams well I didn't get round to weighing her until yesterday and she is now 1050 grams which meant the I had to loosen the fitting of her harness a bit.

As for her harness training well that is going very well. If we go somewhere there are a lot of wild bunnies Titch is much more relaxed, but if we go somewhere with no bunnies she is just a bit more wary...not scared but just a bit more wary. I'm expecting that to lesson the more she goes out and gets use to it but even if she is a little wary at times you can still see she is enjoying the space and freedom of running and leaping about where she pleases.

She met her nanna and grandad today for the first time and showed them how nosey she is which was fun to see. And this week we found out that Titch is a proper Houdini even more so than her predecessors and she has a thing about my plants so fencing is on order to protect my potted plants...I'm not bothered about my veg garden just all the other stuff. Titch is quite happy sneaking of upstairs to explore or going off to the lounge which is not good as it isn't that rabbit proofed and she can get in everywhere!

Friday 23 July 2021

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

 Extra! Extra! Read All About It! BREAKING NEWS! 

Titch IS A GIRL!!!! You read it here first, That's right Titch is a girl!!!

I had Titch on my lap yesterday evening giving her a cuddle and as she was calm and comfy I thought I would check to see which sex she was now that she has grown quite a bit and I saw her bits I thought....nope your a girl. It was so clear and easy to see. Seems Hubby was mistaken and was a little put out at having to live with 2 girls. I'm afraid I roared with Laughter as He replied with "So I'm Living with 2 girls" When I told him and I replied "I'm afraid so!"

So there we have it Titch is a girl and we don't care, it really doesn't matter as a home is forever at our House. I always had my doubts on Titch being a boy.....Speedy played a big trick on his dad with this one!

Sunday 18 July 2021

Sunday Selfies....It's Hot Hot Hot!

 Hi! Its Titch here today. I thought I would try my 1st blogging thingy and my New mummy said that today is Sunday selfies day and would be a good 1st try at this.....

Mummy said this isn't really a selfie but since I'm doing a lot of this in the afternoons and that Mummy said Sundays was also for taking it easy this covers both! Its really nice weather here at the moment but its very Hot so play time it for mornings and a little in the evening.....its Hot Hot Hot!

Right well I'm going to play now before it gets too hot,Hope you all have a great Sunday!

Friday 16 July 2021

Bunny Butt Friday...

 Somebody a couple of weeks ago asked us to Bunny Butt Friday, can't remember who. So Here is Titch with his first Bunny Butt Friday.....

And I think we also need one from Angel Speedy.....

Just to let you know Titch was 911 grams in weight when I weighed him this week....He's growing fast!

Sunday 11 July 2021

Titch's First Adventure down Speedy's Rabbit Hole!

 Today Titch went out for an Adventure, His First Adventure down Speedy's Rabbit Hole! We have slowly gotten Titch used to wearing a harness, just for short periods of time and has shown he doesn't mind it to much so today we took him to one of the livery fields that we used to take Speedy for adventures. We have been going there for walks with Titch but I have carried him the whole time and he has met all of the horses that live there. The horses used to love Speedy so they were keen to smell Titch in my arms and meet him. Anyway Today we let Titch try exploring in one of the fields for a few minutes and he seemed to enjoy it ,even doing a little binky as he was running about so here are some video clips

Titch wasn't afraid just a little cautious at times but once he got his bearings he went off exploring around half of the field. Now as its Sunday Selfie time here's a couple from in the week...

And while we are at it here's a new video of Bird having Breakfast from yesterday....

Thursday 8 July 2021

Titch's Trip to the Vets!

 Titch had his first trip to the vets yesterday where he had his first Health Check and His first Annual vaccine for Myxomatosis  and Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease Types 1 and 2.The health check gave Titch a clean bill of health with his weight around the 800 grams.

But The vet was unconvinced on Titch's Sex on being a boy but he wasn't sure either way so we are still for now saying that Titch is a boy but for a definite verdict on Titch's sex we will have to wait a few more weeks to find out for sure. For me its not an issue, would I prefer Titch to be a boy yes because its easier to neuter a boy than Spay a girl but I really don't care at this point on whether Titch is a boy or a girl. Titch is ours and we love him and is here to stay for the rest of his life. In our home a home is forever.

So Welcome to The Adventures of Titch down Speedy's Rabbit Hole!

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Weigh day for Titch!

 We decided to make Tuesdays weigh day for Titch. Last week Titch was 688 grams, today when I weighed him he was 808 grams so he has gained 120g in the last week.....Titch is growing fast!

We've also learnt we need to tire Titch out in the day other wise he is very noisy at night and thinks if he is full of energy to play, we need to be too! So yesterday he was out in the garden for a good couple of hours. He was running about all over the place, jumping up in the air and generally trying to get in to mischief. But last night all he wanted to do was sleep, eat, drink water and go toilet and no waking me up.

Our new Squirrel feed arrived Sunday and I put it straight out and it looks like the squirrel is using it now. He or she was in the garden this morning when I brought the feeders our, I spooked him or her but Bird was waiting so Bird wanted to eat out of my hand. While that was happening the Squirrel went to come back but saw me so turned around again. But I believe it hung around in the front garden after I left for about an hour or so.

Then yesterday Ann for Zoolatry sent us this a temporary header for the blog until Titch gets bigger and I have more photo's to do a proper one. We think its perfect so it will go on later this week as I may have to adjust it in code to get the size right, Google has made a bit of a glitch which can make it to small when you change the header. But Thank you to Ann she has done a pawsome job as Speedy would say.

Tomorrow Titch is going to the vets for a Health check, re sex him to make sure we are right on him being a boy and to have his first Vaccination.....We will let you all know how that goes.

Sunday 4 July 2021

The Start of going down Speedy's Rabbit Hole

 So as we start Titch's Journey down Speedy's Rabbit Hole, Titch will gradually take over. For now we will keep Speedy's Header that was beautiful created by Ann at Zoolatry till we have enough nice photos of Titch to work with to make the New Header with the new Name of the Blog.Not sure how it will look but I do know that both boys need to be in the new header, So that is where we will leave that for now.

The News on the garden front starts with Bird the Jackdaw, Bird has learnt to go to the post next to the gate to be fed. All I have to do is walk up the garden path and Bird will land there or I just Tap the post and Bird will hop from post to post till he or she gets there. And now Bird will perch with one foot on the post and one on my hand to feed. Bird want attention from me and the Hubby now as He or She hasn't paired up this year with another of its kind and doesn't seem to want to year maybe a different Story.

A while back I mentioned a young Squirrel was sometimes cautiously coming to the garden looking for food, well yesterday it must have been desperate for the scraps of food left in the Feeder that I put out in the morning and it chewed the plastic to get at the remaining food. I don't want it eating the plastic so I have put out a temporary nut container for the Squirrel and a new Squirrel feeder is being delivered today. I have never had a squirrel in the garden in the 20 odd years we have been here and once one starts coming ,it will keep coming so better to accommodate it than let it destroy my feeders and eat plastic, which can't be good for it. No creature goes hungry here.

Now on to Titch. When Titch first came here he wasn't litter box trained but Yesterday in his play pen he did all his pee pee visits in the litter box and most of his poops too. I have a new corner litter box coming for the pan upstairs this week for him to use till he out grows it and his hidey box and needs to swap to the bigger litter boxes I have that Speedy used. Last night Titch was a bit Spooked by noises coming in the window, It was raining and making load noises that Titch hasn't heard before so he woke me up twice thumping his foot I quickly went in scooped him up both times for a cuddle and the put him back to settle and reassure him.

As for new you know how hard it is to photograph a baby Bunny? I had forgotten how hard it was. Speedy learnt quickly that working came first before playtime and the sooner he let me take the photo's the sooner he could play. I guess Titch will get there in time but its funny and frustrating all at the same time

These are the Better ones I took Yesterday out of the lots I took yesterday and Finally we want to wish our friends across the pond a Happy 4th July!

And of course it is Sunday Selfies So we are Joining in with that too

Thursday 1 July 2021

We have a Name for the Blog!

 The new Name is Adventures of Titch down Speedy's Rabbit Hole! here on Blogger and on Wordpress its The Adventures of Titch down Speedy's Rabbit has to be slightly different on each version of the blog for some reason

It sounds right and feels right.

What do you think?

Titch Update

 So when I first introduced you all to Titch I said he was 10 weeks Turns out that was a mistake on the original owners part.The advert was incorrectly written with the age 10 weeks old, it has since been up dated to 7 weeks old for Titch's siblings.Which means we had him a bit early by a couple of weeks. It was an honest mistake by the owners but it does explain why Titch was so small.

Titch was 7 weeks old on Tuesday so I weighed him and he was 688 grams which is about right for his age and breed. He's not so thin and boney now and I reckon he put on at least 100 grams from when we brought him home on Thursday last week maybe a bit more. I should have weighed him then but I shall for a few weeks every Tuesday continue to weigh him just to make sure he's on track. Titch has grown a bit too in length. He's eating like there is no tomorrow and is pooping and weeing very well so all is good.

But now that we know Titch's real age we now know his Birthday. Titch's Birthday is 18th May, the day before Speedy crossed the Rainbow Bridge.....Spooky huh?

Yesterday we took Titch to the beach to get him used to new smells and sounds.a A few years ago I was sent one of these Sansbug pop up Mosquito net tent to use and review with Speedy. It wasn't any good for Speedy because he was to used to being in his harness and able to roam about, plus he was a chewer. But I thought I would get it out and use it with Titch because he is smaller and doesn't chew things yet.
It worked perfectly with Titch because he is to small to harness train at the moment and being small sand could get stuck in his privates and cause a blockage and it kept him safe while giving him plenty of space to run about. I clipped some light weight cloths to the tent for shade leaving a gap for the breeze to flow through and with his water bowl and food he was very comfy and happy. Titch stuffed lots of food, drank water and pooped and peed like he should and relaxed for a snooze after doing zoomies.
Then after a couple of hours went went home and he enjoyed his play pen in the garden. We're keeping him busy and active so he eats a lot and strengthens and grows muscle tone to grow in to a strong boy. At some point when Titch has figured every thing out he will take over doing post for him self but for now I will just keep you up to date with everything.
We've even start visiting other blogs again,i t will take time to get back to proper blogging but we are getting there.