Wednesday 30 November 2022

The Case of the Prickly Guest Part 3

 Hello Blogville its the latest from your one and only Gossip Bunny on The Case of the Prickly Guest!

Well its been a few days since Roddy had to go to the vets, remember we thought Roddy would be there for 48 hours... Well Roddy ended up staying over the weekend too. But The good news Mummy Picked up Roddy on Monday and was able to bring Roddy back home. He/she had gained a lot of weight was about 465ish grams and yesterday Roddy was Roddy was 526g. Roddy still has to go back for follow up roundworm treatments and has to do a repeat course of Lungworm treatment over the next couple of weeks. And he/she does come out of bed to eat a bit of food, have a drink and go to the toilet in the day, but he/she is definitely on the road to getting better. All good news so far!

But one has to ponder on who is the best person to work out who is a boy and who is a girl. Remember when Dad said I was a boy...He was adamant that I was a boy. Even though I kept showing him that I was a girl and it took mum to work it out that I was in fact a girl. Mummy guessed all a long that I was a girl....She such a clever Mum. Well in The case of  the Prickly Guest Dad also decided the Roddy was a boy....hence the name Roddy well mum managed to take a look and well She is pretty sure that Roddy is a girl. But she will still keep the name Roddy, Mummy says its short for Rodette.

Here is Roddy giving us a little peak to say hello. So The Case of the Prickly Case is now closed. But Don't worry I will still be giving you regular up dates on Roddy's treatments and health.

Now for the next bit of News Mum has finished putting all the Christmas Decorations up and I have a real tree as well as the fake ones But more on the Tomorrow...

                                       xoxo Little Miss Titch

Wednesday 23 November 2022

The Case of The Prickly Guest Continues

 Hello Blogville its you one and only Gossip Bunny with the Latest news on the Prickly Guest.

So the case continues with mummy checking in on our prickly guest who has a name now as daddy likes to name them....Roddy. We still have no idea on whether Roddy is a girl or a boy but daddy still say he or she is called Roddy. 

The bad news is Mummy found runny poop in the hutch this morning and she saw some yesterday too but managed to get enough for a sample to be looked at. Mummy thought Roddy had an internal parasite problem so she took Roddy to the vet with the sample and left Roddy there so that they could give a good check over and check the sample. After Speaking to the Vets this afternoon it turns out the Roddy has a high parasite burden...Lungworm and roundworm but also that they suspect Fluke as well though that one is hard to diagnose. So Roddy has started treatments and has to stay at the vets for 48 hours as this is the critical time for a poorly hedgehog and well expelling parasites can be tough on them and Roddy could go either way. But the good news is Roddy although small because of being so young has a lot going for him/her as Roddy wasn't dehydrated and well fed with some reserves which should help. If Roddy makes it through the next 48 hours then he/she can come home to convalesce and continue with treatments with Mummy to take care of him/her. So Roddy needs all of our Power of The Paw to help him/her to start getting better and to keep fighting so he/she can come home and that's where you all come in....Send Roddy lots of POTP he needs it

                                              xoxo Little Miss Titch

Tuesday 22 November 2022

The case of the prickly guest

 Hello Blogville it the latest gossip from your one and only Gossip Bunny!

When is it okay to have a cuddle cut short at bedtime? I'm not sure such a thing exists but here we are pondering the cause that make it okay. For these ponderings we must start at the beginning. And the beginning was last night when mummy brought me in for a cuddle and dad decided to look out the window a our front garden. 1o minutes into my cuddle dad is excitedly looking out the window telling mummy to come take a look at a small hedgehog in front garden.

Mummy at that point jumped out of the bed with me in her arms and stuck her head out of the window next thing she's saying something along the lines " No good too small, it has to come in" and then I was dumped in to my night pen as she is running down the stairs in her PJ's I might add!

Imagine my mummy running down the stair like a crazy person down the stair in her PJ's and struggling to get her shoes one as she is going out the door. It turns out that it was a juvenile Hedgehog one that Mummy and daddy has been looking out for because they were worried that it wouldn't survive the winter. The reason was because its mother had stopped coming for food as have the rest of the big ones with the likely hood of them going off for their winter Sleep...Hibernation. And the little one was only coming sporadically.

Anyway Mummy Scooped it up and fumbled with the shed key to get in so that she could turn on the heat pad in her Hospital hutch to keep warm and gave it food and water she was doing this while she had the little hedgehog in one hand and using her free hand to do everything else. Then about 3am she woke up and went down to check on him or her as we don't know the sex as yet and all the food was gone and half the water. she topped up the food and then left him or her to it. 

This afternoon she was down there cleaning our Prickly guest out as he or she had made a bit of a mess by  way of pooping and peeing. and then she scooped it out of its warm bed to weigh it and give a visual check. Seems our guest weighs only 377g which is quite small but it had no tics or fleas that she could see so she pooped it back into its warm bed but she said depending on what she finds tomorrow she could be taking our prickly guest to the vet for a check over...

So it seems that sometimes a cuddle can be cut short especially for a Prickly Guest!

Until we can update on our guest its time for me to get some extra cuddles

                              xoxo Little Miss Titch

Saturday 19 November 2022

A little Sneaky preview of holiday fun

 Hello Blogville its your one and only gossip Bunny with all my latest wanderings. I thought I would share a little snippet of Christmas cheer...Yes I know that some of you will be thinking its to early but Thanksgiving is just around the corner in the US on the 24th and it is only 35 days till Christmas Eve when the big man in the red suit makes his long journey across the skies.

So is it to early....I say no. Mummy will be getting the real tree next week and she will be decorating the house with all things Christmasy and she has already started taking me on some Christmasy outings too. So with that in mind I thought I would share with you a little snippet from our little outing to Endsleigh Garden Center

Don't worry there is more to come over the coming days and I can't wait to share it with you all

                                    xoxo Little Miss Titch

Monday 14 November 2022

Funny ole thing the Weather

 Hello Blogville, Its time for your latest ponderings from your one and only Gossip Bunny!

Its a funny thing the Weather. We spend an awful lot of time pondering on that changeable thing called the weather. One minute its sunny and warm in the middle of summer the next minute we're in autumn heading to winter and its raining cats and dogs and then we get the freak weather events from very warm sunny days when it should be cold, to cold days when it should be warm and then the big storms that roll in with those high winds rain, thunder, lightening and hail, to even getting snow storms. The weather is always being talked about.

Just this weekend we had some very mild days and we even had some sun but before that it was getting cold and wet. Mummy and me manage to get out on a cold day as the rain had stopped for a bit. The forecast said it was about 14 Celsius but actually it was closer to 10. For the yesterday the forecast said 15 yet actually it was 17 Celsius. Even the Weather forecasters can't seem to get it right....I sometimes wonder if it would just be better to stick our heads outside each morning to see what the weather is doing rather than checking the forecast because quite often it will say one thing when in reality the weather is doing the opposite...

So Blow a big fat raspberry to the weather forecasters and just see for yourselves is a plan to follow or should we just check it just to be sure? Who Knows what is the best thing to do, I just know The weather give's us all something to talk and ponder about. What do you think do?

                            Until next time xoxo Little Miss Titch 

                                                  Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head

Sunday 13 November 2022

Remembrance Sunday

 Hello Blogville its a time for reflection from your one and only Gossip Bunny

Today we show our respect to those that have lost their lives in service to our Country and to us.We also remember those Animals who have lost their lives along side their Human counterparts playing their part to help keep us all safe from harm.

                                                                  xoxo Little Miss Titch

Monday 7 November 2022

Sunday Ponderings on a Monday

 Hello Blogville its your latest ponderings from your one and only Gossip Bunny!

Well Friday was a nice day and I got to go out with Mum to the local Christmas Food and Craft Fair at Buckland Abbey after Mum got home from work. Unfortunately She forgot to take some photos so I can't show you, Such a shame as its horrible ever since weather wise. But I did get to see everything from the craft stalls to the food stalls, I met a few people how had Bunnies for pets and they were amazed at seeing me in my Stroller taking in the sights. and then I even got to have a run around  on part of the walking trails with a nice view of the Tamer Bridge over the river in the distance.

After being stuck indoors again Saturday due to the weather by Sunday I was Moody, Mum had to work in the morning so that left me home with Dad and well he just wasn't good enough. Have you ever felt like that? Do you ever get days like that? Where you just need that one person who is able to be there. I sometimes wonder that even though I love my dad and love having him all to myself there are just days when I just want my mum. When I am in a mood she just knows what I need and yesterday she knew just what I needed. After she got changed she grabbed my cube tent and my 3 way tunnel and put them out for me and she played with me and gave me was perfect.

I just wonder how does she do that? I think she must have some Super Power to know exactly what I need without me telling her. Do you have a parent that has a similar Super Power? Enquiring Minds would like to know... do you have a dad like this or is it just a mum power?

                     Enjoy my Video that my mum took yesterday and keep well until next time!

                                                            xoxo Little Miss Titch

Friday 4 November 2022

Peaceful Ponderings From Little Miss Titch for Blog4peace

 Hello Blogville its your latest pondering from you one and only Gossip Bunny.

Today is the 4th of November Blog4 Peace and I have to wonder do we really make a difference by Blogging for peace every year. My Predecessor Angel Speedy would join in every year and Last Year was my very first outing for this event. Have things Gotten any better? I would have to say no. We still have Covid rearing its ugly head but now we have a war in the Ukraine and now the world is also going into recession making things tougher for all especially those less well off. Life is getting tougher for all of us whether we are human or animals. Wild life is in decline with pollution on the increase Things are getting worse....

But There is hope too...Just a spark. That Spark we all are trying to fan in to a blaze that can spread across the world. Those of us that Blog4Peace do our bit to fan that Spark into the blaze to inspire Peace and Hope to all corners of the world, in the hopes that one day we will all truly live in Peace and in harmony. So the Answer is yes we do make a difference its just This year it is a little harder to see.

Join Me and Angel Speedy in Blogging 4 Peace and fan that Spark of Hope in to a Blaze!

xoxo Little Miss Titch

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Is it a bit early for this? I don't Think so!

 Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny bringing you all the latest from our neck of the woods!

Now some would say its to early for this but with Thanks Giving around the corner for our friends across the pond in the US....Yes Canada has already had theirs. And given it is only 52 days till Christmas Eve when that Jolly man in the Red Suit takes that Journey across the skies to all places big and small I have to wonder when is it to early to start getting ready for that big day. 

Is now to early? I've come to the conclusion that for me and for my mum its not too early. 52 days is not a lot of time for us to go on Christmas Missions to find all things Christmassy to bring to you. To get the house ready for the big Day... finishing a little DIY around the place before tidying all that stuff away. The missions in to the loft to bring all the Christmas stuff down. Then there's the shopping that our Hu-mum's have to do. That's quite a lot to do and never mind all that wrapping too! 

So Mum was searching for an old add that used to be broadcast on TV That sums up this time of year. She really wanted me to see it and I thought it was Splendid...So here it is

So while it may be a little early for some of you for my Mum and me its definitely not...The Holidays are Coming whether you like it or Not!

                                  So Until Next time my fellow Bloggers of Blogville!
                                                            xoxo Little Miss Titch

Tuesday 1 November 2022

So we have a New Beginning

 Hello Blogville it's that time for all the latest on what's happening from your one and only Gossip Bunny...That's Me Little Miss Titch!

It's Been quiet here on the blogging front since I last posted. Mummy and me have been trying to decide how to move on with the future of what is now my blog but while that has been going on we had a couple of visits from Jo the Crow just over a week ago he was looking good and demanding as ever....well he is a crow and that's what they do. He has been playing with dads stuff...

Boy's with their Toys that's all I can say about that!

The weather has been pretty rough so I haven't been going any where really until yesterday when we had one more or less nice day. So I got mummy to take me out for a run in some fields near Buckland Abbey. I had so much fun....

And we got back home just in time before the rains came again! And today well we have had heavy rain, Thunder and lightening, Strong Winds and Can you believe it Hail Stones too!!!! Its Just disgusting and cold and so very wet. I just hate getting my paws wet!

And now the Halloween is out of the way I sent Mummy out on a reconnaissance for me Christmas is appearing in all the stores so here is a sneak peek from the one I sent her to....

Don't worry When Mummy goes back again I shall make sure she takes me too so I can do a full report!

I hope you all had a very Happy Halloween...Ours was quiet but nice.

This week Buckland Abbey is Holding their Annual Christmas Craft and Food fair So we will be going to that! I'm not missing out on that one so look out for my report on that.

Now as for My Blog I hope you all like the new Look and Name...I think its suits me well, How about you...What do you think?

I decided on a winter Christmas Theme because well it is only 54 days till Christmas and I'm just in that type of mood. Well until Next time...I Love you all!

                                   xoxo Little Miss Titch